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Adobe Collaborating With Cinegy, Editshare on Tech

(Image credit: EditShare)

BOSTON & MUNICH, Germany—Adobe is partnering with both Cinegy and Editshare on new technologies that support remote production and editing workflows, according to separate press releases from each company.

Cinegy’s collaboration with Adobe has resulted in the launch of Turbocut, an Adobe CC plug-in designed to accelerate the editing of H.264/HEVC by utilizing NVividia GPU’s hardware decoder. Turbocut also brings Cinegy’s Daniel2 video codec to Adobe CC, designed for making 8K resolutions or higher easier to edit, per Cinegy.

EditShare, meanwhile, has an integrated system with Adobe that connects editing workflows into a wider media ecosystem with deep metadata tracking and workflow automation either on-premise, in a hybrid configuration or as a cloud-based workflow.

There is also the new Flow panel from EditShare for Adobe Premiere Pro that is designed to transform content management, proxy and remote editing, and review and approval workflows for editors. Flow also offers an advanced proxy-based workflow with support for more than 500 codecs, which ties into Cinegy’s partnership with Adobe.

There is also the EFS open storage platform that is meant to enhance collaborative editing with full support for project-locking for Productions in Premiere Pro, allowing Premiere Pro to handle a large number of assets.

For more information, visit Cinegy (opens in new tab) and EditShare’s (opens in new tab) websites.