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Gefen debuts GefenTV digital audio decoder

Gefen has introduced its GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder, a device for creating analog audio systems using the HDMI signal from any audio/video source.

This unit comes equipped with one HDMI input that is output as two identical HDMI signals. Video is supported at 1080p full HD resolutions with multichannel audio to two mirrored HDMI outputs.

Aside from this signal split, 5.1 Dolby Digital audio from the HDMI source is extracted and delivered in seven channels of bi-amped analog audio to feed speakers in left, right, center, left rear, right rear and bass positions. This analog audio is delivered in Dolby encoded format with support for Dolby Pro Logic II up to 5.1, and Pro Logic II X to 7.1.

A S/PDIF digital audio input from a DVD player can also be connected and delivered in optical format for a convenient connection to any digital audio system.

The GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder provides a convenient and simple way to create audio in the 5.1 surround-sound format. An LCD screen on the Digital Audio Decoder and the IR remote allows users to control volume levels and key features.