Kino Flo Releases Two LED Fixtures With 360-Degree Color

BURBANK, CALIF.—Kino Flo’s latest LED fixtures now have full access to the color wheel, according to the company’s press release. The new Diva-Lite and Select LED fixtures feature professional cine swatch book presets, as well as full hue and saturation color control, as part of Kino Flo’s new 360-degree color system.

Both fixtures feature the new 2.71 software, which adds a layer of color lighting choices to the lights’ white light menus. The full chromatic spectrum is available through a dial. The software can also recall favorite color gel settings through a push-button. In addition, the white light menus come with built-in green/magenta filters for color balancing. Customized profiles can be saved in the Diva-Lite and Select fixtures.

The 360-Degree Color Mode joins White Light Mode as available options for Diva-Lite and Select. White Light Mode allows open, unfiltered white light to shape and model subjects to reproduce real world colors faithfully and with a mired shift of 2700K to 6500K. The 360-Degree Color Mode offers a Kevlin range of 2500K tungsten to 9900K daylight with the ability to select menu filter color presets from a RGB color wheel; Kino Flo included some custom proprietary gel color presets as well.

Additional features of the new Kino Flo fixtures include a smoothing option to control light flicker; improvements to dimming curves; a partnership with LumenRadio Wireless DMX for built-in receivers and support of up to 512 channels and compatability with W-DMX transmitters; a variety of kit options are also available for both the Diva-Lite and Select fixtures.