Actus Embraces New DVB-T2 Standard

Second Generation Terrestrial Broadcast Technology is Fully Supported by Actus View and Actus QualiTV

Tel-Aviv, Israel — November 8, 2012 —Actus Digital, a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification solutions for broadcasters, today announced its solutions Actus View and Actus QualiTV support the DVB-T2 standard, the world’s most advanced digital terrestrial television (DTT) system. DTT/DVB-T2 offers broadcasters more robustness, flexibility and at least 50% more efficiency than previous DTT systems; supporting SD, HD, mobile TV, or any combination thereof. “DVB-T2 can offer a much higher data rate than DVB-T with a much more robust signal. Actus fully supports DVB-T2, starting from capture cards to API compatibility, with the ability to analyze different performance and operational information in real time,” comments Asaf Salant, Sales Manager, Actus Digital. “Customers can count on Actus to investigate and support important new industry standards.”

Actus QualiTV – Remote Broadcast Verification & Monitoring
QualiTV is the only tool on the market today that brings you a complete picture of the DVB broadcast status. QualiTV is a multi-layer solution that centralizes broadcast performance operational information in real time:

• DVB Signal Layer – Signal strength, SNR, MER, BER, etc.
• Transport Stream Layer – PAT, PMT, SDT, Active PIDs etc.
• Video & Audio Layer – Actual access to remote live and recorded media

QualiTV allows broadcasters and operators to monitor one or more capture locations; recording multiple channels. The centralized user interface and content aggregation reduces the overhead costs involved with onsite operational monitoring.

Users can monitor as many remote sites, transport streams and channels per site as needed. QualiTV provides monitoring, statistics, archive access and alerts about content performance on all remote servers. Users can thoroughly investigate performance or problems, now or in the past, effectively increasing quality of service and fixing problems before or as they happen.

QualiTV also constantly monitors the health status, providing detailed graphs and reports of the recorded service giving users an additional layer of assurance that all content is being recorded as it should. Through the dashboard users are able to gain the confidence that the servers are up and running and that the recording services are working properly.

QualiTV monitors the following DVB-T Transport Stream parameters:

• Signal Level in dBmV
• Uncorrected Packets
• Current Tuner Frequency in Hz
• FEC status
• FEC uncorrected errors
• FEC corrected errors
• FEC burst errors
• PAT errors

About the Actus View Broadcast Recording and Media Monitoring Platform
Actus View is an enhanced video recording solution that offers capturing of any number of audio and video channels at any bitrate or frame-size, content archiving and extraction, bookmarks, annotation, transcoding and delivery management, all in a single solution, accessible from any computer in the organization.

Actus View offers complete support of transport streams (ASI/IP/DVB) logging, including recording multiple audio tracks and multiple subtitles.

• Users can seamlessly export and stream MPEG TS or low-resolution proxies with the relevant audio and/or subtitles
• Record Transport Stream (TS), also saving the TS in its original format (“as-is”)
• Record multiple audio and multiple subtitles (DVB, Teletext, Imitext, etc.)
• Save the media in any bitrate required, from low quality up to full HD

About Actus Digital
Actus Digital, a subsidiary of Taya Media Group, Israel’s premier video media and visual communication content and technologies company, is a developer of web-based media monitoring, content repurposing and verification for broadcasters, cable and satellite providers, IPTV, media and monitoring agencies, governments and content producers. Leveraging emerging web technologies and IT standard hardware, Actus’ solutions are highly scalable systems ideal for cross-organizational content analysis and content repurposing. Actus’ next-generation solutions compliment any broadcast workflow, empowering operators with purpose-built tools for acquiring, viewing, analyzing and repurposing transmissions from channels around the world. Their impressive customer includes global media conglomerates such as BSkyB, Sky, Fox channels, Star, Chello Media, StarHub, Singtel, Levira, MTG, Encopmass, AirTel, and Zee Networks.

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