EditShare Premieres EFSv Virtualized Editing, Storage Platform

(Image credit: EditShare)

BOSTON—EditShare has unveiled its new virtualized video editing and storage platform meant to enable cloud-based media production, the EFSv.

EditShare’s EFSv runs on Amazon Web Services infrastructure and supports industry-standard third-party creative tools for editing, audio mixing and grading. It features security capabilities like file auditing for secure, end-to-end editorial workflows in the cloud. There are also EFSv native drivers that eliminate traditional IT bottlenecks for strong performance in virtual environments. With the EditShare RESTful API, users can automate advanced storage management workflows.

The EFSv package includes the workstation and GPU resources to support teams of varying sizes, per EditShare. The EFSv package also includes EditShare’s Flow media management and remote production workflow tools, adding a control layer to virtualized storage pools and tools to scan, log, search, organize media, assemble storage packages and move content between object and block tiers of storage and cloud and on-premise storage.

The EFSv is available immediately. EditShare plans to host two webinars on April 22 at 9 a.m. ET and 7 p.m. ET to demonstrate EFSv. Registration for session 1 and session 2 are now open.

In addition, EditShare says that its 24/7 customer service team is available to assist with moving client workflows to the cloud. For more information, visit www.editshare.com/contact.