Audemat releases version 2.1.0 of NAVIGATOR DVB

The latest version of mobile measurement and analysis software offers the ability to record flagged events directly to file.
The latest release of Audemat’s NAVIGATOR DVB mobile measurement and analysis software features simultaneous channel monitoring capabilities.

Audemat has released version 2.1.0 of its NAVIGATOR DVB mobile measurement and analysis software.

The NAVIGATOR DVB software release version 2.1.0 includes several new improvements. From the front panel, the user can simultaneously view, in real time, the measurements and video from each channel being monitored. In addition, the user can also now add up to two “flags” during a campaign at selected points. While past users had to record these events on paper, the NAVIGATOR DVB can now record them directly within the software’s campaign file.

The NAVIGATOR DVB 2.1.0 software is free for existing NAVIGATOR DVB customers.

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