Ideas Unlimited Launches Contentprobe Revenue and Contentprobe Detect at IBC 2015

Ideas Unlimited, a leading provider of systems that capture, monitor, analyse, store, and repurpose television and radio content, has launched “Contentprobe Revenue” and “Contentprobe Detect”, two powerful new offerings from the company’s Contentprobe range, at IBC 2015.

What differentiates Contentprobe Revenue from any other monitoring system on the market is that in addition to checking technical parameters, Contentprobe Revenue ensures that the correct programmes are going out, with the correct audio and subtitles. 

Monitoring multi-channel delivery in this way protects revenue and reduces costs for transmission and distribution companies by ensuring that what is meant to go out, goes out. 

The system takes advantage of Ideas Unlimited’s patented, non-destructive Media FingerPrinting identification and verification technology to check for and, if necessary, alert the user of the need to take immediate remedial action to resolve content errors.

The detection of, and real time alerts for, lipsync and technical signal faults are also core features of the system. 

Ensuring that content is correct and compliant with regulatory and agreed service standards not only improves the viewer experience, it reduces costs. By automating the process of accurately monitoring video, audio, subtitles, and access services from ingest to off air, errors such as sub-frame audio sync, transport stream data, SDI feeds, bars, tones, or silence can be resolved quickly and cost-effectively, thus avoiding financial penalties for non-compliance.

Ideas Unlimited Managing Director Brian Paisley said, “The Contentprobe Revenue module does what it says on the tin. It probes content to ensure that its revenue potential flows uninterrupted and uncorrupted, which is valuable to every transmission and distribution company.” 

For content owners, Ideas Unlimited’s hosted Contentprobe Detect service confirms authorised usage of content and searches for pirating. The service accepts uniquely fingerprinted reference video files deposited by a content owner which are automatically and uniquely fingerprinted. The service then scans multiple channels designated by the content owner to identify precisely when and where their licensed content is being used. As well as confirming authorised usage, the service also automatically searches for and reports evidence of pirating, even if the content has been dubbed into other languages.

Contentprobe Detect can also identify and report back to an online service provider or retailer when their product or service has been advertised on television so they can instantly react to fluctuations in demand.

Paisley said of Contentprobe Detect, “Contentprobe Detect ensures that content owners can maximise the value of what they own or the products and services they provide. Piracy in particular robs content owners of revenue that is rightfully theirs, and we’re here to mitigate that practice.”

The suite of Contentprobe products and services, including the flagship Contentprobe Compliance Recorder system for broadcasters and regulators, can be found during IBC 2015 at Ideas Unlimited, Stand 8.A54.