Lets the Sunshine In With Help from Photon Beard Lets the Sunshine In With Help from Photon Beard

Photon Beard Platinum Blondes fill key role in new studio area 

Chico, CA, August 22th, 2016 – Photon Beard announced today that, a leading ecommerce company based in Chico, has added a pair of Platinum Blonde lights to their studio operation. has operated their own in-house studio for many years as they do a lot of still product photography and produce a large number of product videos. As part of a recent expansion the studio operations have recently moved into a new building, providing more space and allowing some custom construction.

One of the new additions is a partial house ideal for shooting home improvement products in a realistic usage situation. The challenge in lighting the new area was providing large amounts of daylight balanced light outside the windows to create the illusion of sunshine.

The Platinum Blonde is a compact 1200 HMI source that produces massive amounts of light for its size and weight. Bounced and/or diffused outside the windows they act as a small sun that can turned on as needed. Unlike larger traditional HMIs, the Platinum Blonde can be used on lightweight stands and run off a standard 15A AC outlet. Bundled with the market leading Power Gems electronic ballast, the Blondes can also be used for high speed shooting as standard.

The new studio area has been a great success so far with shooting going at a record pace on multiple product review videos.

More on the Platinum Blonde can be found at:

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A small UK based lighting supplier, Photon Beard is by far the oldest company in the entertainment lighting space, going all the way back to 1882. Offering a full range of lighting for both studio and location work in film and television, they can be found on the web at


Started in 2000 by its founder Christian Friedland, has now grown to the third largest online home improvement retailer in the United States, directly competing with giants such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Amazon. When customers call into, they speak with real product experts at the Chico, CA facility, who are trained in every category within the company, from plumbing, lighting and flooring to door/cabinet hardware and ventilation. is an ecommerce company that is powered by its experts in Home Improvement, and’s competitive differentiator is the excellent customer experience consumer receive when engaging the brand.

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Image shows Platinum Blonde atop a tall stand on the outside of the house set. A traditional HMI, larger and heavier, would require much more substantial support at this elevation.