ChyronHego’s Click Effects PRIME a Partner for Panasonic’s Kairos

(Image credit: ChyronHego)

MELVILLE, N.Y.—ChyronHego has announced that its Click Effects PRIME fan engagement engine is a partner product with the recently unveiled Panasonic Kairos, an IT/IP-centric next-gen live production platform.

The Kairos was designed for high-quality video production and delivery, live or in the studio. By pairing with the Click Effects PRIME, ChryonHego says it will add new capabilities and versatility to sports production.

Click Effects PRIME combines ChyronHego’s PRIME graphics platform with Click Effects’ tools to simplify the design and playout of dynamic content. Through this integration, keyframed actions are available to any SDI- or DVI-powered display of any aspect ratio, says ChyronHego. Operators can deliver real-time graphics, video clips, audio tracks, animations and sponsor ads.

The Kairos, meanwhile, has GPU-based processing, with all processing layers performed in one step. The platform also offers ultra-low one-frame latency processing.

“Sitting at the heart of in-venue entertainment, this video processing architecture can play the role of video processor, scaler, mixer or server—a uniquely versatile solution that pairs well with Click Effects PRIME for the latest in live venue production and maximum fan engagement,” said Michael Bergeron, Panasonic Broadcast Camera Systems senior product manager.

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