EVS to demonstrate IPEdit

At this year’s IBC Show, EVS will demonstrate its IPEdit on-the-fly editing system. The system integrates all nonlinear editing features, allowing fast and easy SD/HD program fixing and highlights creation on EVS’ XT/XS servers.

IPEdit is fully integrated in the IPDirector framework, which delivers real-time performance through a new server-based architecture. It offers complete timeline editing with no rendering process required. Long-form editing is available for quick program fixing, while short-form editing can be used for highlights and closer creation. Intuitive editing functions, like drag-and-drop and keyboard shortcuts, make it easy to do video and audio transition effects, and the enhanced replace process lets users add video graphics and voice-over.

Up to four audio group tracks provide flexible audio editing, including audio swap, mute and volume automation. IPEdit also allows multiple channel access over the entire media network. Up to two simultaneous timelines can be created per XT[2] server. GPI Out allows for external device automation, and the ability to play out while editing ensures a speed-to-air workflow.