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Extron Ships Quantum Ultra Streaming Media Decoder Card

ANAHEIM, Calif.—Extron has begun shipping its new Quantum IN SMD 100 multi-channel H.264 decoder card for the Quantum Ultra videowall processor.

The card, which is compatible with H.264, MPEG-2 and Motion JPEG streams at bit rates up to 40Mb/s, decodes up to four 1080p/60, eight 1080p/30 or 16 SD streams from IP cameras, Extron streaming media encoders and other H.264 encoders.

With two independent network ports, the card makes it possible to distribute streams across two different subnets. The Quantum IN SMD 100 supports push and pull streaming session management with a variety of transport protocols as well as the video sections of ONVIF Profile S, which ensures compatibility with various streaming devices.

Featuring the Extron Vector 4K scaling engine and HyperLane video bus, the modular Quantum Ultra 4K videowall processor offers high-performance scaling and windowing technology. One processor can support multiple videowalls with various resolutions and screen orientations.

More information on the Quantum IN SMD 100 is available on the Extron website.