ActiveVideo Networks and This Technology team for monetizing iVOD

ActiveVideo Networks‚ a provider of cloud-based interactive television services, and This Technology, developers of platform-agnostic metadata and ad space management software, have jointly developed a solution to help cable system operators and programmers monetize and control video-on-demand (VOD) advertising to help grow the iVOD category. The solution enables dynamic midroll ad replacements, including ad content from the Web.

Designed for compatibility with standards-based systems already deployed by cable operators, the solution utilizes the This Technology platform to create an accurate view of available ad inventory, including contextual information such as time, region or content.

The two companies have leveraged the capabilities of the ActiveVideo CloudTV platform and This Technology’s Metamore and Spotbuilder software to create an SCTE 130-compliant ad serving and delivery solution that enables operators and programmers to dynamically target traditional, Web-based and interactive advertising in conjunction with viewers’ on-demand activity.

The solution employs This Technology’s metadata and advertising supply management software to enable operators and programmers to replace pre-encoded ads, including midrolls, with new or different ads. The solution maximizes opportunities in an iVOD environment that encompasses Web-like functionality including seamless, personalized navigation, search and discovery, recommendations, social television and interactive television.

Historically, advertising associated with VOD content has been limited to pre-encoded midroll ads or bookend ads at the beginning and end of video (pre- and post-roll). The joint solution offers increased control and flexibility — while at the same time reducing operational costs — by enabling operators to insert and manage delivery of new or repurposed Web-based advertising directly to the set-top box.