Litepanels offers new 1 x 1 4-Lite Kit

Litepanels has announced the availability of its new 1 x 1 4-Lite Complete Kit, available in daylight flood or spot and tungsten flood versions.

The new kit provides four separate 1 x 1 fixtures with detachable mounting yoke, each with its own AC adapter/power supply, power cable, tripod stand and set of color/diffusion gel filters packed in a compact, lightweight carrying case. Users have the option of adding the LP-2x2 frame assembly for larger lighting configurations, LP-2x2 power supply/wiring harness, new Remote Dimmer Kit and DMX Interface Module.

The production light combines the company’s ultra-efficient LED technology with a flat-profile design. The four heads can be used separately — on their stands or mounted via standard TVMP receptacle — or combined in multipanel configurations, for any number of lighting situations. Each unit features the ergonomic integrated control knob for instant dimming from 100p percent to 0 percent with minimal shift in color. Completely silent and heat-free, it can be positioned comfortably close to a subject.

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