intoPIX Ships TICO-RAW IP-Cores, Software Libraries

(Image credit: intoPIX)

MONT-SAINIT-GUIBERT, Belgium—intoPIX announced it has begun shipping a full stack of TICO-RAW IP-cores and software libraries that reduce RAW bandwidth and storage requirements to one-tenth what’s needed for regular RAW with low complexity.

The release covers all RAW format requirements, including the most popular CFA Bayer patterns, bit depths from 8 bits to 16 bits, resolutions from 2 Mpixels to 160 Mpixels, even at high frame rates, the company said.

The TICO-RAW IP-cores are available for ASIC design and FPGAs on Intel and Xylinx FPGA platforms. Features include adjustable compression rates from 2:1 to 16:1 and selectable constant bitrate (CBR) or capped variable bitrate (VBR), which enables lossless quality for video applications and mathematically lossless for machine vision and analytics, the company said.

Low complexity was a design goal of TICO-RAW. RAW encoder and decoder cores are symmetrical, use minimal logic and internal memory and no external DDR, the company said.

A fixed line-based latency reduces processing time to one-tenth of a millisecond in real-time applications, it said. 

intoPIX FastTICO-RAW software development kits are available for x86-64 Intel and AMD CPUs (v2.0) and Nvidia GPUs (v1.2.5). These SDKs include high-speed (de)coding, high frame rate support and low latency. All TICO-RAW decoders offer an internal downscaler for proxy viewing, editing and fast analysis.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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