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Archimedia’s Iris™ 2.0 has introduced new metadata features so profound and unique that the company name has changed to GrayMeta™

AGOURA HILLS, CA. — Iris™ 2.0, one of GrayMeta’s suite of software applications, has added the ability to extract and search by any and all metadata from any file format. Adds Mark Gray, President of GrayMeta, “Managing media assets has never been more important yet more difficult. Today, less than 10% of file metadata is usable. Iris 2.0 uses GrayMeta’s™ new patent pending technology MetaFarm™ which is an automated, modular metadata extraction platform that enables an organization to quickly and easily operationalize vast amounts of silo-based data.”

GrayMeta™ can analyze and merge metadata from related data sources such as email, project notes and annotations, scripts, and office records. The search function is incredibly powerful because it not only finds files, but also finds the relationships between files. If there is data present anywhere you have access to, structured or unstructured, proprietary or open-source, filesystem or object store, private database or on the Internet, brand new or ten years old, Iris™ and MetaFarm™ can help you find it and put it to use.

Concludes Gray, “The big picture is that metadata is the key to the future of file based media. It is no coincidence that most growth opportunities in television like dynamic advertising, targeted pay per view, and OTT services are dependent on metadata. On the operations side, metadata is of growing importance to help customize workflows as well as automate certain tasks. For all of these reasons, GrayMeta™ will continue to bring new innovative ideas to enable organizations to better use file based media.”