BB&S Lighting Releases Compact Beamlight BiColor

(Image credit: BB&S Lighting)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark—BB&S Lighting has announced the launch of the Compact Beamlight BiColor (CBL), a lighting unit that offers a range of 2,700-5,700 degrees K and 98 TLCI.

A single fixture CBL produces up to 2,700 lumens. The beam fades from 100% at center to 50% at the edges. A single unit features a 40W power draw, a 5.5-inch footprint, a 10-degree beam angle. The CBL BiColor 2x2 fixture, meanwhile, draws up to 160W and can output 11,000 lumens.

In addition, CBL BiColors comes with four-pin XLR, 2m cable, TVMP and adjustable yoke. Each CBL also has a proprietary 126mm diameter collimator lens that converts up to 90% of the LED light output. Optional accessories include a magnetic filter frame range of diffusers, magnetic barndoor and a magnetic top hat/snoot. 

There are multiple ways to operate CBLs. Single fixtures work with a BB&S four-way controller or dual channel driver/dimmer. The 2x2 fixture can be operated and dimmed with the new eight-way controller. Third-party battery packs are available to be used with the fixtures.

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