Anue Systems ships Network Emulator for IPTV

GEM v2.5 lets IPTV service providers conduct realistic lab testing of IPTV systems and applications prior to deployment on production networks.

New IPTV testing features available for GEM v2.5 offer the ability to apply and manage a precise level of various network impairments to MPEG H.262 and H.264 type I, P and/or B frames.

Supported impairments include:

  • Frame drop, frame reordering, frame duplication
  • Packet delay, dynamic packet delay variation (jitter)
  • Bandwidth shaping and throttling

These impairments can cause picture freeze, pixilation, blurriness and audio chirps that spoil the consumer IPTV experience. By testing in the lab with Anue Systems Network Emulators, service providers can tune their video applications to be resilient to these impairments.

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