Matrix Solutions Releases Monarch – A New Linear/Non-Linear Global Media Ad Sales Platform

Matrix Solutions has released Monarch, an online platform for media sales enterprises, including digital, publishing, broadcast, cable, and out-of-home. Built for the modern sales workflow, Monarch is customizable to match the changing needs of media clients. With highly specific and native integrations, a robust and intuitive CRM, customization options and world-class support, Matrix Solutions has revolutionized the media ad sales experience, building on their historic foundation with a new underlying, modern architecture, expanded digital functionality and a host of new features designed to meet the changing world of media ad sales.

A Completely New Architecture 

Monarch’s architecture is fast, intelligent, and flexible to the unique workflows of the current media ad sales teams. Matrix Solutions is committed to providing clients with the most up-to-date technology, which is why Monarch is built on Azure. Each function is individually housed and connected via APIs, allowing for faster development, easier deployment and enhanced integrations. The new architecture provides the ability to understand, integrate, manipulate and report on 1st and 3rd party data providing value from day one.

A Library of Digital Integrations

Monarch launches with support for digital selling tools, as well as built-in integrations to assist throughout the media sales workflow. These integrations include DoubleClick for Publishers, Katz, Strata, LinkedIn, Localead, Office 365, MailChimp, Twitter and more. Monarch also integrates with proprietary and generally available OMS platforms. The robust number of integrations ensures that the modern salesperson can complete their job, whether they need to prospect, log sales activity, track campaigns, or pull reports.

New Features for the Modern Media Ad Sales Team

The platform has many native features that include:

●Intelligent Alerts - Build out custom alerts based on 1st or 3rd party data inside Monarch.

●Data Cards - Hyper-customize the information and data you see on accounts and contact pages.

●Reporting & Analytics - Newly developed reporting tools to quickly build robust and complex reports.

●Deal Pipeline - A visual representation of your deal pipeline, complete with time to close and deal weighting.

●Team Dashboards - A series of dashboards to showing how the sales teams is performing, who’s selling what kind of advertising, and who could use assistance. 

“Matrix Monarch is a revolutionary next step for modern media ad sales,” Mark Gorman, CEO of Matrix Solutions said. “We engineered every aspect of this platform to help media sales organizations thrive and grow revenue through automation, intelligence, and a suite of integrations. Monarch delivers unmatched value in the world of media sales technology.”

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