Marshall Flashes HD Monitor with Direct Fiber-Optic Input

Front and back of Marshall V-R434MD
Marshall Electronics says it’s the first of its kind—an HD Monitor that connects directly to fiber-optic line, maintaining super-pristine signal quality.

Marshall’s new MD (modular design) series of monitors integrate Telecast Fiber System’s TeleCube fiber-optic HD/SDI transmission input/output modules for distances beyond 150 meters.

The TeleCube Modular Media Interface (MMI) family of 3G fiber optic transmitter and receiver modules includes lasers, detectors, EQ, and state-of-the-art line drivers and receivers in a compact, integrated package. These modules can be plugged into a common balanced 50 ohm footprint, radically simplifying one's choice of media and migration to 3Gbps technology.

“Marshall’s new MD Series offer complete flexibility and integration for a variety of applications, including live broadcast and sports production,” said Nathan Mordukhay, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Marshall Electronics.

"We're very proud that a company as prominent as Marshall has chosen to adopt the TeleCube interface for their world-class products,” said Richard Cerny, President of Telecast Fiber Systems. "We believe the TeleCube will change the way fiber is integrated into broadcast and display products, and we're thrilled that Marshall was the first to recognize this potential."

The MD Series monitors with TeleCube fiber-optic modules will become available later this year in a variety of sizes and configurations.