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Bannister Lake Launches Sports-Centric Content Management Solution

CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO, CANADA—Bannister Lake Software says its sports-centric content management solution BL Sports Ticker is now available. Sportsnet showcased the solution’s premiere deployment.

BL Sports Ticker helps broadcasters and sports entertainment networks unite disparate workflows, paving the way to consolidate, centralize and automate existing sports coverage workflows. The solution eliminates the struggle to maintain and manage amalgamated channel branding, multiple data sources and independent graphics and branding across multiple platforms, ticker systems and rendering engines.

“With the game basics like scores and stats coming in automatically, editorial personnel can focus on adding the detail that really excites the audience. It gives them time to tell team and athlete stories,” said Chris Mintz, lead solution architect at Bannister Lake Software.

BL Sports Ticker’s workflow also allows networks with limited staff resources to automate many manual tasks. This affords networks the freedom to control key regional differentiators and unique brand identities from a single data source. Editorial staff can pre-schedule content by time zones or work shifts rather than by game and match dates. In master control, automation support replaces manually driven squeezes and state changes with fully automated, scheduled operations.

Broadcasters can highlight regional franchises per league, per channel and per sport, as well as supplement automated data with customized, regional editorial. Users can also build daily rundowns as granular as a channel demands and output to broadcast, Web and mobile.

Bannister Lake’s latest automation solution continues to use the template-based workflows and dynamic graphic updates available within the Ross Video XPression platform, as well as social media integration.

BL Sports Ticker is available as an enterprise server 1RU chassis solution, a secure cloud-based software-as-a-service solution and a lightweight, solid state, portable Nano turnkey solution.