Minnetonka Audio Bolsters Offering by Reselling Dolby Media Emulator

MINNETONKA, Minn. -- Feb. 21, 2013 -- Minnetonka Audio Software Inc. (MASI), a leader in production software for motion picture, broadcast surround sound, and consumer electronics applications, today announced that it is now providing worldwide distribution and resales of the Dolby(R) Media Emulator toolkit from California-based Dolby Laboratories Incorporated. This fortifies Minnetonka Audio's already comprehensive offering of production problem solvers. Minnetonka Audio has added Dolby Media Emulator to its SurCode for Dolby E Master Suite 3 product bundle without raising the bundle price.

"Our strategic decision to distribute Dolby Media Emulator strengthens our current product mix and expands our reach into more post suites," said Jayson Tomlin, vice president of business operations at Minnetonka Audio. "For our customers, Dolby Media Emulator is a bargain in itself. By bundling it with the SurCode suite without raising the price, we've created a one-stop shop for media producers that is truly an outstanding value."

Dolby Media Emulator is a software tool for authoring and post that provides real-time emulation for Dolby broadcast formats. Acting as a plug-in for popular digital audio workstations, Dolby Media Emulator enables an audio engineer to simulate accurately how content will sound when played back through licensed consumer electronics. Dolby Media Emulator lets an operator preview the results of differing metadata values when decoding Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, and HE-AAC audio formats.

"With the majority of surround programs being played back in stereo and mono environments, correct metadata and downmix settings are a critical requirement for deliverables," said Markus Hintz, director of global sales and business development at Minnetonka Audio. "In addition to previewing their metadata settings, audio engineers can use Dolby Media Emulator for standardized loudness measurement, proper monitoring of LtRt sources, and downmixes from all other sources."

Rather than resort to using home audio gear in a professional workflow, engineers can use Dolby Media Emulator to validate mix and metadata decisions against a certified standard in their familiar monitoring environment.

To aid in specifying proper metadata values, Dolby Media Emulator can measure and properly determine the dialogue normalization (dialnorm) value with a standardized loudness meter. The included loudness meter supports international ITU-R BS.1770, ITU-R BS.1770-2, and EBU R-128 loudness standards and incorporates the optional Dolby Dialogue Intelligence(TM) algorithm. Its ability to configure and control the monitoring environment and evaluate metadata parameters makes Dolby Media Emulator an essential product for postproduction, DVD, and DTV facilities that master, author, or broadcast program material with Dolby surround sound formats. Dolby Media Emulator runs as an Avid(R) Pro Tools(R) RTAS(R) plug-in, and as a VST(R) plug-in for popular programs such as Nuendo(R).

Dolby Media Emulator is available for immediate delivery from Minnetonka Audio resellers and distributors, and also directly from Minnetonka Audio's eShop. In-depth information on Dolby Media Emulator and how it enriches existing tools and workflows is available at www.minnetonkaaudio.com.

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