Pixspan and Alliance Integrated Technology Announce Strategic Resale Partnership

Workflow Solutions Result in Storage Savings of up to 50-80%

ROCKVILLE, MD (September 2, 2015) - Pixspan, Inc., the leading company with technology that solves the storage and bandwidth challenges of full resolution images, today announced a strategic reseller partnership with Alliance Integrated Technology, Inc., a leading provider of workflow solutions, and high-performance computing and storage infrastructure for the media and entertainment, education, enterprise, and government markets.

As part of the agreement, Alliance Integrated Technology will now offer Pixspan software as an integrated component of its computing and storage solutions for its customers. By incorporating Pixspan software, Alliance Integrated Technology will be able to increase the effective capacity of storage systems and workflows for full-resolution imaging content.

"Alliance Integrated Technology is always looking for compelling software and hardware infrastructure that brings added value to our clients' workflow," said Billy Russell, VP of Technology at Alliance Integrated Technology. "We have extensively tested the performance and image quality that Pixspan delivers. With Pixspan as part of the production pipeline, clients will see huge savings on storing master images without giving up any quality. On today's processors, we already see tremendous operating functionality on image compression and de-compression. As technology advances, these speeds are only going to increase to allow even greater efficiencies."

As file sizes continue to grow across the marketplace due to higher resolutions and dynamic range, Pixspan software provides significant savings of speed, time and resources. For companies whose missions depend on the storage, network, and transmission of full-resolution imaging, Pixspan's technology helps to reduce the data burden and enhance productivity - without compromising image quality. Pixspan has worked with millions of images from multiple industries and achieved 50-80% savings on storage and network transfer.

"We are pleased that Alliance Integrated Technology, with its excellent track record in building petabyte-scale systems and clustered computer data centers, will be offering Pixspan's products," said Michael Rowny, CEO of Pixspan. "The partnership will empower their customers to operate more efficient large-scale storage and networking infrastructures, and apply AiT's expertise to the complex world of full-resolution content workflows."