Net Insight Updates Nimbra Edge Cloud-Based Delivery Platform

Nimbra Edge
(Image credit: Net Insight)

STOCKHOLM—Net Insight is rolling out its latest version of the Nimbra Edge cloud-based video delivery platform, boasting of improved flexibility and reliability of cloud video for broadcasters.

Nimbra Edge is built on open standards. It supports all major industry retransmission standards, including RIST, SRT and Zixi, allowing service providers to deploy a mix of private, hybrid or public cloud networks. The support for open standards also enables the handling of different formats.

Net Insight has integrated Nimbra and Aperi platforms into the Nimbra Edge, offering a range of media delivery services for cloud, IP and virtualized networks.

Nimbra Edge features an open API for creating communication with any external service, which helps it integrate with existing management systems for automatic network control. Built-in authentication also lets users directly publish and monetize live content in the cloud.

Additional features for the Nimbra Edge include the ability to automatically measure the quality of streams to reduce troubleshooting time; and automatic time-stamping and stream alignment of live inputs from multiple cameras in any location.

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