ChyronHego's New Coach Capture Streamlines Game Analysis

MELVILLE, NY—ChyronHego has debuted "Coach Capture," a product that streamlines the logging, tagging, telestration and HD recording live and post-game events. The product’s features and functionality make analyzing game play faster, easier and more accurate, the company says.

Designed for sports video analysts and coaches, Coach Capture offers cross-platform compatibility with macOS X, Windows (versions 7 and 10), and Windows tablets, as well as existing production workflows.

Seamlessly integrated with the ChyronHego’s Coach Paint product suite, users can log, navigate through events, and push clips between Coach Capture and Coach Paint. They can also automatically add clips to playlists, reorganize them on the fly, log notational data with pop-out labels, and import and export game footage.

“[Time] is the most crucial commodity for sports analysts, and there are [many] events they’d like to capture during any given game,” said James Clarke-Reed, head of sports performance and technology solutions at ChyronHego. “Coach Capture removes the restrictions that…limit analysts’ ability to quickly capture, log, and organize game clips.” 

Claudia Kienzle