Magewell Pro Convert Decoders Get NDI|HX Support

Pro Convert NDI to HDMI 4K (Image credit: Magewell)

NANJING, China—Magewell has updated its Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI and Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI 4K IP decoders, expanding their support for NewTek’s NDI media-over-IP technology. These upgrades add compatibility with high-efficiency, low-bitrate NDI|HX mode in NDI 4, complementing the decoders’ support for full-bandwidth NDI streams, per Magewell.

The Pro Convert units decode NDI input streams for output to HDMI monitors, projectors, production or distribution equipment. The decoders support NDI, SRT, RTSP, RTMP, UDP, RTP and HTTP (HLS) streams with H.264 or H.265 compression.

The NDI|HX mode supports full-resolution, full frame-rate video delivery over wireless and limited-bandwidth networks. In addition to supporting NDI|HX, the Pro Convert decoders can also be configured for compatibility with earlier NDI|HX variants implemented in some PTZ cameras and accessories. Other NDI 4 features like Discovery Server support are being incorporated.

“With support for both full-bandwidth NDI and NDI|HX—as well as internet streaming protocols—our decoders are now compatible with the broadest range of NDI sources from PTZ cameras and switchers to NewTek’s NDI|HX apps for iOS mobile devices,” said James Liu, vice president of engineering at Magewell.

NDI|HX support is available in the Pro Converter NDI decoders as a free firmware upgrade.

Magewell plans to show the update as part of its IBC Showcase. For more information, visit