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Litepanels unveils 1x1 Bi-Color LED light

Litepanels has introduced the 1x1 Bi-Color LED light, which provides a single fixture capable of generating a color temperature of either 3200 degrees K or 5600 degrees K, or an infinite range of color temperatures in between.

The Bi-Color name comes from its design, which incorporates both 3200-degree K and 5600-degree K LEDs. This allows a crew to carry one light or set of lights to cover both tungsten and daylight ambient light conditions.

The fixtures can vary the mix between tungsten and daylight LEDs to set the resulting color temperature to any point between 3200 degrees K and 5600 degrees K. Color temperature can be dialed in by using either the onboard dial or digital color temperature settings, or via a built-in DMX lighting controller.

The Bi-Color can be powered from a variety of 12V-30V sources, including an optional battery, car battery, or AC adapter. The optional on-board 1.75 hour lithium-ion battery pack provides untethered mobility.

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