ImmediaTV ITV-EN460c encoder powering Internet video delivery

Now being featured by ImmediaTV, the ITV-EN460c MPEG-4 AVC encoder supports the encoding of one or two exceptional quality video services in a single unit. The ITV-MX260c Media Gateway is a powerful, high-density, digital video networking device enabling transmission of real-time video over IP networks.

Individual units may simply be desktop mounted, or for applications requiring more scalability, the modular units may be stacked side-by-side in an optional 1RU rack mountable tray.

All ImmediaTV Modular products are manageable using the same powerful management system as our openGear MediaCore product family. Advanced control and monitoring capabilities are available with free DashBoard management software.

Overall, ImmediaTV Modular digital video networking solutions provide high performance and feature richness in a compact and easy to deploy form factor. The scalable nature of the ImmediaTV Modular system allows a video services provider to begin with a small, cost effective solution and grow it as needed.