Edgeware's CDN Selector to add support for Limelight and AWS Cloudfront delivery networks

Edgeware, the pioneer of TV CDN technology, announces the CDN Selector – a product in its suite of origin tools – now supports the delivery of TV content via Limelight and AWS Cloudfront CDNs. While previously supporting services from Akamai and Level3, users of Edgeware’s TV CDN are now able to supplement their content delivery with services from all major CDN providers.

The verification of Limelight has been completed while testing of Amazon Web Services’ Cloudfront is expected to be finalized in Q2 2018. Edgeware’s CDN Selector has been designed to be highly configurable, enabling it to support a wide range different CDN services, so it is also capable of supporting CDN services from Microsoft Azure, Fastly, Google Cloud CDN and Verizon – any of which can be verified when requested by Edgeware’s customers.

Already supporting Akamai and Level3 services, CDN Selector allows operators to more easily deliver content to viewers via multiple third party networks when audiences are more remotely located or network traffic is particularly heavy.

One of the key benefits of deploying a TV CDN is to ensure a high level of quality while reducing operational costs. CDN Selector, together with the TV Director for their own TV CDN, allows operators to create policies for each CDN service based on several criteria including type of content, viewer location or available bandwidth on a particular CDN.

Speaking about the updates to its CDN Selector Edgeware’s Johan Bolin said:

“Integrating these delivery platforms with existing CDN providers’ services gives content owners the best of both worlds – they can deliver the majority of their content on their own TV CDN, with a lower cost point and greater control, while still using CDN services to reach viewers outside their core territories or to satisfy peak demand. And it allows them to maintain a single origin system.”

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