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Note: Booth numbers are provided by NAB and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.

Audio mixers, on-air, portable, studio playback


Azden FMX-32a

Offers improved signal-to-noise ratio and wider frequency response designed for professional videographers; battery-operated; can attach directly to a camera; three XLR inputs each with two level settings, individual input level controls, master level control and switchable phantom power and limiters.
Booth: C1120


Studer Vista 5 M2

Now has an upgraded M2 version with the optional addition of a new, integrated TFT metering system introduced on the Vista 9 console; when the TFT meter bridge is fitted, the console's external GC screen becomes an integral part of the chassis; available in two frame sizes, 32 and 42 faders wide.
Booth: C2619


Calrec Artemis Light

Introduces compact processing rack that delivers digital signal processing and routing capabilities in a 4U enclosure; can be fully integrated with any existing Hydra2 network; features same control surface used by Artemis Shine and Beam.
Booth: C1746


Solid State Logic C10 HD

Provides a self-contained console with no additional processing racks and passive cooling for smaller spaces; broadcast production automation option provides support for Ross and Sony production automation systems; a 5.1 upmix option generates multichannel surround output from stereo sources; dialog automix option ensures reliable multimic talk show audio level management.
Booth: C2013


DK-Technologies DK3

New version features a 3G HD/SDI video input for de-embedding audio from a video stream; enables use with any 5.1 audio format, including analog, AES and SDI; ITU-, EBU R128- and ATSC-compliant; can be powered by USB port for on-location recording.
Booth: C9942


Linear Acoustic AERO.lite

Represents a compact, dual-channel system for loudness problems and CALM compliance; able to extract audio from applied SDI pairs, as well as from the AES and analog inputs; includes an AEROMAX processing engine processes audio with, and is available at the AES, analog, or SDI output with the ability to re-embed the signal into any or all SDI pairs.
Booth: N3737


Cobalt Digital LMNTS

Ideal for MVPDs and MSOs where a large number of diverse programming sources must be simultaneously controlled; can operate with diverse audio codecs, extracting the packets from program streams, performing AEROMAX loudness management in the PCM domain, and then re-encoding and re-packeting the audio with its stream; all data connection is via GigE IP interfaces over an industry-standard IT hardware platform, with no intermediary breakouts.
Booth: N1929


Wheatstone D-5.2

Intended for major market live news; each input fader strip includes seven alpha displays for quick visual feedback of current source, alternate page source, A & B pre-sets, bus-minus destination, channel mode and gain setting; features comprehensive IFB capability; includes 18 dedicated mix-minus buses with confidence feeds plus direct mix-minus (bus minus) feeds from every input channel; can be configured from 12 to 128 input faders.
Booth: C2615

Note: Booth numbers are provided by NAB and are current as of press time. Every effort has been made by Broadcast Engineering to ensure the accuracy of these listings.


Jünger Audio D*AP LM4

Four-channel digital audio processor; features onboard AES/EBU digital I/O, along with optional 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/O or analog I/O; incorporates version 2 of the company's LEVEL MAGIC adaptive loudness algorithm, which is compliant with all current broadcast audio loudness recommendations, including ITU 1770 (versions 1 and 2), ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32 and EBU R128.
Booth: SU3604


Wheatstone D-8

Intended for live audio mixing in medium and small market stations, remote trucks, or secondary on-air/production rooms in larger facilities; features 30 motorized faders, 24 input channels, four submasters, two main buses and two aux buses; enables surround mixing; includes extensive on-board processing; incorporates touch-screens for metering and for lesser used, set-and-forget controls; offers up to 32 channels of mix-minus/N-1 outputs, surround panning and per-channel delay.
Booth: C2615


Calrec Apollo

Ergonomic design makes two layers of channels available simultaneously, providing users more control; uses Bluefin2 high-density signal processing system; has maximum capacity of 1020 channel processing paths, 128 program busses, 96 IFB/track outputs and 48 auxiliaries.
Booth: C1746


Lawo v4.16 software

Doubles the available DSP channel count for mc2 series mixing consoles; after installation, the current DSP boards offer 96 channels instead of the 48 channels; new “broadcast channels” offer a feature set adapted specially for broadcast applications, using a simplified signal flow while maintaining sound quality.
Booth: C2046



Latest addition to the TouchMonitor range for pro-level loudness, true-peak and PPM metering for analog and digital stereo and 5.1 signals; includes the features of the larger TM7 and TM9 versions; controlled using a touch-sensitive display; instruments include single-channel and summing bar graphs, an LRA instrument and numerical displays; basic version handles analog and digital stereo audio, while the 5.1 option adds the support of six-channel digital input.
Booth: C1844


Solid State Logic V4

Software for the C100 HDS digital broadcast console offers new features and options designed to increase capability, productivity and connectivity; C-Play feature embeds a professional audio playout system into the console surface, delivering superior ergonomics for the operator and integrated recall of playlists with console projects; includes integration with Mosart Medialab newscast automation; adds existing support for Sony ELC and Ross Overdrive; full-duplex connectivity with Riedel RockNet audio networks expands compatibility with installed audio networks.
Booth: C2013


TC Electronic LM6

Native plug-in makes the company's radar available for DAW platforms supporting audio units, RTAS or VST plug-in formats; features the company's Radar Loudness Display, showing loudness history in a single, easy-to-read, radar-like view; loudness history can be set from one minute to 24 hours; loudness history and other key information can be logged as a standard formatted text file that can be imported into a spreadsheet.
Booth: C2852


DK-Technologies DK Meter software update

Compact Audio Loudness Meter (CALM) has been upgraded with new software (V.2011-12-06), designed to enhance the user experience and improve the meter's performance; meter is no bigger than a smartphone; comes in two versions — the stereo DK1 and the 5.1 surround sound DK2; accepts digital inputs; supplied with all known loudness measurement recommendations, as well as the standard DK-Technologies meter scales.
Booth: C9942


Jünger Audio T*AP TV Audio Processor

Wideband eight-channel processor (8×1, 4×2 or 6+2) focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control; handles digital inputs (AES) and, through interface slots, all other usual audio formats, including all SDI versions (SD, HD, 3G); offers dynamic equalization so that the sound can be “colored;” incorporates version 2 of the company's LEVEL MAGIC adaptive loudness algorithm, which is compliant with all current broadcast audio loudness recommendations, including ITU 1770 (versions 1 and 2), ATSC A/85, ARIB TR-B32 and EBU R128.
Booth: SU3604

Audio routing, distribution


Solid State Logic Alpha-Link LIVE-R

Adds a set of redundant MADI fiber-optic connections to the existing I/O unit; reduces the number of cables required for redundant fiber system installation and doubles the amount of audio signals that can be passed between the C10/C100 and the B-RIO I/O unit; features MADI I/O locked to C10 HD/C100 HDS stable clock, 24 balanced analog I/O, 12 pairs of AES digital I/O, embedded control data to simplify cabling and operation, analog I/O metering via 24 tricolor LEDs, 2RU enclosure, and redundant PSUs.
Booth: C2013


Lawo Nova29

Connects up to 16 MADI clients within a broadcast center, be it mixing consoles or external equipment; 1024 × 1024 I/O can be switched transparently; suitable for the transfer of proprietary formats, such as Dolby E; designed for use as a universal router for modern, mid-size broadcast facilities; 1RU size.
Booth: C2046


Calrec Hydra2 Operator (H2O)

Remote accessibility provides enhanced flexibility of the Hydra2 network router; allows user control of network independently from any console control surface including Tablets, laptops or PCs with a browser; ports can be arranged into folders for faster location; allows for central management of network synchronization; compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows, Linux and OS X.
Booth: C1746


Cobalt Digital 9257

Card-based system for AES10 MADI signal distribution; supports sampling frequencies up to 96kHz, with a 64-channel payload supported at industry-standard 48kHz sampling rate; also supports other sampling rates specified as valid per AES10-2003 at various payload capacities; reliably equalizes up to 250m of 1694A; featuers MADI audio embedder/de-embedder.
Booth: N1929


Harman Soundweb London BLU-800

Features configurable I/O and signal processing, as well as CobraNet audio with primary and secondary ports for fault tolerance; a low-latency, fault-tolerant, 256-channel digital audio bus uses standard Cat-5e cabling to give a distance of 100m between compatible devices.
Booth: C2619 (Studer)


Riedel Communications MediorNet Compact

Provides a network bandwidth of 50Gb/s — enough capacity for bidirectional transport of 12 HD-SDI signals, dozens of MADI streams or GigE signals, and hundreds of audio channels or intercom ports; provides connectivity for four analog audio I/Os with mic preamps and a dynamic range of 117dB; additional features include an interface for Riedel RockNet digital audio networks, two DisplayPort outputs and three GigE ports.
Booth: C4337


Utah Scientific Embedded Audio Signal Processing

New line of I/O boards enable embedded audio signal processing for the UTAH-400 series digital routing switchers; boards rely on field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology; boards deserialize and decode a signal into its component data streams without compromising the router's overall operational reliability; audio channels are shuffled automatically without an outboard device or manual intervention.
Booth: N4511

Automation, including news and master control


Autocue/QTV Video server

New firmware provides additional support for Avid and Apple editing workflows, with new OP-Atom and ProRes formats and improved handling of QuickTime, DNxHd and XDCAM content; provides scheduled playout of clips sequences with both local and remote access to playlists; supports 608 and 708 closed captions; transcoding can be triggered on demand from a predefined list of encode profiles.
Booth: C8525


PlayBox Technology AirBox MPO

Enables different video formats and different outputs to run at the same time from a single AirBox playout server; enables the running of two or more outputs so that broadcasters can easily provide parallel outputs in any combination needed to deliver the content; SDI in HD, SDI in SD (with real-time rescaling) and IP streaming is one example, or alternatively output in H.264 (MPEG-4) and MPEG-2 at the same time.
Booth: N5834


MediaGeniX WHATS'On Generation 4

Fully integrates VOD in the companywide multimedia scheduling process; transaction system, based on active change propagation, automatically updates user screens in real time; provides chat functionality, presence registry, collision detection and transaction merging.
Booth: N6331


Chyron Channel Box2 (v4.6)

Features 2D/3D design with a complete data acquisition toolset for all branding applications; v4.6 software introduces an asset viewer that allows an operator to validate, package and query assets, as well as new data binding tools for improved panel control; additional new features include locking scenes and copy/paste/reverse functionality, all of which can be coupled with a scene list that allows groups of scenes to be created and stylized.
Booth: SL1510


Mosart Newscast Automation 3.0

Newest version features a redesigned graphical interface with full user configurability; story elements such as cameras, clips and graphics can be assigned to buttons for quick access; range of interface overviews also can be assigned to buttons, making the GUI a shot box for touch screens; story scripts are shown directly in the Mosart GUI; operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for on-request execution.
Booth: N1820


Myers Information Systems ProTrack TV

Comprehensive, scalable broadcast management system connects traffic, scheduling, sales, engineering and IT departments; serves as centralized unifying element within a broadcast operation; integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure to optimize workflow and preserve existing investments.
Booth: N4616


HiTech Systems AViTA News

System controls video servers for clip or playlist playout; includes multiple hardware panels and software applications; interfaces via MOS to a newsroom computer system; status of each clip is fed back to the NRCS, including notifications of missing clips; allows multiple server port control from one panel; designed to interface with any video server using industry-standard professional control protocols.
Booth: N5020


PlayBox Technology EdgeBox

Provides tapeless file-based operation with two parts: one integrated with the broadcast center and the other at the remote site; at the broadcast center, it is fully integrated into the current or preferred systems, including traffic, storage, MAM, ingest, transcoding and file transfer systems; this connects to the new remote EdgeBox site's playout equipment via the Internet, providing a cost savings over dedicated fiber or satellite links.
Booth: N5834


Miranda Technologies Enterprise Suite

Streamlines content preparation for broadcast playout and VOD publishing; enables playout operators to review, normalize and approve file-based content before it goes to air, lowering risks during playout; simplifies the normalization of program and advertising content for iTX customers, using automated workflows for analysis, review and fixing of the most important file issues; this normalization offers support for AFD tagging, high-quality up/down video conversion, audio loudness correction, channel tagging and downmixing, as well as support for closed captions/OP47 subtitles.
Booth: N2512


NVerzion CLASS

Component Level Automation System Solutions ideal for stations with four or more channels; can be scaled up to accommodate hundreds of channels; provides system-wide control for ingest, traffic, graphics and playout; interoperable with all manufacturers and common traffic systems.
Booth: N4912


Snell ICE v3.0

New features include integrated 3D graphics and CG functionality with timeline control and the ability to populate fields from Morpheus automation schedule events, as well as external data sources; a new content validation feature analyzes source material as soon as it's available to prevent invalid formats or impaired content from reaching the on-air output; integrated SAN storage brings high-performance shared storage to the platform, as well as aids in optimizing system performance and overall broadcast workflows.
Booth: N1820


AVECO Remote Ad Insertion

Cost-effective system to generate additional revenue by enabling higher priced ads that are specific to viewers in that region; various configurations enable ad selection to be controlled from the hub or provide shared control from the hub and the regional station; the company has teamed up with Thomson Video Networks to offer this system.
Booth: N2138


Florical Acuitas

Provides reliable and affordable HD playout, graphics, effects and frame-accurate switching within the box; allows users to build an entire TV station for a quarter of the cost of traditional hardware and no longer be restrained with an infrastructure at one location; wake up components from anywhere with SMART Central technology that allows control of all channels from any station at anytime.
Booth: N5823


Ross Video OverDrive v12

New version offers HotSwap to switch between OverDrive servers, DeviceSwap to manage sync rolling of video servers, and FrameSwap to allow two Vision switchers to be operated synchronously from a single OverDrive system; provides support for traditional Chinese text, .5MLE Vision switcher models and device status indications in GlobalView.
Booth: N3807

Camera support, robotics, virtual sets, batteries


Anton/Bauer QRC-CA940 Gold Mount

Helps streamline battery management for Canon EOS C300 users; provides 7.2V power via DC connector and 14.4V on three PowerTap connectors; designed to be compatible with mounting brackets for 15mm or 19mm rod systems, the MATRIX Cheese Plate, or adapted to third-party support systems (15mm or 19mm clamp kits sold separately).
Booth: C7032


BHV Broadcast Video Ghost

Developed as a low-cost, reliable alternative to traditional batteries; provides 60W of power at 12V for camera head-ends and remote monitors using the existing serial digital video cable; can be used with SD and HD signals; can power composite to SDI converters at the camera, avoiding significant signal degradation suffered by composite video over distances.
Booth: N4920


Shotoku Gemini Pan Bar Control System

Merges two products from Shotoku's robotics and manual VR tracking ranges to provide a remote pan/tilt head that synchronizes with the manual head to act as one; allows operators to work remotely in comfort and safety while capturing events close-up and at almost any speed.
Booth: C8528


Telemetrics EP5 Televator

Redesigned to offer greater speed and travel range, along with a wider range of installation options; the unit's floor, flex track and now ceiling-mountable configurations make it ideal for a range of production applications; features quiet operation; remotely controlled motorized telescoping tripod offers the benefits of pedestal height control, as well as an auxiliary control serial interface and positional servo control; is convergent-capable.
Booth: C9529

Cameras, lenses, accessories


Canon CN-E30-300mm T2.95-3.7 LS

Designed to fulfill contemporary 4K production standards; 30mm to 300mm focal length; incorporates geared inner focusing to minimize focus-induced changes in the angle of view, reducing focus breathing; 11-blade aperture diaphragm for smooth out-of-focus areas; T2.95 from 30mm to 240mm, T3.7 at 300mm; weighs 12.8lb; available in PL mount.
Booth: C4325


Sony NEX-FS100U Super 35mm

Uses Exmor Super 35 CMOS sensor that is almost twice the size of a Micro 4/3 sensor; records using AVCHD and shoots with maximum frame rate of 1920 × 1080/60p (28Mb/s); records to compatible memory stick Pro Duo media and SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards; can be used with optional HXR-FMU128 flash memory unit for extended, continuous recording or instant backup; pixels are four times bigger than those in current digital SLRs.
Booth: C11001


Fujinon XA20xs8.5BERM

Features a 2X range extender, an ergonomic digital servo, Quick Zoom and inner focus, as well as improved corner resolution; designed for applications from newsgathering to in-studio use; can be used with rear controls for zoom and focus; suitable for tripod use.
Booth: C7525


Thales-Angenieux ADS/i

Enables film and digital cameras to automatically record key lens data to be provided digitally to post-production teams; allows monitoring and transfer of key lens data such as focus distance, depth of field, focal zoom position and iris setting; DPs can also save and upload lens profiles onto memory cards for easy zoom lens swap, lens calibration, lens synchronization and post-production analysis; useful for many applications such as lens position monitoring, stereoscopic 3-D acquisition, virtual studios and special effects.
Booth: C6019



Delivers real-time, continuous extreme slow-motion in full HD at 300fps (or 600fps in 720p); used with an EVS XTE production server under LSM control; designed for continuous slow motion at frame rates in excess of existing systems.
Booth: C4644


Camera Corps Q-Ball Pre-Set

Allows 18 shot settings to be stored prior to a live or real-time recorded shoot; all settings are saved in non-volatile RAM and remain safely stored even if the system is powered down between rehearsal and actual performance.
Booth: C9046


JVC ProHD Compact Studio

Configures the GY-HM150 ProHD handheld camcorder for a studio environment using two new accessories — the HZ-HM150VZR ProHD remote lens control and the DT-X71 ProHD monitor; HZ-HM150VZR plugs into the 3.5mm remote connector on the right side of the camcorder and offers professional-style zoom control via a wide sweep variable rocker; DT-X71 series of portable monitors includes three models with scaled I/O options and adjustable 16:9/4:3 display.
Booth: C4314



Uses Sony Ultra-wide Angle 26.3mm G lens to capture images out to the corners of the frame; lens has assignable lens ring that allows manual adjustment of focus, iris and zoom; records at 1920 × 1080 60p full HD at 28Mb/s; built-in GPS receiver allows viewing current location coordinates on the 3.5in, touch-screen XtraFine LCD display; IPX54 certification for shooting in rainy and dusty conditions.
Booth: C11001


Panasonic AW-HE100

Features pan/tilt head with a range of 350° pan and 250° tilt, three 1/3in CCDs, an f1.6 zoom lens, a 19-bit video processing DSP and a 14-bit A/D converter; standard configuration includes HD/SD analog component and composite video outputs, RS-422 and IR remote control; compatible with all of the company's current pan-tilt camera control systems.
Booth: C3607


Canon EOS C300

Features Super 35-size CMOS sensor (24.6mm × 13.8mm); records in 50Mb/s 4:2:2 long-GOP MPEG-2 codec; unique readout technique provides full-bandwidth individual RGB video components without de-Bayering; compatible with Canon's existing line-up of EF and new EF Cinema lenses as well as accessories from third parties; records to CF cards.
Booth: C4325


ViewZ VZ056F-3G

Features 5.6in LED screen with 1280 × 800 resolution; 3G-SDI input; 1:1 pixel mode; includes waveform, vector scope, UMD, jog dial; HDMI to SDI active loop through; 0.5W power consumption.
Booth: C3940


TV Logic LVM-074W

7in viewfinder features WSVGA (1024 × 600) resolution and a 170-degree viewing angle; provides SDI/HDMI I/O with HDMI-SDI converted output and temperature-adaptive color; also features H/V image flip with automatic 180-degree pivot; tally-out with optional tally; solid magnesium body.
Booth: SL5005

CGs, prompters, captioning


Screen Subtitling Systems 3DITOR

Adds new disparity mapping module; enables stereoscopic subtitler to view visual representation of object disparity in each frame by means of pin-graph; allows operators to precisely place the subtitle in a safe area within the frame, avoiding any detrimental occlusions; disparity pin-graph offers a view of the 3-D frame from any angle to assure accurate subtitle placement.
Booth: N5816

Graphics, animation products


FOR-A SmartStudio

Provides real-time character generation, clip recording and picture-in-picture capability within a single unit; suited for use in live event production, studio production and webcasting; powered by the company's MBP-1244 video platform, which delivers 4:4:4:4 RGB signal processing and an improved PC-based, real-time graphics system; video I/O board supports one HD-SDI (1080i) or SD camera and three additional video sources.
Booth: C5219



Performance has improved for the IK rigs to speed up character animation; speed boost has been added to scene and object loading, up to 7X faster; improved workflow includes a node search function, a node tree list and faster access to the morph mixer interface; other key features include: instancing (mass duplication of objects), flocking (creating natural motions within large groups), fracture (pre-fracture objects ready for destruction), bullet dynamics, Goz interchange tool, render buffer enhancements and FiberFX enhancements.
Booth: SL5111


Ross Video XPression v4.0

Upgrade allows users to load multiple projects simultaneously, or even single graphics, without disrupting on-air operation; in a MOS newsroom environment, XPression now can apply different styles to the same graphics in a rundown; features new animated text effects, more 3D primitives, new shader types, a 64-bit video codec, Spell Check, better data handling, a new custom keyboard and a new NLE plug-in for Grass Valley Aurora editing systems; supports Avid Command and Mosart production automation.
Booth: N3807

Intercom, IFB products


Shure Axient

Wireless microphone system can automatically change frequencies — undetected by the user — to avoid interference; detects RF interference and moves to a clear and compatible frequency in milliseconds; has frequency diversity, which transmits full-bandwidth audio on two separate frequencies to ensure seamless, uninterrupted audio for mission-critical channels.
Booth: C1610


Clear-Com V Series rotary panels

Available in 1RU, 2RU, desktop and extension panel variants; feature push-listen with mix control knob and a separate push-talk button for talk-and-listen monitoring; colored LEDs show keys that are active, who is calling and what the talk key is programmed to do; have dual use as intercom and/or assignment panels for IFBs, partylines and groups, even when using expansion panels.
Booth: C8008


Eartec Digicom Digital Wireless

Allows up to four people to communicate simultaneously; operates in full duplex wireless mode, meaning transceivers send and receive signals concurrently; no hardware to install permanently as the system does not use a remote antenna or base station repeater; has range up to one-quarter mile; lasts eight hours on full battery; no FCC license is required.
Booth: C8230


JK Audio Interloop

Works with industry-standard two-wire, party-line intercoms, connecting to the existing intercom system like any other belt pack; pairs to a Bluetooth headset for wireless operation; pairs to a cell phone to let others listen in; pairs to a notebook or laptop to provide remote voice access using communications applications such as Skype; powered by intercom with 9V battery backup; weighs 10oz.
Booth: C151


Eartec ComSTAR

Full, duplex wireless intercom features self-contained wireless headsets that operate without belt packs or external antennas; each system is powered by rechargeable battery or AC power, and has a capacity of up to eight “all-in-one” headsets; public or private communication ranges up to 400 yards in any direction of Com-Center base, and operates FCC-license free within the UTAM-certified 1920MHz to 1930MHz band.
Booth: C8230


Clear-Com Eclipse MADI

Supplies up to 64 full channels of digital four-wire connectivity per card; offers full user set-up and can be configured through the Eclipse Configuration Software (ECS); routes talent and other incoming feeds across the intercom system for monitoring and insertion of IFB; offers sample frequency choices of 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96 kH, as well as selectable channel/port quantity of 32, 48, 56 and 64.
Booth: C8008


Riedel Communications AVB series

Series of products includes the AVB-108 G2 Client, the Connect AVB and Connect AVBx8 panel interfaces; allow professional intercom users to connect intercom panels in IP-based LAN environments in real time; offers intercom applications over LAN infrastructures such as matrix-to-control panel connections, audio distribution, matrix-to-matrix trunking connections or distribution of digital partylines.
Booth: C4337

Lighting equipment


Videssence ExceLED 25W Kit

Fixtures generate concentrated beam of light with even coverage of 3200K or 5600K; can mount in tight quarters for ENG or OB lighting; short or long throw possible depending on which spread lens is used; each kit contains six lenses and one flight case; available in 120V or 230V non-dim, and On Board dimming in 120V; fully loaded case weighs 58lb.
Booth: C6537

Media storage, archive systems, asset management


AmberFin Unified Quality Control update

Latest version features improved user experience, new third-party plug-ins to add new levels of quality control, new integrated ingest capabilities and a streamlined workflow interface; provides unique file conversion to multiple formats; implements appropriate levels of automated and manual quality control within a unified software environment.
Booth: SU9005


ATTO Technology Celerity FC-84EN

Leverages PCIe 2.0 interconnect and 8Gb/s Fibre Channel storage technologies; supports HD video, rich-content databases and other high-bandwidth environments; includes SFPs and three-year standard product warranty.
Booth: SL6320


Avid Interplay MAM 4

Designed to increase the value of media by making it easier to find, repurpose and distribute while coordinating and automating production processes; lets users interlink media operations and workflows, control movement of media between Interplay MAM and storage systems, configure metadata, and leverage an SOA structure to integrate in-house and third-party applications; key features include Interplay Common Playback Service, graphical workflow management and MAM-production integration.
Booth: SU902


Primestream FORK Production Suite

Able to edit and play out ingesting materials for the fast turnaround; customized metadata schemes and workflows designed for each broadcaster's workflow; export and integration tools for exchanging media and metadata with external systems and Web publishing; integrated transcoding engine with support for MXF and MOV wrappers; runs on off-the-shelf IT hardware; proxy editor with XML interchange for sharing projects with Final Cut Studio and Adobe Premiere Pro.
Booth: SL6605


Front Porch Digital LYNX

Manages assets on a global scale, from any device and any location; tightly integrated with the company's DIVA technology; offers rapid infrastructure deployment on demand; leverages the latest cloud and Web service technologies; underpins a range of networked and distributed systems, including a hosted disaster recovery service for existing DIVA customers and a private/hybrid cloud service allowing global media enterprises to centralize critical assets and consolidate operations.
Booth: N5806


Harmonic Omneon Spectrum MediaCenter SSD

Features integrated storage plus Spectrum MediaPort modularity and scalability; offers a choice of solid-state drive or hard-disk drive storage; ideal for broadcasters and remote playout facilities requiring from four to 12 channels in a single video server configuration; 2RU chassis offers up to 4TB of usable storage in several SSD configurations; supports up to 12 channels at 50Mb/s, with 600Mb/s total real-time bandwidth available.
Booth: SU1802


Cache-A Power-Cache

Offers a separate SSD driver for its operating system to ensure peak archiving and restore performance and reliability; offers flexibility for staging content; 1RU unit can control up to four LTO-5 drives with up to two concurrently at full speed; product is launching with latest 2.1 software release; also features a new RAID manager, SSD OS capabilities, multiple tape drive support and reporting functionality.
Booth: SL10508


Tedial Tarsys

Features redesigned interface; enhances operator experience and provides additional features for cataloging, editing and exporting media to third-party systems; new GUI designed to simplify collaborative work between professionals in any media enterprise.
Booth: N6506


Dalet Enterprise Edition

Built-in production modules manage ingest, logging, production, distribution and archiving across systems and workgroups; multimedia content catalog, customizable metadata forms and enterprise search engine make content readily available; integrates easily with nonlinear editors.
Booth: SL4615


XenData SX-500

Scale to manage over 100TB of RAID, multiple petabytes of near-line LTO storage and an unlimited capacity of offline LTO-5 data tapes; offered in three models; each is a 2U rackmount unit that manages an LTO data tape library and RAID, providing a network file system interface; creates scalable network attached storage (NAS) device where files are written to LTO tapes and disk.
Booth: SL12513


Seachange MediaServer 1200XD

Equipped with flash memory-based drives; offers multi-resolution and multiformat operations, with a software codec configuration for SD, HD, and MXF and QuickTime interoperability; designed for channel expansion, TV broadcast, content production, live entertainment and sports applications; allows broadcasters to choose both their preferred broadcast automation system and their edit controller.
Booth: N2830



LTO-5 tape drive (1.5TB) supports AVC-Intra 100, AVC-Intra 50, DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO files; designed to enable “archive at ingest” systems; records video footage as an MXF file in real time by simply pressing record and play on the front panel controls; doubles as a material/program exchange media server; features HD/SD-SDI I/O, GigE interface for file-based I/O, and RS-422 for external VTR control; 3RU half-rack chassis; built-in LCD screen for convenient monitoring.
Booth: C5219


Digital Rapids Transcode Manager 2.0

Provides efficient management, automation and performance for media transformation between acquisition, production, archive and distribution formats; supports multiscreen distribution opportunities with output format support for viewing platforms from mobile phones and tablets to game consoles and connected TVs; v2.0 features adaptive, logic-driven process automation with rich metadata support to reduce effort, errors and processing time;.
Booth: SL5624



Features eight-channel SD/HD and six-channel 3-D/1080p configuration; offers complete media control from ingest to playout, including live editing, slow-motion replays, multichannel playback and transfer to third-party systems such as craft editors, automation, archiving or storage; supports a wide range of codecs without require hardware changes, allowing production teams to easily select different compression schemes they want to use throughout the entire edit process.
Booth: SL3815



New user-friendly interface allows users to manage all processes from editing through post production and distribution through easy-to-manage workflows and task automation; GUI includes a greater number of fields that can be personalized; metadata template can be customized.
Booth: SU812


EditShare XStream and Energy series

Fully integrated with EditShare Flow, Lightworks, Geevs and Ark; shared storage systems are scaled to petabytes; new features include advanced project sharing with Adobe Premiere Pro and support for FCP X; networking configurations have been enhanced to increase throughput across the EditShare tiered-storage platform.
Booth: SL9020


Bright Technologies BrightClip SA

Can be incorporated into every metadata controller, ensuring the underlying storage system doesn't lose performance due to scattered file layout; eliminates disruptive and productivity-damaging factors for a studio workflow process, including high latencies, dropped frames and stuttering video.
Booth: SL8410


Signiant Media Manager

System-to-system solution is designed to handle the administration, control, management and execution of all system activity, including workflow modeling, from a single platform; handles batch transfers of large numbers of media files; users interact with the Manager through a Web-based interface for system configuration, task automation and reporting; agents on the sending and receiving ends monitor content movement.
Booth: SL4228


Small Tree GraniteSTOR Titanium

Ethernet-based video-editing shared storage system features advanced file-sharing capabilities enabling real-time collaboration; configurable up to 14GbE ports or eight 10GbE ports; offers storage capacity from 16TB to 48TB; storage can be made available to users within minutes of initial start-up; can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection using a Web-based browser.
Booth: SL7425


Front Porch Digital DIVAdirector v5.0

Enables operators to search, locate and retrieve stored media assets directly from their desktops using their Web browsers; enhancements include HTTP-based adaptive streaming support, whereby client Internet browsers can seamlessly and dynamically switch between different video and audio bit rates depending on available network conditions and CPU power; enables portability across operating systems (Windows 7 and Mac OS), browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome and Firefox), proxy formats (WMV and H.264), and an increased number of concurrent users.
Booth: N5806


Harmonic ProMedia Capture

Enables real-time ingest of live and tape-based HD/SD video for file-based production and multiscreen workflows; captures files at the highest resolution directly into the formats needed for production or for distribution to multiple screens; provides time-savings in workflows that require real-time ingest from multiple sources such as video mastering, repurposing, archiving and video-on-demand workflows.
Booth: SU1802


SGL FlashNet

Adds support for writing AS02-wrapped files (part of the MXF standard) to LTFS tape; provides instant content portability between systems and streamlines file-based workflows; AS02 files written to LTFS tape allow the simple transportation of primary video/audio content and the related metadata; can now receive AS02 content directly that has previously not been held in the archive; adds Web-based interface for managing content held within archive.
Booth: N1520


Sonnet Technologies Xmac mini server

1U rackmount PCle 2.0 expansion system with two Thunderbolt ports mounts a Mac mini inside an enclosure; contains two x16 (x4 mode) PCle 2.0 slots, a 150W power supply and installed GigE card; enables users to plug in to PCle 2.0 adapter cards (one half-length, one full-length) to slots connected to the Mac mini via locking Thunderbolt cables.
Booth: SL8713

New media, streaming products, multimedia/Internet



Provides intelligent redundancy switchover between MPEG transport streams delivered over IP networks; continuously monitors all inputs, switching seamlessly to the backup stream if errors are detected, or services or components are lost; allows network operators to monitor and handle multiple transport streams and configure multiple switches.
Booth: SU7907


EVS Sports360° CCast

Allows instant distribution of multiple camera angles on Web-connected screens during live productions; suitable for any sport; with fully modular and service-oriented architecture, the system offers integration with third-party Web systems and data import such as statistics, commercials and tweets.
Booth: SL3815


Broadpeak OperatorCDN

Based on the company's BkM100 Mediator CDN management platform, which provides an advanced statistics display tool that references all the sessions per content, per region and per format; system enables network service providers to manage a CDN on their own networks; also features live and on-demand applications and support for Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Apple HTTP Live Streaming, Windows Media streaming, and Adobe Flash RTMP formats.
Booth: SU8012


Harris Selenio

New networking features include a 10-bit contribution encoder and the new MDX2 multiplexer module; MDX2 allows DVB-T2 broadcasters to connect gateway functionality to the output of eight-channel multiplexer, which creates completely integrated DVB-T2 gateway that can support up to eight physical layer pipes and T2MI stream creation for local, regional and national DVB-T2 broadcasting.
Booth: N2502, N3400


Digital Rapids StreamZ Live Broadcast

Carrier-grade hybrid live encoder combines multiscreen output versatility with robust features for broadcast, cable, telco and satellite television operations; features simultaneous H.264 or MPEG-2 encoding for traditional television applications and multiformat encoding, including ABR streaming for “any-screen” delivery to devices such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, IPTV, OTT services and more.
Booth: SL5624


Wowza Media Server 3

Latest edition makes formerly hard-to-implement features such as adaptive bit-rate streaming, time-shifted playback and integrated rights management simple and cost-effective; supports multiple studio-approved DRM platforms; has unconstrained per-server capacity with no CPU core limitations; has capability of any-screen, time-shifted delivery of live streams with Wowza nDVR AddOn.
Booth: SU9702


DVEO MultiStreamer IP/IP Brutus

Real-time, multichannel streamer can sit in the cloud as a cloud encoder; supports HTTP adaptive smooth, live and dynamic flash streaming protocol for output to mobile devices; input or output format can be MPEG-2 or H.264; capable of near real-time FTP output of segmented TS streams with I-Frame boundaries; supports M3u8 playlist files (standalone and through HTTP live); transcodes up to 12 720p HD streams, six 1080i/p HD streams or 20 SD streams from MPEG-2 to H.264 in each module.
Booth: SU2114


TVU Networks TVUPack Cloud

Enables production crews to broadcast live in SD or HD to any size Web audience without the need of traditional receiving infrastructure; is a cost-effective cloud-based alternative to traditional satellite or microwave broadcasting hardware that enables broadcaster to bring live broadcast content to TV stations or Web audience with minimum infrastructure investment.
Booth: SU8519


NewTek Tricaster 850 EXTREME

Can record up to eight channels of live video regardless of input or output; records multiple formats, including QuickTime, H.264, AVI and MPEG-2, with adjustable audio headroom; delivers video in up to 1080p; can stream live to the Internet and other digital media in up to 720p; also has ability to deliver wireless with Apple AirPlay support for iPad, iPod and iPhone.
Booth: SL5111


Haivision KulaByte Internet Transcoder 4.0

Delivers multiple-bit-rate HLS and RTMP streams for streaming; supported by Linux; is available as an on-site appliance or as a cloud-based system; allows content to be streamed from on-site to the cloud with efficiency and uses computing power and bandwidth available directly within the cloud; offers highest quality per bit (QPB) streaming, maximizing video quality over restricted networks.
Booth: SL9911

Production switchers, video effects, keyers


Grass Valley Kayenne Video Production Center

Fully digital 10-bit 4:2:2 switcher with up to 96 inputs and 48 outputs; ranges from 1.5 to 4.5 M/Es; each full-function keyer has two pages of video and key storage to free up Image Store outputs; integrated macro editor allows users to edit online or offline on a PC running Kayenne menu application; any partition can be placed into layered mode, providing composited video and key outputs.
Booth: SL106


Evertz OvertureRT LIVE

Includes an HD/SD multi-input switching device, internal H.264/MPEG-2 video playout server, advance branding capabilities and DVE effects; designed for cost-effective multichannel playout with integrated master control and advanced channel-branding features; offers 1TB of local storage for storing video and real-time graphics branding content; all Evertz Logo-enabled keyer products ship with the software suite.
Booth: N1502


Panasonic AW-HS50

Half-rack width, multiformat live HD/SD switcher offers 10-bit processing, four HD/SD-SDI inputs and one HD DVI-D input, as well as a built-in multiviewer, chroma keyer, aux bus and 1080/29.94PsF support; designed for such applications as mobile production, AV facilities and event video; also offers an IP link to the new AW-RP50 remote camera controller, enabling remote switching of the remote-controlled camera video.
Booth: C3607


Broadcast Pix Video Control Center 3.0

For the Granite and Mica Video Control Centers; features optimized production control on a touch-screen, voice-automation control of switching and graphics, customizable virtual sets and automated dual-channel graphics that include Daktronics scoreboard integration; enables eight cameras to have virtual backgrounds, plus three key layers on top for picture-in-picture, titles and animated logos; built-in image editor can crop and blur an image to simulate depth of field.
Booth: SL6424


Snell Kahuna 360 Compact

Offers the same functionality as the full-size Kahuna 360, including seven keyers per M/E, resource sharing with Make M/E technology, and FormatFusion3 which allows for any format in and any format out; 6U chassis gives users the ability to support SD, HD and 1080p (single link) functionality for a cost-effective migration from HD to 1080p; ideal for trucks and studio-based productions; designed to be easy to deploy.
Booth: N1820

Recording media


Blackmagic Design HyperDeck Shuttle

Features Avid DNxHD record and playback; when using HyperDeck 2.5 software, adds option to record and playback DNxHD QuickTime as well as DNxHD MXF format files; recognizes professional camera start/stop flag embeds within their SDI video output to record in sync with the camera.
Booth: SL220


Cinedeck RX v3.1

Rack-mountable, multichannel, solid-state recording, monitoring and playback system, for broadcasters and mobile OB; v3.1 supports record/playback of footage from popular Sony and Panasonic HD cameras; records and outputs in the native format of each camera (Sony XDCam 50 and XDCam EX 35, and Panasonic AVC-Intra class 50 and 100), or to a range of Avid and Apple editorial standards — including Avid DNxHD (wrapped as MXF OP-Atom or QuickTime), JFIF for proxies, and all Apple ProRes codec formats.
Booth: SL13417


Fast Forward Video sideKick HD

Camera-mountable recording solution records at 220Mb/s, providing higher image quality; straight-to-edit DVR records to off-the-shelf, removable 2.5in SSD drives in native ProRes (for Apple Final Cut Pro) or DNxHD (Avid) NLE formats; bringing files into NLE environment means moving the disk from the SideKick to the computer.
Booth: C6313


Sound Devices PIX 240 v2.0

Enables users to monitor images in varying exposures through exposure assist, a feature that allows for false-color and zebra-stripes viewing; equipped with focus assist, which includes a peaking filter and one-to-one pixel zoom; features SD recording (NTSC and PAL) and support for using simultaneous analog and SDI/HDMI audio inputs.
Booth: C2546


Blackmagic Design HyperDeck 2.5 public beta

New update adds embedded timecode support, DNxHD recording to QuickTime and SDI camera record triggering to HyperDeck SSD recorders; is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows; timecode can be preserved from incoming video stream based on the standard RP-188 HD protocol and playback recorded files with the original timecode information; update also includes a new rolling timecode record trigger feature; any device that outputs RP-188 timecode can be used to start and stop HyperDeck Shuttle recording.
Booth: SL220


AJA Video Systems v3.0 firmware for Ki Pro, Ki Pro Mini

Can now be configured for data transfer to FireWire 800-equipped Apple computers; allows transfer of files through standard Ethernet networking for both units; both units can now burn timecode and transport state into the video signal, providing at-a-glance status to users monitoring output; enables HDMI timecode support in Ki Pro Mini for Sony NEX-FS100 and other Sony NXCAM cameras; Ki Pro now supports ExpressCard/34 (34mm wide) memory cards (not ExpressCard/54); adds 1080 variable frame rate support for certain Canon camcorders; adds an option for continued recording upon video input loss.
Booth: SL3305

Satellite equipment, services


Inmarsat BGAN X-Stream

Offers guaranteed, on-demand streaming data rates from a minimum of 384kb/s up to approximately 450kb/s; no external antenna or additional hardware required; higher bandwidth allows camera operators to pan in for close-ups and pan out for panoramic views, or capture the action as it unfolds behind the reporter, giving viewers an enriched experience.
Booth: SU10009


On Call Communications QuickSPOT

Uses both completely automated mobile satellite antennas or fixed antennas; gives clients access to dedicated satellite space, available on-demand and from any location in the continental United States; no minimum usage commitments are required, and offers unlimited space usage; operates on Intelsat's Horizons I and Horizons II Ku-band satellites.
Booth: OE910


Sencore MRD 5800

Designed to support today's highest quality contribution video feeds; provides H.264, 4:2:2 and 10-bit decoding; support for up to eight audio PIDs gives operators the flexibility to tackle all of their multilanguage, multichannel and multiformat delivery challenges; decodes and outputs full HD 1080p60 video.
Booth: SU3612

Studio and support products, multi-image displays


Apantac LE-32 HD

Features 32 auto-detect HD/SD-SDI/composite inputs (3G ready); has single-frame processing delay; each input can hold up to four channels of discrete audio (optional); supports full 10-bit HDMI 1.3 outputs; has built-in CATx extenders allowing 1080p (DVI/HDMI) up to 115ft with optional active receivers; field upgradable to allow discrete audio; designed with front panel buttons for quick preset recalls.
Booth: N4806


Harris NEXIO Studio Suite

Aids in the transition to tapeless studio production and more efficient, file-based workflows; designed for live, multicamera studio productions such as news and magazine formats, entertainment and reality TV shows; offers familiar videotape recorder functionality while adding operational benefits of multichannel, nonlinear video servers; provides users of Harris Velocity ESX or Apple Final Cut Pro editors with instant access to content.
Booth: N2502, N3400


Miranda Technologies Kaleido-XQUAD

Quad-split multiviewer for truck and studio monitoring; offers tally support via direct serial interface; uses a 1RU, half 19in frame chassis; available with four 3Gb/s HD inputs and a single multiviewer output or eight 3Gb/s HD inputs and two multiviewer outputs.
Booth: N2512


Obor Digital Zeus Broadcast

Manages the service department; provides help desk communications; tracks all asset activities, changes and configurations; handles multiorganizational, multilocation or multigroup topologies; provides fully searchable and sharable information while maintaining the separation and control that group requires.
Booth: N1202



Supports up to four asynchronous or mixed HD-SDI and SD-SDI inputs, including 1080i, 1080p and 720p sources at a variety of frame rates; half-rack size and simple user interface make it ideal for OB trucks and master control facilities; offers high-resolution HD-SDI and DVI-D output as either a full-screen picture or four-image split view; has an auto resize engine for SD input.
Booth: C5219


Matrox Avio

Allows users in graphics-intensive design, visual effects and editing applications to separate the computer from the working environment and place it in a secure, climate-controlled machine room; transmitter and receiver pair captures dual digital video, keyboard, mouse, analog stereo audio and USB from the host system and extends them uncompressed up to 1.24mi. over a single fiber-optic cable.
Booth: SL5115


Telestream Pipeline Replay

Multichannel video player combines with video capture system to provide instant capture and display of 18 HD 720p camera feeds; acquires multiple camera feeds in Apple ProRes 720p, as well as other HD and SD formats; video feeds are delivered to shared storage, where they are available for immediate playback, editing during capture or transcoding to other file formats.
Booth: SL1405


JVC DT-X71 series

Ideal for field and studio applications; 7in AC/DC monitors offer 1024 × 600 resolution with a 16-degree viewing angle; can display 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p video signals at a variety of frame rates; series consists of three models; DT-X71C offers one HDMI and one composite video input, while the DT-X71H adds two HD/SD-SDI inputs and an HD/SD-SDI loop through output; DT-X71F (shown here) includes an additional HD/SD-SDI loop through output and one HDMI converted to SDI output.
Booth: C4314


TBC Consoles SmartTrac V2

Provides the ability to gang individual workstation components together to form complete master control and production control consoles; other features include optional electric height adjustment, multi-tiered monitor beam systems, a newly designed cable core with front access, power management, extended monitor Trac, and all new legs and feet.
Booth: C6516


TV One C3-540 CORIOmaster

Designed to offer a more efficient approach to building video systems; uses the company's latest CORIO3 technology to give users access to new levels of video processing power; combines edge blending, video wall processing, multiviewing, windowing, image warping and video processing with up/down/crossconversion in a 4RU device; features a built-in modular video matrix using CORIO softswitch, which provides a firmware-based video routing, switching and video conversion and effects platform using multiple canvases and layouts, along with PC- and Apple-compatible control software.
Booth: C5647


Orad TD Control

Allows users to select different video box compositions with a click of a button on their video switchers; technical director control is based on a touch-screen user interface that resides in the switcher; allows technical directors to select the different video box compositions and assign different video sources to each of the video boxes; this enables tasks that could not have been achieved before, such as switching on-air from six video sources to completely different video sources with one click of a button.
Booth: SL4524


Miranda Technologies Kaleido-Solo

Compact, standalone 3Gb/s HD/SD-SDI video-to-HDMI converter allows low-cost LCD displays to be used for monitoring; brings together multiple QC tools in a tiny form factor, including loudness metering, level meters, aspect ratio markers, AFD metadata, time code and video monitoring; provides two audio connectors to output S/PDIF and analog stereo of a 5.1 downmix, or any audio pair; provides automatic video input format detection; supports a wide variety of video resolutions, including 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p; provides CC 608/708 and Teletext/OP47 support.
Booth: N2512


TSL TallyMan Virtual Panel

Designed to simplify control of multiple router I/Os with an easy-to-use user interface; software-based control platform removes the need to install individual hardware panels each time a router is added, expanded or upgraded; able to interface with a variety of third-party routers, vision mixers and multiviewers; straightforward to install for existing TallyMan users; can be switched on and off remotely.
Booth: N1119

TBCs, frame syncs, conversion equipment


LYNX Technik CHD 1812

Features a built-in frame sync; supports SD/HD/3G-SDI formats, as well as 3-D; a flexible reference input allows the unit to be cross-locked between formats; allows facilities to convert HDMI to HD or SD-SDI, such as sources coming from broadcast video cameras, as well as PC and MAC computers.
Booth: N4433


Matrox Convert DVI Plus

Allows broadcasters to take computer-based content to air easily and economically; creates broadcast-quality video from computer applications such as Skype, YouTube and Google Earth, as well as video games and Web browser sessions; can also be used to drive projectors and large displays at live events.
Booth: SL5115


Avitech International Seneca-C SHS and HSS

Convert signal sources from 3G/HD/SD-SDI/CVBS to HDMI/DVI; feature a compact, standalone converter with scaler; provide automatic video input format detection and OSD, which includes audio metering, video source labels and video safe area graticule; HSS model converts signal sources from HDMI/DVI/VGA/SDI/CVBS to SDI; are ideal for production, mobile trucks, post production and television broadcast.
Booth: SL8915


Crystal Vision TANDEM 310

Combined embedder/de-embedder for 3G, HD and SD sources has the ability to handle mixture of up to eight AES and analog audio channels simultaneously; can embed up to four groups of external audio by fitting up to two audio piggybacks to the main board; adjustable audio delay of up to 80ms can be used to compensate for any delay between incoming video and audio signals caused by processing.
Booth: N1815


Digital Alert Systems R198

For facilities looking to upgrade their existing analog EAS systems to operate in a multichannel AES digital audio world; makes it easy to convert any unbalanced stereo audio signal and present it as the common “B side” of four independent A/B (2x1) balanced AES audio channels; uses synchronous electronic switching for glitch-free performance with no pops or clicks; each AES channel ensures seamless program switching of any AES audio stream.
Booth: C3346


Matrox MC-100

Allows users to manage SDI signals within their environments, whether for monitoring, distributing, switching, multiplexing or converging 3D; supports a wide range of display resolutions through 3G, Dual Link, HD and SD-SDI; can be used as an HD-SDI switcher, a distribution amplifier, a multiplexer and a 3D processing unit.
Booth: SL5115


Ensemble Designs BrightEye 1

Equipped with analog component, analog composite S-Video (Y/C) and SDI video inputs, can take on any video source; built-in TBC/frame sync provides steady output even with marginal inputs; front panel controls select input source, format and adjust video gain; simultaneous SD SDI (electrical) and optical outputs are provided; both color bars and SD SDI checkfield (pathological) test patterns are included to facilitate transmission path testing.
Booth: N2524


Snell KudosPro

Performs 3Gb/s, HD and SD standards conversion (frame rate conversion), as well as up/down/crossconversion; supports a range of audio options, including Dolby E, closed captions, time code and AFD, as well as management and monitoring via SNMP or Snell's RollCall system; platform offers a cost-effective range of converters to suit all applications — international program exchange; content repurposing for Internet, TV and Blu-ray distribution — and high-density teleport and satellite distribution.
Booth: N1820

Telco, IPTV and mobile video equipment


Broadcast International CodecSys

Patented software cuts bandwidth requirements more than 30 percent over satellite, cable, IP and wireless networks to enable a new generation of cost-effective rich-media applications; software-based encoder/transcoder for live, file-based, cloud video content and assets offers an open framework and robust set of APIs to allow seamless integration with core video management systems across the video distribution network.
Booth: SU8523


Broadcast Microwave Services NT5723SDHD

Features include low power consumption, one-frame latency (end to end) and a frequency range of 5.725GHz to 5.850GHz; 1920 × 1080i (HD); Part 15 license free (U.S.); measures 3.35in × 1.19in × 5.6in (without brackets); weighs 1lb (0.45kg).
Booth: C9545


IMT RF Central microLite HD Elite

Compact MPEG-4 COFDM digital transmitter can deliver up to 200mW from a package of less than 6cu in; features superb H.264 HD and SD encoding capabilities while operating in the standard 2k DVB-T COFDM mode; H.264 video encoder supports main profile of the H.264 standard, providing a 30 percent bit-rate reduction or video quality improvement compared to H.264 baseline profile; receiver and transmitter are available in the 5.8GHz unlicensed or 2GHz licensed bands.
Booth: C6423


AviWest DMNG Pro

Bonds up to 10 cellular connections (eight 3G/4G-LTE internal modems with high-efficiency custom antennas array and two USB interfaces for additional USB modems) plus a Wi-Fi connection; features an integrated H.264 video encoder; streams live HD video to receiver with sub-second delay; weighs less than 2.2lb; connects to cameras via SD/HD-SDI, analog or HDMI; unit configures itself automatically based on real-time network capability; touchscreen interface; can be controlled by receiver (DMNG Studio) or any device connected to the unit though the network.
Booth: SU4707


Intelsat Video Fiber Network

Built for broadcasters to provide full flexibility and options for both SD and HD transmission; ideal for unidirectional, long-haul intercity transport of sports, entertainment and news events; 100-percent fiber network uses latest MPEG-2 compression encoding with data rates ranging from 4Mb/s up to 80Mb/s; end-to-end signal is always first generation.
Booth: SU4919


TVU Networks TVUPack

Portable, lightweight video capture and transmission backpack enables broadcasters to deliver live news and events to audiences with a professional-quality picture; rather than relying on traditional satellite and microwave remote broadcast products, the unit broadcasts live video in HD or SD using multiple 3G/4G/WiFi/WiMax connections; enables broadcasters to cover live breaking news from locations that are costly or difficult to reach with traditional methods.
Booth: SU8519


Nevion Ventura VS901-IED-GEP

JPEG 2000 system provides mathematically lossless compression for HD-SDI transport supporting bit rates up to 800Mb/s; using JPEG 2000 lossless filters, it can now achieve mathematically lossless compression with some video content; with highly complex content, significant gains in video quality have been attained; even with highly complex content, the use of lossless filters results in up to 10dB of PSNR increase over the use of lossy filters at intermediate bit rates.
Booth: SU2019


LiveU LU60

Bonded 3G/4G LTE backpack with proprietary RF technology for superior resiliency; transmits up to 1080 HD video with sub-second latency; capable of up to 14 cellular connections; includes IFB (return audio channel from studio); capable of store and forward modes; integrates with all industry-standard power supply systems, including Anton Bauer, IDX and Sony V-Mount.
Booth: SU9119


Sencore TXS

Product line has been updated with features such as audio transcoding and PiP (small format video) generation; provides multiple channels of transcoding or transrating in a 1RU chassis; transcodes video services from an MPEG transport stream to or from MPEG-2 or H.264 and can format convert from HD to SD; newest version also supports audio format conversion between common formats, including Dolby Digital and Digital Plus, MPEG-2, HE-AAC and AAC-LC, and linear PCM.
Booth: SU3612


Thomson Video Networks ViBE CP6000

Multiformat, high-performance platform for contribution of live video; offers modular implementation of the optimal MPEG-4 contribution codecs and eight HD channels per 1RU chassis; MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 codecs can be enabled as required with software licensing; high-density support simplifies the infrastructure and saves energy costs; its support for XMS control and telecom transmission streamlines large deployments.
Booth: SU3012


Telecast Fiber Systems Thunder

Fiber optic audio, intercom and data transport system uses just one or two strands of fiber and 1RU of space; transports up to 80 bi-directional channels of audio, data and/or intercom signals; configurable in up to 10 eight-channel blocks; can be equipped with a portable, throwdown “Stage Box” offering 32 analog inputs, eight analog outputs and two intercom channels in a hardened, ruggedized enclosure.
Booth: C8925


TVU Networks TVUPack Mini

Ultra-small, lightweight camera-mountable portable live video transmission system uses one or more wireless data cards to broadcast live events from virtually any location direct-to-Web with HD or SD broadcast quality; its lightweight design and small form factor gives broadcasters, production crews, news agencies and independent videographers a professional-quality tool to capture live video and broadcast high-quality images directly to the Web.
Booth: SU8519


VidOvation In-Net GoalCam

Transports uncompressed HD video wirelessly using 60GHz RF technology with no bit or resolution manipulation; incorporates the RF transmitter and camera in a ruggedized housing, which includes an extruded aluminum tube with Lexan shock-resistant domes on each end, mounted on a quick-release, adjustable positive registration bracket; internal Li-Ion batteries support up to five hours of operation per charge.
Booth: SU11012

Test & measurement equipment


Video Clarity RTM

Measures audio and video quality and delay, as well as VANC data lines integrity; alarms and records the AV sequences if any of these levels have fallen below a degradation threshold that can be pre-configured by the engineering team; detects fine detail issues such as blur and blockiness; includes reference test patterns.
Booth: SU11302


ESE DV-229, DV-230

DV-229 offers two identical outputs, while the DV-230 provides four identical outputs plus a genlock input, all of which are located on rear-panel BNC connectors; front-panel LCD and push buttons allow for quick and easy setup; alternatively, a software control panel and USB port may be used to configure the units; color bars as well as many other patterns are provided; supports NTSC and PAL, in addition to DVITC/RP-188; also offer closed caption insertion, embedded audio tones and onscreen time code/user text insertion.
Booth: C6437


Wohler Technologies DVM-2443

Four-screen monitoring system offers advanced test and measurement features in a stand-alone 2RU configuration; incorporates four 4.3in 16:9 ratio LED backlit displays for at-a-glance monitoring of program content from MPEG-2/4 ASI streams, as well as PID table metadata, waveform and vectorscope overlays, and audio-level meters; accepts two 3G/HD/SD-SDI loop-through inputs, as well as composite video, component video, DVI-I and analog stereo inputs.
Booth: N5211


Triveni Digital StreamScope MT-40 4.7

New version offers integrated real-time, mobile-DTV-analysis capabilities; allows users to verify ATSC, MPEG, A-78, SCTE, DVB-SI, ISDB, and ATSC M/H standards and protocols; enables monitoring of mobile video frame timing and structure, parade and ensemble usage, required SCC tables, and ESG data from one GUI; ongoing software updates are provided.
Booth: SU5202


ESE ES-210

Quad 1 × 6 1MHz/5MHz/10MHz distribution amplifier provides four independent 1 × 6 frequency DAs in a single rack-mount enclosure; each DA has loop-through inputs and six isolated outputs, which are all accessible via BNC connectors; uses screwdriver-adjustable gain controls that are located on the front panel; the gain controls provide an overall signal level adjustment of -1.5db to +3.4db.
Booth: C6437


Rohde & Schwarz R&S DVMS-B40 IP option

New option for the R&S DVMS family of compact monitoring systems is designed to help network operators achieve maximum operational reliability when feeding transport streams over IP networks; depending on the model, up to four signals can be measured simultaneously; monitors all relevant quality parameters in the IP transmission; if one of the transmitted transport streams is faulty, the new option can extract this stream and transmit it to the central monitoring station, also over IP.
Booth: SU3407


Bridge Technologies VB330

Based on the company's new 10GB architecture; able to deliver 60GB monitoring capability in high-density applications at points of maximum data throughput in today's 10GB core networks; offers telcos, network operators and digital media organizations a scalable monitoring solution.
Booth: SU9819


Harris QuiC

Software family minimizes the workload for video server operators through easy-to-use tools designed to analyze ingested files; offers scalability to enterprise-levels; ideal for use after content editing, during automated ingest and on-the-fly video transcoding; features ready-to-go test templates and an intuitive Web-based user interface; provides easy integration into workflow solutions featuring NEXIO AMP servers, Invenio, digital asset management software and other third-party workflow systems.
Booth: N2502, N3400


Evertz 3480 Media eXchange Platform

Combines six PRO MPEG-2 decoders in 1RU; designed for monitoring applications or pro signal contribution; capable of reconstructing in the most flexible way all VANC and HANC data in the SDI/HD-SDI outputs; other options include 4:2:2 video decode, Dolby AC-3 decode, audio-video monitoring and audio-video level adjustment; controlled by the VistaLINK PRO.
Booth: N1502


PlayBox Technology QCBox

Provides automatic monitoring of media files; delivers verification of whether legal and technical obligations are met; analyzes the relevant media files in a playlist, folder or selected files; basic tests include checking for correct duration of streams, continuity, and frozen and black frames; also performs audio tests, including loudness, phase and audio level measurements; test results are stored in a metadata file that accompanies the media file and prior to the program playout on AirBox.
Booth: N5834


Volicon Observer TS 7.0

Enhanced version of the Observer TS accommodates an even broader array of inputs, including ASI, QAM, 8-VSB and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces; additional enhancements include improved system density for HD and SD programs, and simpler ease-of-user interfaces; system allows users to record (log) MPEG transport streams continuously and monitor the A/V content, including BS.1770-2 loudness, NAVE and other correlations of data and video; also allows users to remotely stream and export content to all stakeholders in the media enterprise.
Booth: SU5715


Apantac HDMI Test Pattern Generator

Supports 48 possible output resolutions (up to UXGA/1080p); operates up to eight hours on portable, rechargeable batteries; releases KHz tone (at 4 KHz); features 34 different patterns; LCD display with buttons; automatic power-off is enabled while in battery mode; includes 12 VDV power supply and HDMI cable.
Booth: N4806


Tektronix MDO4000

One of the first oscilloscopes that allows users to capture time-correlated analog, digital and RF signals for a complete system view of their devices; features a built-in spectrum analyzer; allows users to view both time and frequency domains in one glance and view the RF spectrum at any point in time to see how it changes with time or device state.
Booth: N1023


Video Clarity Clearview Shuttle

Includes a 1080i broadcast-quality AV analyzer that comes preloaded with Video Quality Experts Group (VQEP) and EBU video test sequences; also features a multiformat file decoder, perceptual audio and video metrics (JND and difference mean opinion score) and objective audio and video metrics (PSNR and amplitude/frequency), and side-by-side viewing modes; GUI-controlled or command line scriptable with examples for python, perl, etc.
Booth: SU11302


Rohde & Schwarz R&S VTE

Universal platform for testing video and audio interfaces on consumer electronics equipment during development and quality assurance; modular platform accommodates up to three test modules and can be equipped with additional software options to optimally suit the requirements of specific applications; features source, sink and dongle testing on MHL 1.2 interfaces; real-time difference picture analysis for testing video transmissions over LTE; localized touchscreen user interface; integrated test automation and report generation.
Booth: SU3407


ESE ES-250, ES-251

Units are designed to improve the distribution capabilities of RS-232C or provide isolation between users of RS-232C; three 1 × 8 amplifier circuits allow the incoming signal to be distributed via 24 outputs; units receive RS-232C and buffer the signal so that each of the 24 outputs can drive a single user at a distance of up to 50ft (per output); all inputs and outputs for the ES-250 (shown here) are via rear-mounted terminal block connectors; inputs and outputs for the ES-251 are via rear-mounted 9-pin D-sub connectors.
Booth: C6437


Wohler Technologies AMP1-16M

Dual-input SDI unit de-embeds and provides metering and monitoring of any or all of the 16 audio channels in the selected 3G/HD or SD-SDI stream; offers intuitive operation and clear display of levels and other critical information using bright 2.4in LED-backlit LCD displays, enabling one-touch monitoring and summing of any selected pair(s) via built-in speakers, headphones or XLR balanced outputs; features include remote access for setup and storage of user-defined presets via Ethernet and USB connections, gain adjustment/trim on individual audio channels and pass-through of both SDI inputs.
Booth: N5211

TV transmitters, feedline, antennas, towers, services


Larcan Cool-Dock

Features "Cool-Dock" technology, which means no coolant disconnect is required for servicing; available in power levels from 1.5kW and up; 10kW transmitter is available in a single cabinet; uses ASI or SMPTE310M interface; runs at 19.39MHz bit rate; dimensions are 78in × 27in × 42in.
Booth: SU1619


Jampro Antennas JAT-U

Broadband batwing IV/V 470MHz to 860MHz antenna; radome-enclosed unit can be either top- or side-mounted on a tower; minimum windloading while providing broadband response makes it ideal for applications where either one channel is defined or multiple channels are combined.

Booth: C2307


Linear Industries AT71-500-11

4RU × 19in × 26in drawer size reduces installation footprint; nine temperature controlled cooling fans provide optimal performance and longer life for critical components; features include scheduler software to run corrections/measurements at scheduled times, internal GPS receiver, selectable timebase reference and proprietary bandwidth reduction technology; operates in VHF and UHF.
Booth: SU7219


Thomson Broadcast ATSC-8000

Available in a 1RU platform; supports VHF or UHF operation; allows broadcasters to transmit both fixed ATSC (A/53) and ATSC-M/H (A/153), delivering mobile DTV services to viewers; also available with optional A/110:2011 configuration; features Digital Adapative Pre-correction, providing pinpoint correction of both linear and nonlinear distortions; additional features include an internal GPS receiver, dual transport stream inputs, front-panel MMI for user configuration and a built-in Web GUI for remote access.
Booth: SU3012


Viking Satcom VS-180NAV, VS-240NAV

Feature a dual-axis motorized Az/El navigator mount, as well as 1.8m and 2.4m reflector options; capable of inclined-orbit tracking; offer motorized C-band and Ku-band feed options.
Booth: OE3013

Video editing systems


AJA Video Systems Io XT

Supports capture, playback of 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 HD and SD formats, and can unify disparate formats via 10-bit real-time up/down/crossconversion; provides compatibility with most popular NLE programs, newest codecs, video formats and stereoscopic 3-D workflows; includes dual Thunderbolt ports; two 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and outputs; single-link SDI 4:2:2 support, single- and dual-link SDI 4:4:4 support; HDMI input and output (including support for 3-D).
Booth: SL3305


Adobe Creative Suite 5.5

New version includes the Production Premium package, which serves many mobile TV production needs; offers updated version of the Premiere CS editor, which features a merge clips command for mixing audio from different cameras shot in the field and support for RED and Canon/Nikon DSLRs; also includes an update of After Effects CS, which features stereoscopic 3-D workflow; additional features include new effects such as Camera Lens Blur and an advanced warp stabilizer.
Booth: SL2624


Bitcentral Create

Browser-based system has no installed applications; is a timeline-based editor with two independent audio channels; users can manage, log/screen and edit live sources in real-time; story video can be saved directly to its position in a news rundown; collaborative project workflow enables easy video and note sharing; certified with Adobe Premiere Pro and Grass Valley Edius workflows; multiple, simultaneous, live H.264 streams provide proxy preview on all desktops.
Booth: SL2405


Grass Valley EDIUS 6

Comes with support for new proxy-based workflow and MXF formats to servers and file-based devices such as P2/SDCAM/GF and Canon XF; includes 10-bit editing support, 2K/4K support, free shape mask filter and 16-camera multicam editing; is WYSIWYG, seeing the full image preview while preserving original image quality, with no loss of resolution or frame rate; enables real-time playback of three or more streams without special hardware.
Booth: SL106


EVS Xedio

Offers journalists an integrated, file-based toolset for immediate news field editing operations; allows them to review, select, log and edit media recorded on ENG solid-state camcorders; Xedio's virtual media processing engine offers instant media reviewing and operations without cumbersome physical file transfers.
Booth: SL3815


Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 11

Features GPU-accelerated video processing using OpenCL compatible hardware, improving timeline playback performance and render times; adds New Titles & Text plug-in; “per-parameter” keyframing for many video plug-ins; adds Floating Windows masking tool in the Stereoscopic 3D Adjust plug-in, to compensate for screen-edge violations; supports NVIDIA 3D Vision on single-display systems; adds support for RED EPIC clips.
Booth: C11001


Adobe Prelude

Ingests and logs video; facilitates easy addition of metadata during import; enables rough cuts before sending footage to craft editor; works directly off media; can perform proxy generation during import; builds simple cuts-only timelines; exports directly to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro 7 XML.
Booth: SL2624

Video routing


Ensemble Designs Avenue Signal Integration System

For use in master control bypass, QC monitoring, off-site news bureaus, mobile trucks and helicopters; has exclusive real-time video thumbnail display for every SDI source and destination in the router; clean and quiet switch option has full-frame sync; control choices include router control panel, Web browser and Avenue router iPad app; serial protocols via TCP/IP, RS-232 and SNMP; supports HD, SD, 3G, ASI and 310M signals.
Booth: N2524


Utah Scientific FLEX I/O

UTAH-400 routers and UTAH-100/XFD fiber distribution frames are now available with the FLEX I/O signal module; users can now easily configure systems to implement coax and fiber I/Os on a port-by-port basis; provides enhanced ability to customize use of signals according to an application's specific needs; for the UTAH-400 router, option consists of input/output cards that carry eight or 12 signals and updated rear-panel assemblies to provide converter block access.
Booth: N4511


Axon SynCross

Synapse-based modular video routing system capable of switching 3Gb/s, HD and SD-SDI signals; also can switch compressed domain signals such as ASI/DVB and SSI/SMPTE-310; able to populate Synapse frames from one slot with eight inputs and outputs — up to five slots for a 40 × 40 routing system; can be expanded both in electrical or fiber or a mix; can be controlled over the Ethernet, Cortex control panels or Cortex; ACP and an Ethernet port are available for control with automation systems.
Booth: N4624


PESA Cattrax Web

Uses a Web browser to monitor and control routers in locations around the world; application runs inside most popular Web browsers; compatible with the full line of PESA routers and switchers from 8 × 8 to 1024 × 1024; Web-enabled server PC and an Ethernet port connection to a PESA PERC2000 control system required; supports up to 10 simultaneous clients with license packs available to expand in groups of 25 or 50 users.
Booth: SL9615


Screen Service Broadcasting ENC 334

Provides up to four SD channel encoding capacity; creates new line-ups or transcodes existing analog channel line-ups to digital for either DVB-T, DVB-S, IPTV or cable delivery; also provides stereo audio encoding in MPEG-1, Layer II (MP3) and AAC (HE and LC) formats for each video channel; elementary streams are multiplexed in MPEG-2 transport stream for output over an ASI link; separate ASI input provides support for an external PSIP/SI table data generator.
Booth: SU4306


Screen Service Broadcasting ENC 333

High-definition system encodes multiple HD and SD formats; H.264 and MPEG-2 video encoding technique guarantees low output bit rate with flexible ranges from 2Mb/s to 25Mb/s; audio stream is coded using MPEG-1 Layer II, AAC-HE and AAC-LC, or Dolby Digital Pro; A/V elementary streams multiplexed in an MPEG-2 transport stream for output over an ASI link; next to PAT and PMT, PSIP support includes MGT, TVCT and CVCT, while SI support includes NIT, SDT, CAT and TDT.
Booth: SU4306


Utah Scientific UCP-LP

Family of menu-based router control panels feature high-resolution, full-color LCD displays and buttons to provide user-friendly operation for increasingly complex routing systems; panels offer 16 or 32 buttons in a compact 1RU package, as well as an innovative 3RU panel with dual-touch-screen LCD displays; all of the new panels are based on a completely new, user-definable menu system that provides a completely open platform for defining all panel functions on a panel-by-panel basis.
Booth: N4511

Weather/data services


Weather Central Fusion Studio

Designed to bring weather presentation to life with graphics created in a 3D environment, featuring multiple light sources, shadows, customizable animations and transitions, and 3D object support; MagicTRAK interactivity allows meteorologists to deliver a nonlinear presentation and improves workflow with an easy-to-create, renderless presentation; integrated social media functionality ensures a consistent, dynamic weather presentation.
Booth: SL3911

Wire, cable, connectors


Hannay Reels AV Series

Constructed of rugged steel with a nonreflective matte finish; feature welded channels for stacking that promotes maximum transport and storage efficiency; direct rewind allows for easy set up and teardown; removable side-mounted connector panel allows for complete customization of XLR and BNC connector patterns; adjustable friction brake prevents cable overrun and damage during operations.
Booth: C4939


White Sands Engineering 1023

One-piece 1.0/2.3 DIN connectors available for 1855A, 1505A, 1694A; and 179DT cables; easy install for wiring Miranda, Evertz and other router equipment; features one-piece design for fast, reliable assembly with no parts to lose.; includes female 1.0/2.3 connectors for 1855A type cable and female feed-through panel mount connectors.
Booth: SU7315


Bittree Micro-Video Patchbay

Provides a 2 × 48 format in either a 1RU or 1.5RU size; ideal for use in mobile production, OB vans and any other video application in which space and weight are at a premium; supports 3Gb/s and 3-D productions, HD/SDI, SD/SDI, AES and high-resolution computer graphics; features a rear lacing bar and DIN 1.0/2.3 rear terminations; unique design offers the ability to recess the front panel to prevent cord protrusion.
Booth: SU6519


Optical Cable Corporation MHC II

Mini hermaphroditic fiber-optic/hybrid connector is designed to inter-connect fiber-optic channels in a small, yet effective, package; uses a bayonet-style, mechanical coupling interface to easily mate to receptacles by a simple twisting motion; provides flexibility by allowing many combinations of fiber-optic termini and electrical contacts to coexist within the same hermaphroditic connector system; available in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-CH versions.
Booth: C10345


Markertek featured products

Several new interface solutions will be presented for the Red One, Epic and Scarlet digital cinema world, including Laird precision cables; will also feature Delvcam HD loop-thru HDMI monitors, new MADI interface technology and extended height production trailers.
Booth: C5334