ChyronHego IBC2015 Product Preview


Sept. 11-15

ChyronHego Product Preview

Stand 7.D11

Company Overview

ChyronHego is a global leader in broadcast graphics creation, playout, and real-time data visualization with a wide range of products and services for live television, news, and sports production. Joining forces in 2013, with over 80 years of combined industry expertise, Chyron and Hego Group offer award-winning solutions -- such as the TRACAB(TM) player tracking system and the end-to-end BlueNet(TM) graphics workflow -- under the collective ChyronHego brand. Headquartered in Melville, New York, the company also has offices in the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Mexico, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. More information on ChyronHego is available at

ChyronHego at IBC2015

At IBC2015, ChyronHego will showcase its entire BlueNet(TM) end-to-end graphics workflow, including solutions for enhancing offline graphics production and creating graphics anywhere and at any time using file-based video import and export. ChyronHego will highlight these solutions in an end-to-end BlueNet workflow for creating not only 4K broadcast graphics but ultra high-resolution video wall displays, augmented reality, and virtual graphics -- all powered by the next-generation CAMIO 4.2 graphics asset workflow solution. 

New: Channel Box Prime

ChyronHego's popular Channel Box channel branding system offers the industry's fastest and easiest solution for delivering bold branding elements such as up-to-the-minute headlines, sports scores, financial data, weather reports, snipes, social media commentary, and automated promos. At IBC2015, ChyronHego will introduce Channel Box Prime, a significant new release of Channel Box that has been re-engineered for the 64-bit environment. With an all-new dedicated rendering engine and scene designer, Channel Box Prime is completely geared to broadcasters' specific requirements for channel branding and playout. In addition, Channel Box Prime includes powerful new features for creative freedom and performance. One example is Warp Effects, a never-before-seen special effect that integrates with industry-leading third-party modeling and rendering tools such as Adobe After Effects and 3ds Max from Autodesk.

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New: CAMIO 4.2

At IBC2015, ChyronHego will feature CAMIO 4.2, a significant update of the company's award-winning CAMIO graphic asset management solution. A highlight of CAMIO 4.2 is a complete redesign of LUCI, the modular interface for producer fulfillment of graphics in newsroom computer systems (NRCSs), with tight integration across the entire ChyronHego product line. With CAMIO 4.2, LUCI has been fully re-engineered to utilize forward-thinking technology for more flexible and powerful interfaces on PCs, Macs, or tablets -- giving producers an at-a-glance overview of all information they need to deliver breaking news to air. With LUCI's simple and clear workflow connecting the newsroom to the art department and the control room, users can focus on writing the news and breaking it first.

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New at IBC: Lyric64 -- All-New Graphics Technology and Playout Platform

Making its IBC debut is Lyric64, a significant release of ChyronHego's world-leading Lyric graphics solution. As a true 64-bit application, Lyric64 offers a single powerful solution for graphics creation and playout. Lyric64 includes a new and updated user interface including point-and-click access to data using ChyronHego's Advanced Data Object technology, with seamless usability and easy access to Lyric's rich and extensive feature set. In addition, Lyric64 is resolution-agnostic with full support for authoring and playout in nonstandard aspect ratios and resolutions of 4K and beyond. At IBC2015, ChyronHego will showcase Lyric64 in a 4K environment and in an advanced video wall application. 

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New at IBC: Studio MediaMaker(TM)

Studio MediaMaker(TM) is ChyronHego's all-new solution for streamlining broadcast production in smaller or nontraditional organizations. Studio MediaMaker provides complete automation for the end-to-end processes of broadcasting -- from planning to production to file-based publishing of news content, and then through seamless links to ChyronHego graphics workflow solutions and other production resources. Ideal for productions of all sizes, Studio MediaMaker is an easy-to-use solution that brings new efficiencies to operations without requiring control rooms or technicians; in fact, the automation can easily be driven by the news anchor alone. Studio MediaMaker works as a stand-alone system and also provides tight integration to any MOS-compatible newsroom computer system, if required, with templated file-based delivery of content to internal MAMs, transmission servers, and websites. 

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Paint 6.1 -- Bringing Game Play to Life

ChyronHego will highlight Paint 6.1, a new release of the company's industry-leading telestration solution that features comprehensive support for 4K productions and integration with EVS systems and workflows. The Paint family includes advanced production analysis and telestration tools designed specifically for the needs of sports broadcasters. With Paint 6.1, broadcasters are able to introduce and telestrate a 4K stream in an HD broadcast without any loss of resolution. The company will also showcase Paint Live, a solution targeting live OB productions with the ability to telestrate fill and key output, as well as Paint Offline, enabling users to leverage file-based import and export of video for creating graphics on their laptops at any time and from any location. In addition to Windows support, Paint 6.1 is now available on Mac(R) platforms.

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ChyronHego Press Conference

When: Thursday, Sept. 10, 10-10:45 a.m.

Where: The RAI, Room F004

Company Quote:

"Workflow efficiency is our broad theme at IBC2015. We'll be demonstrating several new innovations designed to make it faster, easier, and more cost-effective than ever to turn around stunning graphics presentations from creation to playout -- whether our customers need to produce traditional graphics or ultra-high-resolution presentations for video walls, virtual graphics, or graphics in non-linear editing environments. For instance, Channel Box Prime now offers a high-performance foundation for future-proof channel branding and playout with unlimited creativity. And Studio MediaMaker brings unprecedented simplicity to production automation for smaller operations and on-demand content producers, as well as to larger networks that are expanding their local news and weather coverage." 

-- Johan Apel, President and CEO, ChyronHego

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