Euphonix announces software update for MC Pro and System 5-MC DAW controllers

Euphonix announced a software update for the MC Pro and System 5-MC DAW controllers. EuCon 2.5.1 includes Snow Leopard and Windows 7 compatibility, as well as an updated Logic 9 and Pyramix 6.1.8 support. The software also includes a number of bug fixes and feature updates.

EuCon is a high-speed Ethernet control protocol developed by Euphonix that connects Euphonix control surfaces to external software applications. This software version is designed specifically for the Euphonix Professional range of controllers, including the MC Pro and System 5-MC. The MC Pro is a Pro controller including keyboard, trackball, shuttle/jog wheel, four faders, monitor section, touch screen and 56 programmable SmartSwitches. The control surface automatically updates to match whatever application is in focus. The System 5-MC includes an MC Pro joined together with the System 5 channel strips, including eight knobs per channel and high-resolution TFT meter displays.

EuCon pro supports all media applications, in particular Nuendo, Pyramix, Logic Pro, Final Cut Studio, Soundtrack Pro, Digital Performer, Sonar, Maestro, MIO Console, and Pro Tools LE and HD on both Mac and PC platforms. The MC Pro and System 5-MC can control multiple software applications and multiple DAWs simultaneously over high-speed Ethernet.

EuCon 2.5.1 is available now as a free download from the Pro Support section of the Euphonix Web site.