Litepanels offers factory rebate on 1 x 1 Flypak Kits

Litepanels is offering a $250 factory rebate with the purchase of the new 2-Lite 1 x 1 Flypak Kit. The rebate offer is valid through March 31, 2010.

Litepanels’ 1 x 1 fixtures measure 12in square and 1.75in thick, and they weigh less than 3lbs. These LED light systems are available in portable kits that are small enough to store overhead in a plane or in the trunk of a car, yet powerful enough for news acquisition, interviews on the fly or lighting a studio.

Purchasers can choose from standard Flypaks with one daylight spot and one daylight flood 1 x 1 fixture or with one 1 x 1 Bi-Color and one 1 x 1 Bi-Focus Spot/Super-Spot model. They also can create their own customized version by picking any two Litepanel 1 x 1 models.