APRICO Solutions, TVBLOB reach deal on over-the-top CE device

APRICO Solutions has struck a deal with TVBLOB that will result in an over-the-top (OTT) consumer electronics device to let viewers create custom TV channels based on their favorite TV programs.

APRICO technology and Axel Springer’s EPG and Internet metadata, as well as editorial guidance and targeted advertising services, are enabling this personal TV experience.

The BLOBbox is one of the first real-world examples of “blended” television, because it combines traditional and Web TV content with interactivity normally available only on a PC or mobile device. With the personal TV solution by APRICO and Axel Springer integrated in the BLOBbox, the TV experience for the end user is both familiar and novel. An EPG lists available TV channels with program schedules. Upon seeing a favorite program, a click of the remote control triggers the creation of a new “personal” APRICO channel.