Appear TV Launches Cable Headend to Meet Latin America’s Digital Switchover Challenges at ABTA 2013

SÃO Paulo, August 1, 2013Appear TV, a leading global provider of next-generation headends for broadcast and IP television, is introducing a cable headend to specifically meet the technical issues faced by Latin America’s cable operators mandated to make the switch from analog to digital. The headend will make its debut at the ABTA 2013 Expo & Conference (Booth I23).

Appear TV’s cable dedicated headend will be marketed to Latin America’s cable operators directly, as well as through the company’s network of Latin American-based business partners.

This headend solution has been specifically outfitted with modules that will aid in Latin American cable operators’ switching to digital. Capabilities of the cable dedicated headend include:

·Highly competitive fixed cost per channel pricing, two-year warranty and fast delivery.

·Pre-defined technical design, incorporating DVBS/S2 demodulators, CAM-based descrambling, transcoding, encoding with SDI or CVBS inputs when STB’s are used for channel acquisition, DVB Simulcrypt scrambling and QAM outputs that can be tailored to meet the required number of output channels.

·Future-proofing – the headend is able to launch with MPEG-2 and migrate to MPEG-4 SD/HD without additional headend costs.

·Feature-rich control system and intuitive UI for configuration and alarm monitoring.

·Leading channel density and modularity dramatically reduces space and ensures low power consumption with up to 500 channels typically delivered in one 42RU rack.

·Extended CAPEX and ROI maximized through Appear TV’s modular headend design. This enables the headend to be upgraded to support future technical trends not yet seen in the market today by simply adding a new module. As a result, operators to meet all future challenges and effectively differentiate their service.

“This headend is designed from the ground-up to make life as simple as possible for Latin America’s cable operators and do it at a fixed cost per channel while still offering the latest technologies,” said Carl Walter Holst, CEO, Appear TV. “We are able to do this through the combination of our in-depth understanding of the technical problems facing Latin America’s cable operators and the modular design philosophy of our headend solution. The great news for operators is that the flexibility in technical features, modular design and power of our new solution means that Latin American cable operators moving to digital can choose an Appear TV headend now and still be prepared well into in the future,” concluded Holst.

Any combination of the following functionality modules can be integrated to meet the specific need of the cable operators at a fixed highly competitive cost per channel:

·DVBS/S2 de-modulation with four transponders per module with ASI Monitoring.

·Channel filtering, powerful PSI/SI adaption with pass-through of channels not requiring grooming.

·Descrambling with dual CAMs per module.

·“Any to Any” format MPEG-2/MPEG-4 4 x SD/2 x HD channel transcoding, with up and down scaling per module.

·MPEG-2/MPEG-4 4 x SD/2 x HD channel Encoding with SDI.

·MPEG-2/MPEG-4 4 x SD encoders with CVBS input – requires no analog-digital converters.

·Comprehensive multiplexing and scrambling via efficient DVB Simulcrypt CA module.

·Dense QAM outputs supporting up to 16 carriers per module.

·Integrated web-based management UI for control and configuration.

Additionally, the Appear TV headend can be upgraded to provide additional functionality post digital switchover, including: audio leveling, EPG, multiscreen, hybrid multicast and redundancy features.

Also available are the new XC5100 1RU chassis ideally suited for regional headend or edge QAM functionality.

About Appear TV

Appear TV is based in Oslo, Norway. The company produces world-class equipment that enables operators to deliver professional broadcast services to millions of users around the globe. The company is dedicated to developing reliable, revenue-generating and innovative solutions for operators looking to deliver real-time content to the home. Appear TV headends are designed for modularity, high density, and flexibility.