Digital Rapids introduces CarbonHD version 2.0 software

Digital Rapids has announced version 2.0 of the CarbonHD software for the flexible CarbonHD Digital Disk Recorder (DDR).

Version 2.0 software features a new user interface design and provides access to the complete range of capabilities offered by CarbonHD's hardware, including JPEG2000 compression and integrated HD/SD format conversion.

CarbonHD supports both compressed and uncompressed video recording and playback and can handle an extensive lineup of HD and SD input formats. In addition to 10- and 8-bit uncompressed video, CarbonHD includes hardware-based JPEG2000 compression in both lossless and lossy modes at user-selectable data rates.

Integrated input format conversion lets users work with HD or SD video in its native format. It also can convert content in real time from HD to SD, SD to HD or between HD formats and frame rates.

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