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VR Industry Forum Presenting Draft of Industry Guidelines at IBC

AMSTERDAM—The Virtual Reality Industry Forum has crafted its first draft of guidelines and will be presenting it at IBC 2017. The guidelines will be discussed during a business supersession co-hosted by DASH Industry Forum, where attendees will be given an introduction to the guidelines and the role interoperability plays in driving a VR business ecosystem.

One of the key areas of focus of the guidelines is the delivery ecosystem of 360-degree video with three degrees of freedom (3DOF). This will include documentation of cross-industry interoperability points (based on ISO MPEG’s Omnidirectional MediA Format); best industry practices for production of VR360 content, with an emphasis on human factors like motion sickness; and security considerations for VR360 streaming, including user privacy and content protection. The finalized guidelines are expected to be released at CES 2018.

The VRIF/DASH-IF supersession will also address topics that include VR content production recommendations and the need for standardization of distribution methods for immersive content. The session will take place on Sept. 16 at 5 p.m. in room E102.