Axia Element consoles show their colors at NAB2008

Visitors to NAB2008 will see Axia’s Element consoles in three color schemes, designed to blend harmoniously with modern studio decor. Element consoles can now be ordered in three color combinations: new silver with charcoal, bronze with charcoal colors and the original gray with silver. All will be on display in booth N7620.

With nearly 1000 Axia studios now on the air, the company’s Element broadcast consoles is one of the fastest-growing console brands in the industry. Consoles feature four program busses, four aux send busses, mix-minus and dedicated talk and preview functions on each channel, one-touch record and monitor sections.

Element is also the first radio console that can mix audio in stereo or in discrete 5.1 and can be configured for either operation with a button-press. One of Element’s most popular features is onboard three-band digital parametric EQ that can be applied to any source; engineers can predefine source-specific EQ that loads whenever a source is activated. Talent can even have personalized mic compressor settings, thanks to onboard voice dynamics processing — compression, de-essing and expansion tools designed by Omnia Audio.

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