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MicW launches its full line in the West

Beijing-based manufacturer MicW has begun a sales initiative targeting the European and American markets with four new ranges of high-quality condenser microphones for recording, broadcast and live applications. MicW is a company with a pedigree, a decade-old offshoot of respected Beijing-based audio testing and acoustic consultancy company BSWA Tech.

In addition to OEM measurement microphones, MicW now makes four ranges under its own name. The N-series metal-body microphones feature lightweight nickel diaphragms with thin polymer coatings (hence the ‘N’ in the name), with a 1in diaphragm cardioid, a quarter-inch diaphragm omnidirectional model and a reference microphone with a half-inch diaphragm. The more affordable E-series mics feature nickel or gold-coated polymer diaphragms, and are available in cardioid, omni and shotgun models. The mid-range M-series has a mixture of N-series and E-series capsules, augmented by an omnidirectional mic with a 1in, gold-coated diaphragm. The highest quality models, such as the G-series omni and the N101 large-diaphragm omnidirectional mic, are available in matched pairs for stereo recording.

Unlike many other Far Eastern microphone manufacturers, MicW does not make products aimed at the low of the market. Everything it manufactures stems from its background in high-quality, measurement microphones. As a marker of this commitment to quality, all MicW products are sold with a five-year warranty.