GatesAir Welcomes Neville Cumming as Director of Key Accounts

CINCINNATI, August 10, 2016GatesAir, a global leader in wireless, over-the-air content delivery solutions for radio and TV broadcasters, announces the return of former Harris Broadcast Strategic Sales Manager, Neville Cumming, as director of key accounts. Neville comes to GatesAir to support broadcast groups across the United States at a time when the over-the-air TV landscape is undergoing substantial transformation, including the multi-year spectrum repack and an expected transition to the next-generation ATSC 3.0 digital TV broadcast standard. Neville joins the company immediately and reports to Joseph Mack, vice president of sales, Americas.

Neville’s rich experience in television includes a lengthy broadcast engineering stint with the BBC before transitioning to influential positions with leading industry manufacturers. This includes more than one decade with Harris Corporation, where he held strategic sales management roles with its microwave and broadcast communications divisions. Upon the creation of Imagine Communications and GatesAir following the divesture of Harris Corporation’s broadcast division, Neville remained with the Imagine Communications team to assist with transitioning customers to IP-based workflows.

Neville’s years of expertise in over-the-air television further strengthens GatesAir’s already-robust sales and service team, ensuring that GatesAir customers have the industry’s best resources available to guide them through a long period of uncertainty and challenging transitions. Neville notes that timelines will be the greatest challenge associated with the repack, and he will focus on helping customers make plans, define goals and execute schedules as the current UHF bidding process continues.

“My experience includes helping U.S. TV broadcasters through the analog to digital transition, which like the spectrum repack was a deadline-driven project that required a thoughtful and sensitive approach for hundreds of broadcast customers nationwide,” said Cumming. “Moving forward, as we look to ATSC 3.0 and its native IP networking capabilities, I’m excited to leverage my engineering and IP experience to help customers architect the most effective UHF and VHF over-the-air solutions. Given its broad product portfolio and energy-efficient transmitter range—the latter of which will be very important to reduce operational costs around repack projects—GatesAir is well-positioned to lead the industry through these migrations.”

Based in San Jose, California, Neville will work broadcast groups of all sizes across the United States. For the repack especially, he emphasizes that TV broadcasters will appreciate the benefits of working with a U.S. company and its U.S.-based service team, which he calls “second to none” in terms of responsiveness and problem-solving abilities.

“Neville will work closely with our greater sales, service and engineering teams to ensure our customers have the right solutions at the right times for their repack and ATSC 3.0 transitions,” said Mack. “We are pleased to welcome Neville to the GatesAir team.”

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