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Edirol updates M-16DX mixer with DAW controller software

Edirol has updated its M-16DX digital mixer with version 2 software, adding DAW controller functionality to the unit’s existing abilities. The core M-16DX is a digital production console with 18 inputs, mixing, 24/96 processing, a three-band sweepable EQ and pro quality effects. The system’s design enables the main breakout box to be housed away from the control surface for maximum ease of use.

The new, free v2 software includes Cakewalk Sonar and Apple Logic modes that enable these DAWs to be controlled out of the box, with M-16DX knobs being assigned to their equivalent software controllers at the touch of a button.

In addition, the new v2 software can be used to control all other software that has a MIDI learn facility, including Reason, Ableton Live and many soft synths. This enables full use of the 54 hardware knobs and numerous assignable buttons on the M-16DX mixer surface. Another key improvement in the v2 software is doubling of scene memory locations from eight to 16, with each scene memory now editable while loaded.

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