BSS Audio adds BLU-HIF telephone headset interface

BSS Audio has added a new Soundweb London BLU-HIF telephone headset interface to its conferencing portfolio. The new Soundweb London BLU-HIF complements the system’s AEC input card and telephone hybrid card, providing simple integration of VoIP/digital phone systems.

The BSS Audio BLU-HIF telephone headset interface facilitates connection of the headset jack of a VoIP/digital phone to an AEC input and analog output of a Soundweb London device, allowing the VoIP/digital phone to be used as the dialing interface and hybrid for a conference system. This simple interface eliminates the programming associated with third-party control systems while providing a familiar dialing interface.

The BLU-HIF features an RJ-22 jack for connection to the headset jack of a VoIP/digital phone, a balanced input for sending near-side audio and a balanced output for receiving far-side audio. An additional 2.5mm jack facilitates connection of two-way communication devices such as cellular phones to the Soundweb London device. This provides an alternate communication path to the outside world, which is particularly useful as a backup to the main phone system.