JT-NM Tech Stack Debuts in Future Zone at IP Showcase

March 28, 2019 — The IP Showcase, now in its third year at the 2019 NAB Show, will feature a new Future Zone demonstration area to highlight the latest advances in the standards-based approach to IP-based operation in broadcast. Following the industry's general acceptance of SMPTE ST 2110 as the transport layer for IP systems, the Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM) is in the process of defining and releasing the JT-NM Tech Stack, a set of protocols that will make it easier for broadcasters to implement IP-based systems. Those developments will be demonstrated for the first time in the Future Zone.

The JT-NM has cited the EBU as best articulating the need for protocols and technologies to increase security and make installation and maintenance easier. In their 2018 document, TECH 3371 "The Technology Pyramid For Media Nodes: Minimum User Requirements to Build and Manage an IP-Based Media Facility," the EBU recommended additions to IP-based systems of the future that would complement the SMPTE ST 2110 transport protocols. The JT-NM responded rapidly with the JT-NM Tech Stack Part 1 — JT-NM TR-1001-1 (Technical Recommendation 1001‑1) — designed to make ST 2110-based systems easier to deploy and operate, leading to greater efficiencies for broadcasters.

"It was only three years ago that the industry began pushing for a standards-based approach in the transition to IP in broadcast, and in that short time, not only have we seen the development and ratification of SMPTE ST 2110 as the transport layer for IP, we've also seen the development of a number of other open specifications that will make deployment, integration, and securing these facilities easier going forward," said Brad Gilmer, executive director of the IP Showcase. "These specifications will simplify installation, maintenance, and security."

Also in the Future Zone, visitors will be able to see demonstrations of a set of technologies that are currently being considered for inclusion in the JT-NM Tech Stack, Part 2. The technologies under consideration include AMWA NMOS IS-07 Event & Tally, NMOS IS-08 Audio Channel Mapping as well as AMWA BCP-002 Grouping and BCP-003 NMOS API Security: Communications. Together with Tech Stack Part 1, these Tech Stack Part 2 candidates comprise a suite of open specifications that simplify the construction, maintenance, and operational functionality of true multivendor ST 2110 systems. They provide more choice for broadcasters and drive implementation and maintenance efficiencies.

In addition to the Future Zone, the IP Showcase will introduce the JT-NM Tested program, offering prospective purchasers of IP-based equipment greater, more documented insight into how vendor equipment aligns to the SMPTE ST 2110 and SMPTE ST 2059 standards.

The IP Showcase is sponsored by major technical and standards organizations within the broadcast industry — Audio Engineering Society (AES), Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA), European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®), and Video Services Forum (VSF). It will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center at booth C12634. More information about the IP Showcase at the 2019 NAB Show is available at www.ipshowcase.org.

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More information about the sponsoring organizations is available at:

Audio Engineering Society (AES): http://www.aes.org

Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS): www.aimsalliance.org

Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA): www.amwa.tv

European Broadcasting Union (EBU): tech.ebu.ch

Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers® (SMPTE®): www.smpte.org

Video Services Forum (VSF): http://www.videoservicesforum.org

More information about standards and open specifications is available at:

AIMS: https://www.aimsalliance.org/white-papers/

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AMWA: https://www.amwa.tv/specifications.shtml

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SMPTE ST 2110: www.smpte.org/st_2110

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Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM): http://jt-nm.org/

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