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Aveco Launches Gemini MAM

(Image credit: Aveco)

PRAGUE— Aveco has debuted its new Gemini Media Asset Management (MAM) solution for cloud, hybrid-cloud and on-premises use. 

“The introduction of the Gemini MAM brings powerful tools that are easy to use, so people can concentrate on the task at hand, anywhere in the world and on any browser,” said Pavel Potuzak, CEO of Aveco. 

GeminiI manages media and AI-enriched metadata, plus timeline annotations describing any frame or segment of an asset, utilizing speech-to-text transcription, subtitles, or markers (e.g., soccer goals) utilizing secure HTML5, the company said. 

Assets are under control across all types of storage — in the cloud, NAS and SAN, video servers, as well as LTO and non-spinning disk archives.  

The architecture of Gemini scales from thousands to millions of media assets, from tens to hundreds of users, from out-of-the-box workflows to the most complex operations involving third-party media appliances. 

An integrated frame-accurate proxy video editor works together with popular NLEs and online rendering services to optimize news and production workflows. In addition, Gemini provides users with more creative power to assemble news stories and packages, without having to deal with separate and more complex systems, the company explained. 

For redundancy, Gemini MAM server components use a multi-node architecture. This means that if a node goes down, the remaining nodes continue to provide all services without interruption. Additionally, performance can be easily scaled up by simply adding more nodes.

More information on Gemini is available at