DigitalFilm Tree uses Tektronix WFM7120 waveform monitor

DigitalFilm Tree, a leading post-production firm in Los Angeles, has selected the Tektronix WFM7120 waveform monitor to ensure the quality content and improve workflow throughout the digital post-production process. The WFM7120 helps DigitalFilm optimize chrominance and luminance of the TV shows it posts, including “Everybody Hates Chris” on CW and “Scrubs” on NBC.

“The Tektronix WFM7120 has quickly become part of the fabric of our system, not just a piece of hardware,” said Zed Saeed, senior post-production consultant at DigitalFilm Tree. “The unit is an absolutely essential asset for monitoring the quality of SD and HD video. The WFM7120 automatically detects discrepancies in color, video and audio signals, and even cables linking the equipment.”

The WFM7120 enters the editing process soon after footage for a TV program or movie is shot. Whether analog film or digital bits, all the colors are enhanced in post production, and for a TV show that must happen within one week. “The beauty of the WFM7120 is that we can access it over the IP network from any of the edit bays such as audio, editing or color correction,” Saeed said. “All users can access it from their individual workstations to check the integrity of their signal.”

The WFM7120 supports a wide variety of formats, provides an application-centric user interface and allows a wide audience of users.

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