Litepanels Unveils Lykos+ Bi-Color LED Panel

Litepanels Lykos+
(Image credit: Litepanels)

LOS ANGELES—Litepanels launched its next generation of Lykos mini LED panel lights, the Lykos+ Bi-color LED panel.

While the new LED light panel is one of the smallest in the Litepanel range, it delivers an output that’s 40% brighter than the previous generation. It provides 2000 lux (at 3 feet/1 meter) of accurate white light at any color temperature from 3200 to 5600K.

Lykos+ leverages the advanced LED and lensing technology developed for Litepanel’s Astra range of 1x1 panels. It delivers broadcast-quality lighting with a CRI of 96 for true-to-life color accuracy, the company said.

“The quality of light from our Astra panels has made them industry standard for studios and news crews,” said Michael Herbert, product manager at Litepanels. “Now, with the introduction of Lykos+, that same broadcast-quality level of light is available in one of our smallest, most portable fixtures.” 

Weighing 1 pound, Lykos+ is well-suited for remote locations and tight spaces. The new light operates for more than two hours with its built-in L-series/NPF battery mount, it said.

Multiple mounting options are available. The LED light can also be handheld with a sturdy hand grip. Stand-mounted, taped or tied, Lykos+ is designed to integrate into any lighting scene.  Brightness and color temperature are controlled by two dials or via the Litepanels SmartLite Director iOS app with an optional Bluetooth dongle, the company said.

Lykos+ is available now from Litepanels authorized retailers as either an individual fixture or as a flight kit incorporating three lights, stands, filters, softbox and a Peli rolling flight case, it said.

More information is available on the Litepanel website (opens in new tab).

Phil Kurz

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