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Special Report: 2013 NAB product tabloid

Cloud-based production system
Aframe 2.0

The next generation of Aframe’s flagship, cloud-based video technology that makes production faster and more flexible; newest feature, Edit Flow, allows users to export metadata out of Aframe and into the three major NLE platforms — Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere; Edit Flow dramatically expedites early stages of productions and accelerates total editing time.

High-isolation stage mic

DPA d:facto II

Is able to use same mic head for both wired and wireless use; phantom-powered DPA handle offers state-of-the-art electronic design with a total transparent sound and SPL handling above 160dB; employs supercardioid directional pattern; has dynamic range of about 120dB, typically.

Media production desktop tool
Cinegy Desktop 9.5

Interface for ingesting, importing, logging, editing and exporting items from Cinegy Archive; includes a suite of tools for logging and editing, as well as an almost unlimitless ability to import and export media to third-party nonlinear editing and automation systems; audio model enhancements add workflows for handling mono, stereo and surround audio tracks through the complete media lifecycle; additional updates include an enhanced audio mixer for the timeline, allowing mixing of source tracks to master outputs along with clip or track level gain adjustments.


Apantac Tahoma IP-4/8

Can handle up to eight streams at one time; compliant to ISO/IEC 13818-1 MPEG-2 Transport Stream specification; can demultiplex incoming SPTS/MPTS; supports AFT, WSS; other features include supporting both 50Hz and 60Hz, MPEG-2/H.264 decode and output resolution up to 2048 x 1080 (including 1080p); Apantac skin technology allows on-screen graphical elements to be designed with any graphics tool.

Audio/video player
Alcorn McBride A/V Binloop HD 4K

Provides up to two channels of Ultra HD 4K (3840 x 2160) synchronous or asynchronous video (eight channels of 1080p) and 16 tracks of 16-bit audio; ideal for supplying content to video walls without using valuable channels on playout server.

IP network stream monitoring system
DVEO True Check IP Analyzer

Verifies the quality of MEPG-2/H.264 audio and video services delivered over IP; supports UDP and RTP/UDP protocols; calculates MDI on all services; supports both MPTS and SPTS; decodes MPEG-2 and H.264 video thumbnails; contains database for error logging and after-facts analysis; ideal application is for monitoring MPEG-2/H.264 programs delivered over the Internet and monitoring head-end equipment that uses IP for video transport.

CWDM multiplexers
MultiDyne HD-6Pack

Line of CWDM multiplexers comes in three models: a six-channel HD-6000, a 12-channel HD-12000 and an 18-channel HD-18000; portable and easy to use; ideal for transmitting multiple high-bandwidth signals in harsh operating environments; can easily support emerging 4K applications, providing users with the capability to transport up to four 4K signals with one fiber; optimizes transmission anywhere signals need to be trunked; user-friendly OLED display provides critical system information such as optical power levels, laser status and bit rates.

Wireless camera transmitter

Anton/Bauer Gold Spectrum AB

Comprised of AB-HDTX transmitter, AB-HDRX dual diversity COFDM receiver and/or AB Direct VU handheld receiver/monitor; 100 mW transmitter is camera-mountable and features SD/HD encoding; mounts between camera and Anton/Bauer Logic Series battery; supports video and embedded audio transmission with selectable bandwidths of 6MHz, 7MHz and 8MHz.

DTS Play-Fi

Can be directly integrated into Android phones and tablets, or embedded into almost any standalone speaker, TV, AVR or portable player; uses intelligent synchronization over reliable 802.11n Wi-Fi; can stream music directly from any phone or tablet, anywhere in the home from multiple devices; all Play-Fi connected products are seamlessly interoperable.

Multivendor MAM
Dalet Create

Designed to help customers save money and have more time to focus on the creative process by providing them with a converged hardware and software data center model, as opposed to traditional workflow silos; integrates best-of-breed technologies from major media vendors.

Customization tool for DAWs

Fairlight iCAN

Integrated Control Across Network (iCAN) empowers users to customize preferences across all common DAWs or video production tools; Layout Editor lets operators drag and drop functions from a menu onto controller buttons and determine when they appear; designed as an open platform and can connect a Fairlight controller to third-party content creation applications such as Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix or Media Composer and Edius.

FIMS interface
Quantel FIMS RESTful API

REpresentational State Transfer (REST) is a lightweight, easy-to-use technological approach that is the native language of the Web; features loosely-coupled interfaces that enable FIMS to scale across the entire enterprise; REST is also easy to program, making it quicker and easier to develop FIMS-compliant systems; RESTful interfaces are already in use in Quantel revolutionQ and QTube.

Radiall BNC HD Connector

Connector is available in a wide color variety for easy signal identification; unique easy-grip boot allows for high-density integration with the use of a tool to plug or unplug; intermateable with standard 50-ohm and 75-ohm BNC products; durable, with 1000 mating cycles guaranteed; designed to seal to cable; typical VSWR 1.05 at 3HGz (-32dB return loss).

Metadata tool

Primestream FORK Logger 1.0

Cross-platform module is part of the FORK Production Suite 4.0; metadata tool allows for logging live or pre-recorded video with a tightly integrated and configurable user interface; enables content loggers to tag video with defined metadata into the FORK environment effortlessly, making assets easier to manage, automate and monetize.

Extension card for Cat 5e/6
Opticomm-EMCORE Optiva OTC-1DVI2AUSB

Extension card provides for the transmission of one channel of DVI with stereo analog audio, and USB for keyboard and mouse extension up to 100m on a single Cat 5e/6 cable; designed to allow format conversion, such as DVI to HD-SDI and HD-SDI to DVI, over copper; includes insert cards for up to 16 channels of multiplexing/demultiplexing, 16 x 16 matrix switching and optical add/drop, as well as remote system monitoring.

Graphics system
Orad Hi-Tec Systems HDVG4

Third-generation rendering platform supports up to “16K” (four 4K streams) and can generate 4K, 1080i, SD and IP streams, taking different aspect ratios and formats into account; features 64-bit operating system and 64-bit rendering engine; handles up to 16 live HD video inputs with constant 2-frame delay.

Pan/tilt head
Telemetrics PT-RM-1

Features heavy-duty bearings and belt-drive system to provide smooth and quiet operation; multi-axis control includes pan, tilt, zoom, focus, track, televator, dolly, iris and master pedestal; has programmable on-the-fly timed presets that start and stop all axes simultaneously; also features manual override, internal cable management system, and optional teleprompter mounting and power.

4K Mini-Converter

AJA Hi5-4K Mini-Converter

Provides simple 4K monitoring connection using four 3G-SDI outputs to 1.4a HDMI inputs; enables a flexible 3G/HD-SDI to HDMI conversion for HD workflow; audio embedded in the SDI input is passed as embedded audio in the 4K HDMI output.

Field broadcast monitor
Flanders Scientific BM210

21.5in native 1920 x 1080 resolution monitor features CFE2 (custom LUT import), simultaneous monitoring of two inputs; weighs 9lbs, with 28W power consumption; available as part of a field kit, featuring carrying case with integrated hood, screen covers and a VESA to C-Stand Mount.

Fiber-optic production system
ARRI ALEXA Fiber Remote Option (FRO)

ALEXA camera system adapted for multicamera broadcast studio or OB production; certified system uses Telecast Fiber Systems CopperHead to connect via SMPTE 311M fiber, allowing remote control of iris, color balance, black levels, gamma, shutter, knee, gain and detail.

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DigiLink video transport chassis
Artel Video Systems DL4360x

Features an advanced design that combines modular-based transport functionalities with simultaneous internal routing of both video and Ethernet traffic; chassis eliminates the need for external cross connects, streamlining the routing and rerouting of video and Ethernet traffic; 3RU chassis supports up to 12 DigiLink function modules; chassis monitoring and management is made simple via external status LEDs, a feature-rich HTTP interface and SNMPv2 capabilities.

Extender set
PESA HDMI-over-CATx extender

Allows users to extend HDMI video long distances over a single CATx cable, making it a perfect application in boardrooms, training centers or editing stations; supports 7.1 digital audio; extends 60m at 1080i or 720p, 8-bit color depth, 40m at full HD 1080p, 8-bit color depth and 20m at full HD 1080p, 12-bit color depth; extender is HDCP-compliant.

Utah Scientific UTAH-400 Series 2

Newest member of the router series is a 72 x 72 frame that extends the family’s feature set, which includes embedded signal processing to smaller-matrix applications; offers a uniquely flexible architecture that makes it configurable in a full range of sizes, from 128 x 12 to 12 x 128 in addition to the traditional square matrix layout.

Multi-review system for EVS Sports

EVS IP MultiReview

Aimed at facilitating the job of LSM operators and assistant directors; enables users to browse camera angles simultaneously to ensure live replay and editing decisions can be made instantly; provides a unique and centralized access point for monitoring all cameras of the live production in one GUI; taking low-res feeds created by XT3 servers, users benefit by being able to easily coordinate replay sequences, manage highlights autonomously and load content on a playout channel of a server.

Remote file browsing
Aspera faspex 4.0

Brings remote file browsing, transfer, synchronization, and package sending and receiving to desktop, browser and mobile devices; provides maximum transfer speed, security, and distance independent collaboration with any size data set and can access and exchange “big data;” builds on Aspera Connect, Cargo, Sync and Mobile and unifies Shares and faspex paradigms.

Logging and monitoring system
Volicon Observer 7.1

TS MPEG transport stream logging and monitoring system has been enhanced to accommodate an even broader array of inputs; supports ASI, QAM, 8-VSB, DVB-T/T2 and DVB-T MPEG TS interfaces; available on all Observer TS systems — including Enterprise, Pro and Scout systems — the new interface simplifies deployment and configuration for receiving off-air channels.

Archive server
XenData SX-520

Open Standard LTO archive for Avid Interplay production; has nearline RAID that manages an LTO robotic tape library; connects via Interplay Web Services to seamlessly move video content to the nearline RAID and LTO cartridges, while keeping metadata online in the Avid Interplay Production database; content is searchable with standard Avid tools or by users via a connected Mac, PC or iPad.

Input, output racks
Yamaha Ri8-D, Ro8-D

Input and output rack units are designed to maximize the live broadcast sound experience by using the same Dante audio network protocol as that found in the new CL series digital audio consoles; 1U rack-mount units provide additional options for flexible system design and implementation, while maintaining the same high-quality sound found in the CL series and Rio3224-D and Rio1608-D I/O racks.

Robotic head

Vinten Radamec Ready to Use camera head

Incorporates new CP4 control panel with Fusion FHR-35 pan-and-tilt head and easy-to-use touchscreen; controls up to four heads and stores up to 40 pre-set shots; upgrades to eight heads and 200 pre-set shots.

Visionary Solutions (VSI) D1000

H.264 and MPEG-2 based decoder supports SDI (3G/HD/SD), HDMI and DVI outputs with resolutions up to 1080p60; after receiving H.264 or MPEG-2 audio and video content from a VSI encoder, the unit decodes and outputs the content into a high-quality 1080p, 1080i or 720p HD stream, in real time, at the lowest possible bit rate; supports a wide range of audio standards, including AAC, MPEG-1/2 and optionally AC3; works seamlessly with all VSI encoders.

Live video encoder/transcoder
Envivio Muse Live

Is now available on the Cisco UCS blade server platform, as well as the HP BladeSystem and Envivio 4Caster G4 Intel-based appliance; by combining the CPU strengths of these dense platforms with additional software improvements, channel density is increased as Muse Live is designed to support up to 120 SD channels in the 2RU 4Caster G4 platform and up to 16 HD channels in MPEG-2 or AVC in the future.

SAS/SATA and RAID adapters
ATTO Technology ExpressSAS series

Provide high-performance data protection to direct attached SAS and SATA JBOD storage; available in a wide variety of port configurations and RAID levels.

Audio-Technica AT2020 USB

Cardiod condenser mic designed for podcasting, voiceover and field recording; features USB digital output; pattern helps reduce pickup of sounds from sides and rear, increasing isolation of design source.

UTAH-400 control panel
Utah Scientific UCP-LC3

Control panel for the UTAH-400 routing switchers; features a high-resolution, full-color LCD display and buttons with dynamic labeling; designed to offer a new level of user-friendly operation for today’s increasingly complex routing systems.

4K quality analysis
Video Clarity ClearView Extreme 4K

Video quality analyzer and new Clearview Extreme with Display Port provide a new level of input/output capability and subjective picture quality comparison performance; capable of interactive playback and comparison of two uncompressed 4K (3840 x 2160) sequences at up to 60Hz in real time; A/V sequence files can be easily imported and played to compare processed video to original sources with new 8- and 10-bit high-resolution displays and also tested for perceptual video quality.

Storage appliance
XenData SX-10

Appliance manages a robotic LTO tape library or stand-alone LTO tape drives; creates a cost-effective digital video archive that is ideal for video production and post production applications; runs on Windows 7 and scales to 125TB of near-line LTO; available in six standard configurations supporting from one LTO tape drive to a 50-slot LTO tape library with up to two internal LTO-6 drives.

Nonlinear editing system

Avid Media Composer 7

Features accelerated and simplified file-based workflows, including optimized HD delivery from high-res source material and automated media operations; also offers Interplay Sphere for Mac support, extending real-time production everywhere; additional new features include Avid Media Access media management, dynamic media folders, FrameFlex tool and LUT support, and clip gain.

Audio Video Bridging
Axon Synapse with AVN

AVB-enabled technologies will be incorporated into Axon’s market-leading Synapse range of interfacing and conversion products beginning 2014; enables a hybrid SDI and compressed IP world today and an uncompressed AVB world tomorrow.

Avitech Titan

Series of multiviewers provides solution for monitoring a variable number of DVI-I and HD/SD/CV video signals; can provide mouse/keyboard functionality for all sources when used in conjunction with the Sequoia Station; modules from the last quarter of 2011 and later are HDCP-compliant; earlier modules must undergo factory modification.

Telephoto box-style lens

Designed for large venues that require tight shots from long distances; will be available with a built-in lens support bracket for mounting on an ENG-style camera; also features built-in optical image stabilization, which comes standard.

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CWDM remapper/multiplexer
MultiDyne FS-18000 Fiber-Saver

CWDM remapper/multiplexer can transport up to 18 digital optical or SDI signals over a single fiber; simplifies the transport of additional signals in remote locations where there is an insufficient amount of available fibers; enables users to input any digital optical signal with a data rate of up to 4.25Gb/s, as well as deliver high-quality signals cost-effectively from any location, regardless of fiber access.

HD flypack

Bexel Hercules HD Flypack

Is scalable and customizable; designed to bring first-class production facilities to remote and space-constrained venues around the world; configured with every component of high-end production control rooms; features state-of-the-art HD technology with complete adaptability, including custom-designed modular racks to handle a variety of complex production requirements.

AVB-compliant interfaces
Riedel Communications

Designed for Artist intercom platform; CPX-AVB expansion card fits into the expansion slot of Artist 1100 series control panels; Connect AVB C8 offers eight AES connections on BNC and supports both bi-directional AES for intercom panels and unidirectional transport for AES; Connect AVB A8 provides eight analog inputs and outputs on RJ45 connectors; AVB Manager offers full AVB network management.

Integrated PTZ production system

Designed for single-operator, multicamera production using a touchscreen and PTZ cameras, so no camera operators are required; supports four, eight or 12 HD/SD-SDI ins; controllable via tablet; features two clip players, multilayer DSK, full-motion overlays, transitions and effects, PIP, and chroma key; streams and records in multiple formats.

Schneider Optics Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon FF-Prime

Purpose-built for digital cinematography with full-frame HDSLRs and other cinema cameras, the full-frame lenses are meant for 4K resolutions; covers 45mm image circle; first focal lengths include 35mm T2.1, 50mm T2.1 and 75mm T2.1; each lens weighs 3.3lbs.

Subtitle transmission system
Screen Systems Polistream Black 4K

Uses the latest software and hardware to offer a more condensed subtitling solution, as well as lower power consumption and energy-saving technologies; Screen has harnessed the scalability of the system to transmit quality 4K subtitles in readiness; features an improved visual interface, software attack protection, multiple item selection via tagging and improved logging.

Remote camera power
BHV Broadcast Video Ghost

Provides 65 watts of power at 12V of phantom power to cameras; uses V-lock universal mount; works with SD or HD signals; can also be used to power composite-to-SDI converters at the camera.

Sony Creative Software Vegas Pro 12

Adds support for XAVC for Sony F5 and F55 cameras; supports round-trip P2 workflow; Smart Proxy feature creates high-performance clips to achieve faster playback for computationally intensive or high-bit-rate codecs; Color Match enables matching of color profiles between different cameras or to reference image.

4K camera

Blackmagic Design Production Camera 4K

High-resolution 4K digital film camera with innovative large Super 35 size sensor and professional global shutter; combined with precision EF mount optics and high-quality Apple ProRes 422 (HQ) file recording; supports the new 6G-SDI video connection for use in live video production; high-resolution LCD display; built-in capacitive touchscreen.

Automated quality test system
Video Clarity Auto RTM

Allows users to create sophisticated test scripts to automatically monitor a sequence of files and streams without user intervention; this capability is particularly useful for testing multiple versions of video streams that are created for HTTP streaming applications such as Apple HLS and Microsoft Smooth Streaming; can also be used to assess file-based assets such as VOD content libraries.

26V camera batteries
Boxx TV BlueCell

Use a manganese compound to provide the high level of current needed to run cameras such as the ARRI Alexa and Phantom digital cameras, which are natively 26V (almost double the traditional 16V that the industry is using today); using 26V instead of 16V batteries produces less heat in the battery and the wiring of the camera.

Streaming media analysis
Bridge Technologies PocketProbe

iPhone iOS app enables objective analysis of real network performance of streaming media; contains the same OTT engine found in the company’s VB1, VB2 and 10G VB3 series digital media monitoring probes; features include display of the profile’s programmed and actual bps, validation of chunk size against download time, alarms on manifest syntax and oversizing, alarms on sequence age disparity and non-updates of sequence for live streams, and graphic display of real chunk behavior.

FORK software add-on
Primestream FORK Xchange Suite 2.0

Application gives broadcasters instant Web access to content on their FORK Production servers from any Windows, Mac and iOS for iPad; is an add-on to the FORK software platform for managing and automating broadcast workflows; contains new capabilities for creating subclips and markers, as well as an upload manager, extended metadata functionality and multitrack audio control.

Wireless microphone system
Sennheiser Digital 9000

Is built for demanding applications such as multichannel broadcast and theatre production; offers uncompressed digital audio transmission, free from intermodulation and far ahead of analog wireless transmission; features automatic safety and control functions; intuitive user interface provides a clear system overview in stressful live situations.

Observer mobile interface
Volicon Mobile

Gives users access to content anywhere, anytime through an iPad or iPhone; interface provides greater flexibility, portability and the added convenience of accessing live Observer streaming along with back-navigation of previously recorded content from both local and remote locations; interface has been enhanced to support multichannel viewing and multiple audio tracks; users now have the ability to select the bit rate best for their viewing device and network connection.

Subtitling transmission system
Screen Systems Polistream

Using standard automation second-event scheduling within a playout system, the subtitling transmission system can now be used to trigger interactive second-screen content without the need for any secondary hardware; the company has developed a system whereby an additional language can be applied to transmit a timed metadata stream as a subtitle/caption file; this file can then trigger web page content along with countless viewer engagement and advertising possibilities; broadcasters can dynamically link their content with connected devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Remote access module

Studio Technologies Model 5190

Allows for remote control and monitoring of key functions of Studio Technologies’ popular 5100 Series of audio modules via the Internet from iPad, iPhone or other Internet-capable device; connected via Ethernet, provides users with Web pages for monitoring and configuring key audio and related parameters, including mic gain, phantom power on/off and channel names.

Flat-panel monitor wall
TBC Consoles TracWall

Mounting system for creating flat panel monitor wall consisting of any arrangement of speakers, UMDs and clocks; unit may be free-standing, wall-mounted or include base cabinets; displays from 15in to 70in bolt directly with a variety of fixed, tilt/swivel and articulating mounts; cables channel directly into base cabinets that also provide for additional rack equipment and power supplies.

Integrated production system

Broadcast Pix Granite X

Is designed for large-scale setting with many cameras; has choice of three control surfaces — the 2000, 5000 and 6000; all models come with 22 SDI inputs and 12 outputs, a quad monitor Fluent-View and two M/Es; X series also features enhanced Fluent-View with 16 full-motion windows for cameras and other external inputs — up from eight with standard Granite.

E-O signal converter
BroaMan Repeat48

Plug-and-play devices convert 3G/HD/SD-SDI (or MADI) signals from coaxial cables to fiber and back; two to 24 channels in a single rack space with built-in power supplies; allows optical channels to be multiplexed and demultiplexed.

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Automatic mixing function
Calrec Automixer

Has been added to the Bluefin2 signal-processing engine, the driving force between the Apollo and Artemis mixing consoles; attenuates the output levels of all channels under its control to maintain consistent program levels in environments with multiple open microphones and unpredictable audio content; users can have eight separate Automixers, each of which can be assigned to control any number of mono input channels and group paths on the control surface.

On-air graphics platform
ChyronHego Graffiti

Two models are available - Graffiti SDI, a 1RU system with the Lyric PRO graphics creation software, and Graffiti SDI Flex, a backpack-ready character generator with all the features of Graffiti SDI; both models are designed for live news, sports, entertainment and OB productions; both models cost-effectively incorporate high-end graphics into live broadcasts.;

Gold Mount power solution
Anton/Bauer QRC-BMD

Powers the Blackmagic Design EF and MFT cinema cameras; designed to provide users with virtually uninterrupted power by allowing for a hot-swappable solution using the internal camera battery; when paired with a battery such as Anton/Bauer’s DIONIC HD, the QRC-BMD can provide the camera with 91Wh of power for four hours; offers two PowerTap outputs to easily power additional accessories, such as monitors and recorders; designed for use with the company’s MATRIX Cheese Plate.

Broadcast workflow management
NVerzion NCompass

Software platform streamlines the processing and playout of file-based content, which now includes enhanced licensing flexibility; the new licensing configuration provides a bundled (up to five) package for the broadcaster’s most commonly used content delivery services; this is offered as a convenience to broadcasters while ensuring a cost-effective package in lieu of individual interface licensing.

GPU-accelerated transcoder
Telestream Vantage Transcode IPTV VOD

GPU-accelerated video transcoder developed specifically to automate content preparation and delivery for cable VOD and IPTV workflows; offers sophisticated control over transport stream multiplexing and metadata; full 16-bit video processing and the use of the x264 (H.264) codec.

On-air graphics production

Avid Motion Graphics 2.5

Next-generation platform of on-air graphics production for broadcasters, sports teams and media producers; includes a new dual-channel configuration option and stand-alone playout engine to increase deployment flexibility and speed graphic workflows, to create stunning imagery and to get work quicker to air.

Frame-accurate media player
Digimetrics Hydra Player

Universal frame-accurate player for all file-based media; uses same demux/decode engine as Aurora QC suite, so anything that can be tested can be played back; presents audio in frame-accurate waveform view; caption and subtitle data can be overlaid on video frame.

Avitech Seneca X-HDUTP

Extender with power-over-Ethernet (PoE) allows transmission of HDMI and VGA up to 100m at 1080p; extends keyboard/mouse and IR over standard Cat-5e/6 UTP Ethernet cables; 1RU chassis houses six modular HDMI or VGA input cards; no power adapter required on the receiver unit; features Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD master audio pass-through.

Camera accessory
Vinten Vision bluebridge

Works with any of the pan-and-tilt heads in the Vision blue range to extend payloads, which can be perfectly balanced; works by shifting the payload range down and gives users a cost-effective option by extending the payload capabilities of their chosen blue system; this means operators effectively need one single tripod system for their shoots.

Media asset system
Cinegy Archive 9.5

For any organization with an archive or productions to manage, of any size; features a scalable and open architecture; offers an affordable solution to digitize tape-based archives and production workflows; with advanced logging and metadata accumulation over the entire lifecycle of the media assets, these become easily searchable and reusable; new features include support for Windows Server 2012 and Microsoft SQL Server 2012, tuned internal logic for improved performance of operations, and support for object tagging.

Streaming forensic watermarking technology
Civolution NexGuard

Now supports 4K; can be used to provide service providers with session-based forensic watermarking for 4K content distribution, enabling content owners to offer their most valuable content in Ultra HD with confidence; aims to deter potential piracy as it can be used to clearly trace origin and prosecute misuse.

LED light
Frezzi HyLight

Compact, travel-friendly all-weather studio-quality portable LED light for news, field production and studios; powered by AC mains or standard broadcast snap-on or V-mount camera batteries; output is fully dimmable without color shift; features interchangeable LED power modules to change beam angle and color temperature in seconds.

Camera track system
Telemetrics TG4

Features ability to travel on straight track as well as “S” curves, enabling unique travel paths; has low-profile trolley design for less obtrusive installations; ideal for low ceilings; available in custom turn radiuses and lengths; accommodates Telemetrics EP5 Elevating Pedestals; compatible with company’s studio control software solutions; positional feedback provided to interface with virtual set applications.

Intercom system

Clear-Com Helixnet 1.1

Features system-linking capability; extends digital partyline communications over a network among a production’s field users, mobile trucks and studio headquarters cost-effectively and efficiently, without compromising the audio quality; new version can link up to five HMS-4X main stations and up to 100 HBP-2X digital beltpacks via Ethernet to build larger partyline intercom systems.

Virtual studio
Hybrid Krypton 3D

HD or SD virtual set features real-time 3D engine that imports models, including geometry, textures shaders and lights, from all major 3D modeling software; interfaces with robotic camera support with no audio or video delay; also interfaces with third-party tracking devices.

Camera wireless transmitter
Cobham Solo Micro HD

Small HD camera transmitter uses low-latency H.264 compression and integral COFDM modulation to transmit high-quality images from camera to receiver; optional SDI video input; 8/7/6MHz demodulation 100mW output power.

Targeted ad inserter
International Datacasting LASER

Combines video distribution receiver, ad splicer and ad server in one edge device to insert regional or local ads; enables simple centralized blackout management; increases ad revenue with advanced targeting; splices ads directly into transport stream.

Contemporary Research QMOD HDTV Modulator

Enables distribution of digital signage and HD subscriber sources using existing broadband coax cabling; merges audio with video from stereo, digital optical and coax inputs; creates an HD 720p/1080i or SD 480p/480i MPEG-2 stream with MPEG-1 stereo audio for broadcast; starts up in less than four seconds.

Mobile news contribution app
Dalet On-the-Go

Enables journalists in the field to stay up to date on news, receive assignments and contribute content; interfaces with Dalet News Suite; Contribution function enables users to upload stories, videos, images and audio directly from iOS device.

Cloud-based storage
Deluxe Entertainment Services MediaCloud

A broadcast service delivering a next-generation cloud-based playout, media asset management and delivery platform; uses cutting-edge non-proprietary IT technologies and state-of-the-art media tools; comprises three elements: Portal, Playout and Delivery.

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IP streaming monitoring
Digital Nirvana Monitor IQ 3.2

Update includes support for Web captioning, program guide extraction; Hybrid Appliance allows mixing ATSC/QAM, ASI and HD-SDI in one system; Infrastructure Self-Check monitors various system parameters — including CPU, RAM and power levels — and issues alerts when maintenance is required.

Multiscreen encoder

Digital Rapids StreamZ Live 4000EX

Adds increased fault-tolerant redundancy and expanded control capabilities to the benefits of existing StreamZ Live models; designed for live and linear multiscreen encoding applications from IPTV and OTT services to high-profile and mission-critical live streaming deployments; features adaptive streaming format support; can be easily upgraded to support new features, formats and technologies as they emerge; can output streams in multiple formats simultaneously.

Headset mic
DPA d:fine

Omnidirectional, single-ear headset mic offers accurate, natural voice intelligibility and high SPL handling; users can adjust for placement on the left or right ear by rotating the boom; comes with boom, cable and accessories such as foam windscreens and make-up cover; has frequency range of 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 2dB; max SPL, peak before clipping is 144dB.

Home Theater in your Pocket
DTS Headphone:X

HTiP offers premium audio with surround sound up to 11.1; surround content is encoded as a DTS-HD bit stream, with room information embedded in the stream, before DTS Headphone:X calibrates headphones; reference data is then decoded, and post-processing enhancement is employed.

Mobile equipment racks
TBC Consoles SmartCart

Housing units are offered in vertical configurations up to 24RU or as desk height units to extend a console’s work surface; has integrated trac for mounting of lcd arms, phone mounts, task lighting, etc.; also features Thermofoil side panels and heavy-duty 4in casters for mobility; has vented removable ABS rear access panel; front and rear rack rail comes standard.

Software-based ad insertion system

Decodes the transport stream, overlays graphics and transcodes the result; works with most fonts via Unicode interface; SD – optional SD plus HD version available; supports 1080i, 720p and 480i, or arbitrary resolutions; 3RU rack-mountable frame; EAS option; ASI version also can play recorded files from hard drive, in loop mode; stores graphics, clips and messages in local memory.

Sports post-production system
Orad Hi-Tec Systems PowerPlay

Turnkey post-production system for managing live sports productions; capabilities include ingest and instant highlight editing integrated through a dedicated sports media asset management platform; provides complete system for large-scale sporting events, offering fast turnaround of content and advanced data management tools.

Large-format console

Wheatstone Dimension Two

The audio control surface for television is built on the Bridge Router platform; accepts analog, AES, MADI and HD/SDI input signals; provides the ability to send any source or console bus to any audio network destination; features up to 96 input channels on two pages, 16 stereo submixes and 16 stereo aux sends, as well as 16 dedicated mix-minus busses, plus up to 64 channel bus-minus (N-1) outputs.

Gold Mount power solution
Anton/Bauer QRC-4K-S

Attaches instantly to Sony F5/F55 CineAlta cameras to accept Anton/Bauer batteries and offer reliable power; contains three PowerTap outputs for powering additional accessories to help users bring 4K production to life; is also compatible with the Sony AXS-R5 recorder.

Full duplex wireless intercom system
Eartec Comstar

Is designed for production teams that need to communicate and work with their hands; not voice-activated, and no delay when transmitting; allows up to eight wireless users to talk simultaneously within an 800yd range as if on a regular telephone; no FCC license required; weighs only 12oz; available as single- or dual-ear headset.

Quad-split monitors

Enable local monitoring of four 3G/HD/SD-SDI input signals along with bar graph displays of eight channels of embedded audio; ideally suited for monitoring studio or outside broadcast camera feeds; are capable of providing the four signals on a single HDMI or DVI output to enable integration with modern flat-panel displays used extensively in local monitoring applications; the IQQSM module also features an SDI output that allows the signal to be routed to other areas in the facility, such as remote monitoring applications or to server storage.

Multiscreen platform

Elemental Technologies Unified Platform 2.0

Version 2.0 video processing software supports multiple codecs, delivery standards and content protection technologies; can support MPEG-2, H.264, VC-1 and HEVC/H.265 encoding, as well as JPEG 2000 and ProRes mezzanine assets; supported steaming formats include Adobe RTMP and HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming and Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), MPEG-DASH, Ultraviolet, and 4K Ultra HD; also support for ESAM dynamic ad insertion and Nielsen ID3 tagging.

openGear Wideband Optical Links
EMCORE OPG-1L series

Operate in a frequency range from 50MHz to 3000MHz; optimized for IF- and L-Band and wideband video signals up to 60km; designed with highly linear, optically isolated Distributed Feedback lasers that enable high-dynamic range links; transmitter and receiver both have an adjustable gain range of 25dB; features include simple push-button peaking for optimum performance and the company’s patented SmartGain Control system, which ensures consistent RF performance over varied signal conditions and long fiber distances.

Audio loudness control
Emotion Systems eFF 3.0

Audio loudness compliance and normalization application; features Dolby E, True Peak, Short Term and Momentary Correction using innovative DNA (Dynamic Normalization Algorithm) and loudness range control; also provides multi-profile loudness correction within a single file for multi-language, international delivery requirements; automated operation with improved multi-watch folder capability and its extended RESTful API.

Captioning system
ENCO enCaption3

Real-time, live automated captioning system does not require any voice training; technology features an enhanced speech recognition engine that delivers closed captions in near real-time with never before seen accuracy; available as a monthly lease; is offered in more than 20 languages.

Compact router
Ensemble Designs BrightEye NXT 430

Has 11 BNC connectors that can be configured as either inputs or outputs; has two SFP modules slots (small format pluggables) that may be populated for additional inputs or outputs — fiber or electrical; Embrionix-powered SFPs, about the size of a stick of gum, let the user choose the type of input or output connectors needed, including mini BNC and optical; features a Refernce BNC for genlocking the unit to house sync.

Multi-screen application server
Envivio Halo Experience Server

Allows operators to further personalize the user experience based on individual viewer requests; facilitates advanced applications, including time-shifted TV and network DVR, targeted advertisement insertion, and social and personalized TV without requiring significant changes in the multi-screen infrastructure; enables operators to add new functionalities, such as enabling viewers to pause and rewind live streams, record programs and watch them on any other device, or receive personalized ads based on their profiles.

Fujitsu XG-series

Switches offer high performance and high-speed Layer 2 switching; feature ultra-low latency, flexible interfaces and compact form factors; ideal for enterprise storage and video server applications, high-performance computing, and the iSCSI and NAS markets; the combined solution of the new 1Gb/10Gb uplink switches with the existing XG-series 10GbE family allows users to deploy a homogeneous networking solution.

Live field encoding device
Livestream Broadcaster LTE

Features built-in Verizon 4G modem and data plan; an upgrade from the original Livestream Broadcaster with built-in batteries instead of AA batteries and support for 5.4Ghz Wi-Fi; lets users go live instantly without a PC; all that’s needed is a camera (video or photo) with HDMI out; Livestream for Producers iPhone or Android app can also be used as a control to go live.

Haivision Makito X2

Next-generation, dual-channel, low-latency HD H.264 encoder; incorporates the company’s Makito X Series technology, delivering higher quality video to meet HD streaming challenges at a significantly reduced bit rate; designed to achieve the highest 1080p60 H.264 encoding density supporting up to 12 sources in a single-rack unit chassis; features 55ms encoding latency.

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Out-of-the-box IPTV solution
Leightronix LuxeVision ipMerge

IPTV solution designed for settings requiring small or medium number of TV end points; starts at 50 end points and can support up to 400 within a single system; provides all-in-one solution that includes multichannel VOD server, application server with middleware and multichannel multicast server within a 1RU platform.

Camera-back cellular transmitter
Vislink AirCam iNG

Streams live video from the field directly to a studio or website; easily docks to IDX or Anton/Bauer battery mounts; can go straight to on-air by pushing a button; bonded cellular transmission provides persistent connectivity; works over 3G/4G LTE cellular networks; adaptive bit-rate H.264 encoding produces HD resolution with minimal latency; audio is embedded.

Broadcast field-deck recorder
VITEC Focus FS-T2001

Designed for XDCAM workflow; incorporates the complete range of Sony professional formats, including HD422 50Mb/s and XDCAM EX/HD; supports removable professional media: SxSPro/SxS-1 and SDHC cards, as well as 250GB of internal storage for either clip recording or management/storage over a GigE connection.

Sports analysis tool
Vizrt Viz Libero 5.5

Adds Virtual SloMo, which generates ultra-slow motion footage (up to 1500fps) without use of high-speed camera systems; adds 3D virtual sports toolsets for motorsports, tennis, cricket, field hockey and Australian football.

Web-based workflow management system
Orad Hi-Tec Systems iFind

Provides the ability to manage the essential elements of a professional broadcast server, graphics and archive systems from a Web browser; search, workflow and management functionality is available, which can be tailored to a station’s individual requirements to maintain a smooth day-to-day operation.

Media production and distribution workflow

Epoch Workflow Virtualization Technology

SaaS improves speed, bandwidth use and ease of deployment for today’s complicated multi-site, multiformat workflows by unifying, harnessing and optimizing customers’ existing IT infrastructure, as well as those of suppliers, partners and optional cloud services; monitors existing infrastructure and re-engineers workflows in real time for maximum performance and total capacity; algorithms intelligently solve load balancing, task partitioning, routing, branching and contention problems to make media flow up to 40X faster, without additional capital expenditure.

NTP time server

Provides a simple method of putting accurate time information onto a network and references either ESE or SMPTE/EBU time codes; NTP output is provided on a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet connector and is now IPv4/IPv6-compatible; NTP clients can authenticate the NTP server with MD5 or SHA1 Symmetric Key Authentication.

Compression platform
Evertz 3480MXP

Designed for multiscreen (MPEG-2/H.264) content delivery; offers enhanced de-interlacing, resolution change and frame-rate conversion support; also features HEVC technology for operators, OTT and 4K Ultra HD applications.

DTV transport stream monitoring
Triveni Digital StreamScope RM-40

Provides comprehensive, configurable and cost-effective DTV transport stream monitoring for broadcast, cable, telco, satellite and IPTV networks at local and remote sites; a web-based, color-coded user interface displays drill-down dashboards, video and audio thumbnails, dynamic charts and graphs, and detailed current and historical reports; after identifying an error, the system sends alarms to station engineers via text message or e-mail.

Plug-in panel

Allows users to search, preview, edit and import media from IPDirector nearline storage into Adobe PremierePro; the search facility will allow for quick text and advanced search for clips, edits and logs, which can then be previewed directly from IP Link and imported into Adobe Premiere Pro by a drag and drop function without being moved or copied; with IP Link, there’s no need to have an additional IPDirector workstation for accessing, reviewing and importing of media.

Display monitor
TVLogic LUM 560W

56in, 10-bit, 3840 x 2160 display monitor is designed for UHDTV broadcast and industrial monitoring applications; features DVI, HDMI and SDI 4K Mode hot key; has monitor control using RS422; supports 3G-SDI Level A and Level B; has four HDMI, four SDI and four DVI inputs; supports TVLogic Color Calibration Utility for proper color alignment.

Broadcast monitor
Flanders Scientific CM320TD

32in, 10-bit panel with 1920 x 1080 native resolution monitor features CFE2 (custom LUT import), simultaneous monitoring of two inputs; suited for all post-production applications, but also a capable field monitor with weight (21lbs) and power consumption (max 50W) on par with many much smaller monitors on the market.

Ethernet aggregator and optical transceiver

Artel Video Systems DLC205

Integrates seamlessly with the company’s DigiLink video transport platform; single-slot module is an ideal solution for broadcasters, CATV operators, telco operators and video service providers looking to aggregate Ethernet traffic across a single optical or electrical connection; features a design capable of aggregating nine channels — five external and four internal — of 10/100/1000 Ethernet traffic for transport across electrical or optical networks.

Low-latency encoder platform
Media Excel HERO 5000E

Is designed for point-to-point distribution over IP and ASI networks; delivers up to two independent channels in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/AVC from SD to HD and from 4:2:0 to 4:2:2; relies on a fully redundant 1RU chassis and the company’s video processing technologies to deliver highly available services for mission-critical low-delay applications.

Content storage
Facilis TerraBlock

Shared storage supports 4Gb/s, 8Gb/s and 16Gb/s Fibre Channel, and 1Gb and 10Gb Ethernet client connectivity; supports 4TB drives and Mac OSX 10.8.3 and 10.7.5 with the latest Mountain Lion and Lion release; drive recovery boost function reduces drive recovery time by 50 percent.

Compliance logging system
Mediaproxy LogServer ASI v8

Offers several new user enhancements in LogPlayer and Monwall; now includes integrated fingerprinting to allow users to get detailed reports on how many times content such as advertisements have been detected across recorded media.

Video recorder
Fairlight PYXIS 4K

Standalone or rack-mountable, turn-key video recorder delivers future-proof UHD video recording and playback, along with extensive audio capabilities and workflow compatibility; records compressed or uncompressed video formats from SD up to 4K; delivers transparent playback up to 4K or dual-channel 2K resolution; multiple systems can be synchronized for playback in up to 8K.

Fischer MiniMax

Connector includes pre-cabled plugs and prewired receptacles; features combination of 24 mixed pins — 20 signal (0.5A) and four power (5A); can withstand more than 5000 mating cycles; is saltwater-spray corrosion-resistant up to 1000 hours; waterproof to 2m; users can select from push-pull, quick release or screw lock connections.

Real-time multichannel streamer


Real-time multichannel streamer, integrated RF receiver and transcoder is designed to receive satellite and terrestrial RF signals, and transform them into streams; transcodes bit rates range from 0.1Mb/s to 15Mb/s; executes simultaneous demodulation, transcoding and encapsulation; tested to work with Wowza, Adobe Flash and RealNetworks Helix servers; based on embedded Linux.

MXF clip server


Two models, MBP-120SX and MBP-125SX, support ingest, playback and playout applications; can capture files from an external XDCAM drive or network drive, converts HD/SD-SDI signals to MXF files in real time, and support up to eight channels of embedded audio; both models are equipped with HD/SD-SDI I/O and a solid-state drive (240GB or 480GB).

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LED light
Frezzi SkyLight

Daylight-balanced light provides 650W output with 75W draw; weighs 4lbs; weather-proof housing makes it well-suited for “run and gun” shooting; dims without color shift; 12VDC to 36VDC input using A/B or V-mount batteries, 30V belt/power packs or AC power supplies.

UltraWide lens
Fujinon XA99x

Features an enhanced version of Precision Focus Assist (PF), which automatically adjusts focus; this ensures accurate focus on HD images; includes flange focal distance adjustment, a MOD of 1.2m and a macro function for objects as close as 97mm; covers a 31.5mm diagonal sensor size.

Broadcast platform integration
Marquis Broadcast Medway V3

Interoperability engine delivers cost-effective integration between leading broadcast content applications, ensuring products such as edit platforms — either standalone or using shared storage and third-party MAMs and automation systems — can work seamlessly together; new features include support for lossy and lossless JPEG 2000 encoding and support for H.264 encoding for proxy creation; also supports AS-02, the AMWA standard for versioning of sequences.

IP encoders


New firmware release is designed to dramatically improve end-to-end latency for the IP-9610, IP-900 and IP-920 HD/SD H.264 video encoders/decoders while delivering an exceptional picture quality at reduced bit rates; ideal for HD satellite newsgathering, broadcasting and IP streaming applications, the company’s H.264 video encoders/decoders are now capable of operating at less than 99ms back-to-back latency, ensuring a seamless interaction between talent, studio and interviewees.

Nonlinear production system

Grass Valley GV STRATUS

Designed to deliver greater workflow efficiency by enabling users to work collaboratively and accomplish tasks in parallel; new release includes new tools to increase workflow efficiency through automated, rules-based file operations; also introduces the EDIUS XS nonlinear low-resolution proxy editor, which includes most of the effects capability of the full-resolution EDIUS editor.

Media streaming communications system
Visionary Solutions (VSI) PackeTV Mobile

HTTP-based system simplifies the delivery of live and file-based content, enabling content administrators to deploy IP video to any connected device, including mobile phones, tablets and set-top boxes; built on an entirely server-based design; can be cost-effectively deployed on any public or private network where HTTP access is allowed and scaled to provide superior-quality video content to an unlimited number of users.

Offline video transcoder
Envivio Muse On-Demand

For on-demand multi-screen services; now offers better control of video quality thanks to integrated video quality monitoring; integrated module computes the impact of video compression on a frame-by-frame basis and provides a summary chart, allowing the operator to fine-tune compression parameters or automatically reject content not meeting quality metrics.

Online video management platform
Haivision Video Cloud

Designed to simplify live and on-demand content publishing workflows; provides an end-to-end solution from live encoding of events, through cloud transcoding, automated video content management and publishing, across an Akamai CDN and ultimately to any connected device; to enhance engagement, it features the ability to automate the delivery of content to websites, mobile devices and tablets, along with social media syndication.

Suite of adaptive bit-rate solutions
Harmonic ProMedia

For multiscreen processing and delivery; has been enhanced with HEVC and Ultra HD support, increased synergy with the Harmonic MediaGrid shared storage system, and support for closed captioning, regional blackouts and Nielsen ID3 tagging; works seamlessly with a variety of digital rights management systems, media asset management systems and content distribution networks, in addition to other Harmonic products.

Workstation storage
Fusion-io ioFX

High-capacity ioFX now available with 1.6TB of capacity; ideal for video editing, computer assisted design, 4K and stereoscopic production, as well as digital intermediate finishing; connects via PCI Express; also available in a 420 GB capacity.


Harris Platinum IP3

Router accommodates separate video, audio and data paths within the same frame; can scale to multi-frame configurations for large broadcast and media operations using a common architecture; features intelligent architecture, which maximizes on-air security, with an approach to audio, video and multiviewer signal protection based on redundant crosspoints and integrated routing designs.

AV IP stream and SDI signal monitor
Cinegy Multiviewer 9.5

Monitors and analyzes AV IP streams and SDI signals; enables broadcasters and production houses to monitor streams from satellites, camera feeds, playout devices and other sources locally and remotely; features a robust analysis and alert system detecting signal problems as they occur; enhancements include Dolby Digital and Dolby E decoding with adaptive meter display, 608/708 VANC Closed Caption decoding support, and SMS alert notification.

AV device control system
High Resolution Systems HRS Control

Device control software simplifies control in on-air newsrooms, MCRs and NOCs; capable of controlling and automating features such as video, audio, image processors and lights; compatible with custom touch panels.

HD production camera
Hitachi SK-HD2200 camera

Uses 2/3in, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-CCDs providing 1,100TVL standard resolution; >60dB signal to noise ratio (1080/60p without noise reduction); 38-bit per pixel per RGB channel processing technology; switchable between progressive and interlaced signal processing.

Robotic jib
Hybrid Chrome

Compact robotic jib allows for movements for regular and virtual studio shots; features large set of assisted movements, such as auto tracking and zoom compensation; suited for motion control and special effects; accommodates payloads of up to 22lbs.

DTH over IP gateway
International Datacasting Digital Tattoo

Enables providers to target high-density housing using satellite transmission to gateway, which then distributes service over IP to each unit; allows multiservice bundles, including IPTV, telephone and Internet, to capture increased average revenue per user.

Cost-effective camcorder


Delivers 60p full-HD images; features a 1/2.3in, 12-MP CMOS imager combined with a FALCONBRID high-speed processor; records 1920 x 1080 footage in the AVCHD Progressive format at 28Mb/s to dual solid-state memory cards; equipped with a high-quality 29.5mm wide-angle GT lens that offers smooth 16X dynamic zoom performance.

Audio/loudness manager
Linear Acoustic AERO.2000

Features AEROMAX loudness control with patented Linear Acoustic Intelligent Dynamics hybrid metadata processing for loudness control, upmixing via UPMAX II with fulltime downmix, optional Dolby encoding/decoding and Nielsen Watermarking, plus extensive I/O features; supports up to 16 audio channels in two independent instances — 5.1+2+Local and 2+2+Local; includes ITU-R BS.1770-3 metering for loudness monitoring for all programs; software can connect to multiple AERO.2000 units simultaneously.

Shock mount
K-Tek Nautilus

Spiral-shaped design minimizes number of contact points between microphone suspension mount and rest of mount; sliding mounts accommodate shotgun microphones of most sizes; made of proprietary composite that provides strength.

Digital video server
Leightronix UltraNEXUS-HD

Integrated, multichannel digital video server records high-quality digital media files for rebroadcast while simultaneously creating files optimized for Internet VOD streaming; has two MPEG playback (decode) channels and one broadcast MPEG record (encode) channel; records continuously at high-quality MPEG-2 video/audio bit rates for up to 24 hours; transfers MPEG files via Gigabit-speed Ethernet.

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500W transmitter
Linear Industries AT71-500-11

4RU × 19in × 26in drawer size reduces installation footprint; nine temperature-controlled cooling fans provide optimal pwerformance and longer life for critical components; features include scheduler software to run corrections/measurements at scheduled times, internal GPS receiver, selectable timebase reference and proprietary bandwidth reduction technology; operates in VHF and UHF.

LED Fresnel
Litepanels Sola 12

Designed to offer a powerful output of daylight-balanced illumination approaching that of a traditional 2K incandescent Fresnel, but with the energy efficiencies and cost saving benefits of Litepanels LED technology; a 12in Fresnel lens emits an even collimated light source that can be focused and controlled for maximum flexibility.

Live video switcher software
Livestream Studio

Software-only edition of the Studio HD500; allows users to build a live, multi-camera production switcher; works exclusively with any Blackmagic Design capture and playback device and runs on Microsoft Windows; features support for up to five live video inputs/outputs and HD live video output (analog, HDMI or HD-SDI) via connected Blackmagic Design devices.

Avid edit storage management
Marquis Broadcast Project Parking Version 3

Designed for assisting editors and facilities to manage their Avid edit storage more effectively; enables editors to analyze all the projects and media on their edit storage by size, project, location, age, duplicated or orphaned files; then they can archive files to second-tier storage, delete unused media at the touch of a button, take snapshots of versions of projects or move from one location to another, while still maintaining a usable and easily accessible format for future use.

Gold Mount power solution
Anton/Bauer QRC-HILIO

Designed to power Litepanels’ Hilio LED fixture in applications where DC power is essential; allows users to snap two Anton/Bauer Logic series batteries onto the back of the Hilio, providing a convenient and lightweight field lighting kit; integrated hotswap feature provides uninterrupted lighting throughout the production day.

1RU router control panels

Snell Luna series

Includes four LED models and two LCD models; feature an ultra-shallow rack mount depth of less than 2in; can be powered from an external +12V DC supply, making them ideal for OB trucks or other installations where space and power are at a premium; compatible with all current Snell routers and soft panels; each panel can be powered in one of three ways: mains power via a 12V DC external converter, direct from a 12V DC supply such as a battery or Power Over Ethernet (POE).

Decoder platform
Media Excel HERO 5000D

Decoder platform is specifically designed for point-to-point distribution over IP and ASI networks; can ingest up to four independent channels in MPEG-2 or MPEG-4/AVC; can deliver SD or HD 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 uncompressed output; software-based architecture and abundant processing capacity make it field-upgradable and future-proof.

Cross-media scheduling system
MediaGeniX WHATS’On Generation 4

Manages and optimizes cross-media broadcasting, schedule and content lifecycle process; enables users to launch new channels or set up additional on-demand, cost-effective services, while optimizing their workflow and infrastructure; includes production-ready interfaces with a broad range of MAM, playout, finance, EPG, ratings, commercial and on-demand systems; its open architecture allows for customization and smooth integration.

Live streaming and playback
Mediaproxy LogPlayer Mobile

Offers an additional path to recorded media and metadata on LogServers; available as native iOS and Win RT apps; provides live streaming and playback from any connected LogServer system across all available channels; provides a convenient and portable option to access media.

Miranda Kaleido-MX, Kaleido-Modular-X

Deliver “any source, anywhere” processing that enables the flexibility to place any signal on any display at any size without blocking or bandwidth limitations; sources can repeat on up to four different displays without the need for an additional multiviewer; available in standalone configurations from 8 x 1 to 48 x 4, and up to 64 x 4 in modular form; feature seamless control — even across multiple rooms — and rich integration with any router or production switcher; also feature hot-swappable modules and power supplies.

Media capture and management platform
Haivision Calypso

For viewing, recording and sharing live video content to empower mission-critical decision making, collaboration and assessment; enables users to quickly turn live activities and events into media assets by capturing and sharing live and on-demand content in real time; enables users to monitor multiple sessions, choose to record any or all of the contributing streams, assign metadata to sessions or events in real time, and elect to share or remove viewing privileges at any time.

Airborne filing system

Boxx TV

Uses the latest version of the company’s Zenith transmitter and receiver; new lightweight model of Zenith weighs less than 1lb and is offered in two versions, for HDMI or HD-SDI input; the output from the receiver is delivered as HD-SDI; the data rates and signal strengths are controlled using web-based software running on a laptop connected by a Cat 5 cable; Zenith transmitter and receiver operate in the license-exempt 5.1GHz to 5.9GHz band; Zenith operates reliably more than half a mile and has achieved more than 18mi in a point-to-point setup.

Fiber transport system
MultiDyne SilverBACK-4K

Camera-mounted fiber transport system supports 4K digital television; enables users to seamlessly transmit any camera signal — including Ultra HD video, HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally and power — over a single hybrid copper and fiber cable; available in two versions: a feature-rich model with a video option for viewfinder or monitoring viewing in the field and a low-cost model without the viewfinder/monitor viewing option; can be added to any existing SilverBACK system through a simple upgrade.

Management software
Nevion VideoIPath 3.0

Provides comprehensive media transport, signal processing and monitoring to enable streamlined, fully managed media services; hardware components include Ventura transport modules, high-quality, low-latency JPEG 2000 codecs; built on a distributed database and distributed processing model; multiple hardware servers provide high redundancy for zero loss of functionality or performance.

Commercial inserter
Yospace Smooth Streaming support

Close integration with the broadcast playout automation system ensures a completely seamless output of Microsoft Smooth Streaming content; viewers will not realize that content has been replaced; the online stream can be conditioned such that it splices in alternate content with frame accuracy.

Multi-camera replay server
NewTek 3Play 4800

Designed to give sports producers unprecedented access to redundant capture, sophisticated visual effects, live replay switching, high-quality slow-motion and social media publishing — all within a single, turnkey system; provides out-of-the-box integration with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, allowing operators to instantly deliver media into their existing dialog with fans.

EPG automation tool

NVerzion NGuide

Automation tool designed for the EPG market; leveraging a pre-built schedule, NGuide allows broadcasters to select multiple daily schedules to create a compatible text-formatted list; this list can then be published to the customer’s EPG Web server to ensure accurate timing and advance scheduling for the viewers.

Computing appliance

NVIDIA GRID Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) is a powerful GPU-based system that runs complex applications such as those from Adobe Systems, Autodesk and Dassault Systèmes; 16 GPUs and GRID VGX software provide Quadro-class graphics performance for up to 16 concurrent users, with low latency, high resolution and maximum interactivity.

Fiber panel
Optical Cable Procyon

Designed for high density with comprehensive trunk and patch cord cable management features; accommodates 144 LCs or 48 MTPs in 1RU; can be horizontally or vertically mounted (with hardware); intended to be used for switching, server and storage applications; also designed to be easily accessible when fully populated.

Encoders, decoders
Opticomm-EMCORE NV series, HD series

NV series of JPEG 2000 encoders/decoders and HD series of MPEG-4/MPEG-2 encoders/decoders; HD video and audio signals are received by the encoder, compressed and transmitted via an IP network using either JPEG 2000 or MPEG-4/MPEG-2 compression technology; a decoder captures data from the IP network, decompresses it and plays it back in the original form; depending on the encoder, the products come equipped with inputs ranging from DVI, HDMI, 3G HD-SDI, HD-SDI, SDI, Component, Composite and analog/digital audio.

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Video box production tool
Orad Hi-Tec Systems TD Control

Streamlines video box production workflows by consolidating video sources and graphics, delivering a single composited image to the switcher; provides ability to switch, while on-air, from six video sources to six completely different video sources with one click of a button.

MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder

Path 1 PiXiE

Simplifies point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transmission of high-quality video using the new MPEG-DASH streaming media standard; enables content providers, third-party operators and post-production houses to transmit professional-quality HD-SDI video over any IP network to any device cost-effectively; features a compact design that enables easy installation; a user-friendly Web interface simplifies configuration and operation.

Real-time compositing system
Vizrt Viz Engine 3.6.0

New version introduces IP streaming workflow, enables broadcasters to simultaneously stream content for Web and mobile devices while sending content live on-air with traditional SDI workflows; adds additional clip channels, supporting up to 16; adds multi-touch protocols; now supports Matrox X.Mio2+ video cards.

CWDM multiplexing system
MultiDyne HD-18000

Enables users to transport up to 18 HD-SDI signals per single-mode fiber; portable and easy to use; ideal for transmitting multiple high-bandwidth signals in harsh operating environments; can easily support emerging 4K applications, providing users with the capability to transport up to four 4K signals with one fiber; designed to offer users a compact, cost-effective, multichannel solution for extending SDI transport.

Compac transmitter
Harris Broadcast Platinum VAX

Meets VHF analog or digital power requirements; most suited for low-power transmitting stations and gap-filler applications; is especially useful for covering specific regions in extended markets or difficult terrains; 2RU chassis design; integrates Harris Broadcast Apex M2X exciters for simple modulation changes and analog-to-digital upgrades; supports ATSC, DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-Tb, among other standards.

Routing switchers

Flagship series of large-scale routing switchers provides solutions for ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI; frame sizes range from 64 x 64 to 128 x 128; all frames offer flexibility of handling either coax or fiber, except for the 288XR, which handles fiber only; features hot-swappable modules and incorporates redundant, load-sharing power supplies; air-flow design provides cooling across all critical components, ensuring longer life and preventing board-level failures.

Web-based workflow management system
Petrol Bags PS617

Designed specifically to accommodate Sound Devices 664 mixer, with or without CL6 controller; weighs 4.3lbs; internal dividers are removable for custom configurations; transparent top window allows viewing of controls; front and rear compartments provide access to connector cables.

Integrated audio production system
Yamaha Nuage

Integrates Yamaha’s control and interface hardware with Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW software; for maximum system versatility, the dedicated Yamaha control surface and audio interface hardware is modular, so users can easily create a custom configuration that ideally matches their applications; for mixing, editing and dialog replacement in audio post-production applications.

Advanced schedule creation

PlayBox Technology ScheduleBox

Web-based client/server system for creating and managing advanced schedules; user-friendly GUI handles template-based TV broadcast planning, offering straightforward management of single or multiple TV channels; program schedules with daily, weekly or monthly views, and program block management per TV channel, are available.

Broadcast workflow management
Primestream FORK 4.0

Newest version of the FORK Production Suite for managing and automating broadcast workflows; features integration with third-party broadcast solutions such as Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro; also integrates with hardware such as Harmonic MediaGrid, Quantum archiving solutions and end-to-end workflows with Cisco Unified Computing System; new modules include the customizable FORK Logger metadata-tagging tool that allows for logging live and pre-recorded video, as well as improvements to FORK’s underlying technology.

Apantac EVS XT3

Provides additional control and monitoring signal length up to 600ft away; VGA, PS2, 2 x RS-422 signals are combined into a single Cat 5e/6 cable; USB port reserved for future use; with an RJ45 patch panel, cable can be easily patched to freely assign the operator positions.

Storage system
Quantum StorNext FX

Two versions of this data sharing and archiving software are available, including StorNext FX for Xsan 1.4.x environments and StorNext FX2 for Xsan 2 environments; both automatically balance data access, lowering network bandwidth requirements and eliminating the need to share FireWire drives; provides SAN-speed direct access to files across many different operating system platforms.

Radiall QLI Connector

Connector is designed to provide performance similar to DIN 7/16 with a low intermodulation level, along with a quick and safe connection without any tools; features double-sealing, in addition to a special anti-corrosion and watertight plating; available in plugs, jacks, straight or right angles, square sockets, and bulkhead models; bayonet locking concept provides coupling retention force 450 N; meets all requirements for IP67; RF power up to 1000W at 2HGz.

10GigE NIC
ATTO Technology FastFrame 10GbE

Delivers high-performance I/O connectivity and lossless Ethernet support for improved iSCSI block storage access; supports OSX, Windows and Linux servers and workstations; single, dual-, quad-port SFP+ configurations make for flexible design; ideal for low-latency applications; works with existing twisted pair copper cabling.

Audio-Technica AT5040

Four-part rectangular element uses four matched diaphragms for large-diaphragm performance without decreased transient response; internal shock mounting decouples capsule from body; includes AT8480 shock mount for additional isolation.

iPad app for Artist Digital Matrix Intercom

Riedel Communications Artist Level Meters

Can monitor and control up to eight freely assignable audio inputs of an Artist Digital Matrix Intercom system; gives the intercom administrator a new way to manage the four-wire input levels of a system without having to be in front of a computer running the Director configuration software; Level Meters can be configured wirelessly directly on the iPad.

Fiber-optic transport system
MultiDyne 4K-4000

Designed to address the tremendous data requirements involved with delivering 4K digital television; enables users to transport a 4K signal over one single-mode fiber; cost-effective unit is portable or rack-mountable; there is also a card version for the openGear platform with SNMP management and redundant power.

Media Production Hub
Rohde & Schwarz DVS VENICE

Future-ready Media Production Hub for highly optimized file-based TV production workflows; manages classic video server tasks such as HD-SDI ingest and studio playout combined with intelligent file-based features such as file ingest, transcoding and media transfer operations; available in multiple versions with different chassis heights, channel numbers and storage capacity.

Signal processor
Ross Video openGear 3.0

Features companion control system — DashBoard 6 with panel builder; features a new OG3-FR frame with 450W power supplies that doubles the power budget and adds GigE connections to every slot in the frame; an advanced cooling system provides variable fan speed that is controlled by frame loading that maintains airflow and frame temperature.

3G SDI audio metering
RTW TM3-3G Touch Monitor

Compact yet versatile system for metering, de-embedding and monitoring 3G SDI audio; features a 4.3in touchscreen for horizontal as well as vertical orientation, which can display any of the eight audio channels contained in a 3G-SDI stream; includes a large number of graphical and numerical instruments showing single-channel and summing loudness bargraphs, PPM, true peak, SPL, loudness range, dialnorm and correlation.

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Broadcast automation system

Provides intuitive, single or multichannel SD/HD output for broadcast, PEG channels and Internet TV; features include DTMF and GPIO triggers, drag-and-drop scheduling, Auto-Loop, Auto-Fill, Auto-Bug, File Segmenting, multiformat playback, real-time upconvert from SD to HD and router control.

LED lights

TT model features tunable 2600K to 3600K tungsten and is 20 percent brighter; C model adds active cooling option to L7 range of LED Fresnels, which reduces size, weight.

Smartphone lenses
Schneider Optics iPro Series 2 System

Case for iPhone 5, 4S and 4 accepts system lenses, including macro, super wide angle, wide angle, 2X tele and fisheye; lenses twist on and off phone case, store in lens case, which doubles as tripod mount; enables more professional footage to be obtained from smart phones.

OTT and web subtitling
Screen Systems

Solution encodes, stores and displays high-quality subtitles with served Web video playback; ensures that subtitles are always displayed in the style intended regardless of the player, while allowing the viewer to select from several language streams (and off) without the need to re-encode the video or host multiple copies.

Content and playlist management
EVS LSM Connect

Tablet-based app for enhanced content and playlist management; is an optional companion to the MulticamLSM panel; is directly connected to the LSM remote and the XT live production server; gives operators instant access to, and control of, all clips and playlists created during live broadcast production using the MulticamLSM controller; designed to increase production efficiency by making operations such as clip indexing, searching and drag-and-drop playlist creation quicker and easier to manage.

Video camera/camcorder microphone
Sennheiser MKE 600

Ideal for demanding filmic challenges as it picks up sounds coming from the direction in which the camera is pointed and attenuates noise coming from the sides and rear; switchable “low cut” filter additionally minimizes wind noise; can be battery-powered, and an on/off switch prevents the battery from discharging prematurely; features rugged all-metal housing; supplied with foam windshield and shock mount.

Web-based archive portal
SGL FlashBrowse

Web-based portal allows users to perform archive, search, browse and restore operations from any machine on network running a compatible Web browser; captures low-res proxy versions of clips as they are archived; includes a proxy viewer within the browser window, so that the user can search for and view clips before restoring them.

Automatic mixer
Shure SCM820

Eight-channel digital IntelliMix automatic mixer designed for use in speech applications such as sound reinforcement, broadcasting and recording; uses IntelliMix to improve audio quality when many mic channels are needed simultaneously; Noise Adaptive Threshold (NAT) continuously adjusts activation threshold for opening a channel; MaxBus ensures only one channel is opened per sound source, reducing comb filtering.

Portable video switcher
Livestream Studio HD 500

Provides live video mixing for multi-camera productions; features up to five HD/SD SDI inputs and five video outputs (HD/SD SDI, HDMI, component, composite and s-video); switcher is full field-rate multiview to allow users to preview their cameras in real time with audio levels; can perform live transitions and live audio mixing, as well as graphics overlay and titling.

MPEG streaming server
Mediaproxy LogServer IP

Native MPEG streaming server solution offers cost-effective, software-based MPEG-2/MPEG-4 multiviewers and multichannel MEPG review, allowing seamless access to the transport streams via new Monwall IP and LogPlayer IP client applications; combines RTSP-based IPTV applications, state-of-the-art IP MPEG multiviewer clients and multichannel review of recorded content; scalable to hundreds of single and multi-program transport streams across a linked network of servers.

Stock footage service
Shutterstock Footage

Provides more than 900,000 royalty-free clips, of which more than 85 percent are in HD; adds more than 8000 clips to collection each week; contributors include Spotmatik, WaveBreak Media, Everett Collection and Rick Ray; clips include editorial, commercial and model-released clips.

Video editing shared storage system
Small Tree GraniteSTOR TITANIUM4

Is a four-drive system supporting 2TB, 3TB or 4TB disk drives; equally effective in studios or on the move with a mobile production crew; is simple to set up and manage, and the storage is available within minutes of start-up; is configurable from 8TB to 16TB of storage capacity, while driving up to nine streams of ProRes 422; supports popular editing software such as Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Creative Suite.

Format converters

New series of format converters in the IQ Modular range; modules provide cost-effective yet high-quality conversion of common SD, HD and 3Gb/s formats for broadcast systems and a host of other video, audio and metadata functions; based on the company’s next-generation KudosPro motion adaptive format converter technology; IQ converters are suitable for broadcast applications such as up- or downconversion of incoming lines, providing multicast SD and HD transmissions, and integrating signals into SD or HD workflows.

GigE aggregator with optical transceiver
Artel Video Systems DLM205

Nine-port GigE aggregator with optical transceiver and onboard chassis management leverages the same functionalities and design of the DLC205; integrates HTTP and SNMP management capabilities for DL4000 chassis; management traffic is combined with other Ethernet traffic in the chassis for full in-band management.


Solid State Logic C10

Smaller version of the C100 is designed for on-air applications in fixed installations and OB vehicles, offering the same performance and reliability for a smaller budget; choice of fader configurations and range of I/O options suited to a wide spectrum of applications and budgets; production automation interface option maximizes productivity by providing complete integration with full newsroom automation.

Streaming production system
DVEO MultiStreamer Flypack

Portable multifunction, streaming production system has an integrated audio/video encoder, compact seamless video switcher with effects generator, and preview and program monitors; features a 3RU LCD HD monitor and HD-SDI inputs and loop-through; designed for field production and streaming; small footprint and preconfigured hardware allows more uptime and less cost to transport.

Automation platform
NVerzion CLASS

Component Level Automation System Solutions is a flexible, scalable automation platform that provides an alternative to station-in-a-box solutions; rather than replace existing equipment, CLASS uses software systems and controls to integrate a broadcaster’s legacy hardware and software systems into a unified platform; can be easily scaled up to accommodate hundreds of channels.

LED light
Zylight F8

Compact, portable, rugged Fresnel draws 90W for 650W output; available in 3200K and 5600K; weighs 9.5lbs; wireless control via ZyLink or wired via DMX through standard connector.

XDCAM HD 422 camcorder

Sony PMW-400

Capable of MPEG HD422 50Mb/s recording; offers 3 Dimensional Noise Reducer (3DNR) technology to accurately detect and process images to reduce noise, achieving an S/N ratio of 60dB; supports MPEG:2 HD422@50Mbps, HD420@35Mbps/25Mbps, MPEG IMX@50Mbps and DVCAM; offers future XAVC support for HD; supplied viewfinder features improved panel resolution of quarter HD 960(H) x 540(V) compared to previous models with resolutions of VGA 640(H) x 480(V); new viewfinder significantly improves contrast and viewing angles.

Video recorder
Sound Devices Pix240

Records 12-bit, 4:4:4 content to Apple ProRes 4444 over 3G-SDI (4:4:4 RGB or YCbCr); can record 330 Mb/s Apple ProRes 4444 files that are perceptually indistinguishable from the original source material.

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Producer’s console
Studio Technologies Model 240

Designed for broadcast personnel who need to communicate efficiently; provides resources of a four-channel talent cueing (IFB) master station, combined with a two-channel party-line intercom user station; like other models in the 200 series, features revised phantom power supply circuit for enhanced stability and lower noise, as well improved filtering on inputs and outputs to increase RF rejection and ESD immunity.

Height-adjustable console
TBC Consoles ControlTrac

Has a base framework designed to accommodate multiple tower CPUs and equipment; heavy-duty rear trac supports multi-tier monitor configurations; has integrated wire management and electric work surface with digital preset controller; vented, removable rack turrets travel with work surface when adjusting height.

Digital editing, recording and mixing
Fairlight DREAM

Latest release of software includes countless additional features, is easy to operate for new users, improves workflow and delivers faster output; new features include mouse-based editing, single-screen interface with new mix panel choices, and the option of multi-client ASIO bridge to host third-party audio products (for example, Pro Tools or Nuendo).

Audio processor
TC Electronic DB6

Keeps loudness within broadcast compliance standards without sacrificing quality; handles up to three SD/HD/3G streams in a single rack space unit; measures and adjusts audio formats, loudness and true-peak level automatically while logging stats; features plug-and-play with the LoudnessWizard algorithm.

Robotic camera control panel

Telemetrics RCCP-1

Provides flexible architecture for camera automation; works with Telemetrics Server Enterprise Database Control Software (EDCS) product line or stand-alone; integrated touch screen GUI is used for ROP controls; joystick control panel provides trim controls for pan, tilt, zoom, focus, iris and master pedestal.

Gold Mount power solution
Anton/Bauer QRC-LG

Provides flexibility and added convenience to Litepanels’ Sola ENG Flight Kit, Sola 4 and Sola 6 LEDs; integrated into the design is the Manfrotto Mini Clamp, which allows the QRC-LG to be mounted to a variety of lighting stands; has three PowerTap outputs, giving the Sola ENG Flight Kit, Sola 4 and Sola 6 the ability to be powered from one Anton/Bauer Logic series battery, making for a portable lighting system.

CG and branding option
Cinegy Type 9.5

Software-based option available for extending Cinegy Air; offers improvements to performance for real-time operations, particularly when embedding large-format videos into plates; features enhanced GUI indicators for missing media (images, fonts, videos), more complex control of playback of video clips in plates and automatic logic for finding linked elements through relative paths.

Workflow integration
Telestream Vantage

New system integrations allow workflows to incorporate digital file transfer, commercial delivery, cameras, edit systems, quality control, audio correction, broadcast server monitoring and delivery, plus delivery to cable ad insertion servers; allows complete, multivendor orchestration of workflows from content ingest, through editing, QC and delivery.

Anamorphic zoom lens
Thales Angénieux Optimo Anamorphic 56-152mm 2S

Features 2X squeeze and fast T4 aperture with no ramp or breathing; 320 degree focus rotation with 50 witness marks; weighs 4.8lbs; suited for hand-held shots as well as steadycam; available in PL mount; PV mount available upon request.

Content intelligence module
TMD Mediaflex CI

Designed to create a business process management solution for organizations that create, produce, manage, archive and publish content; delivers intelligent process automation and business analytics, together with workflow development tools, as well as adding the capability to understand and monetize the underlying content flows in an organization to efficiently manage the entire media lifecycle in a way that is both readily understood and readily appreciated by all media businesses.

Metadata generation platform
Triveni Digital GuildeBuilder 5

Fifth-generation GuideBuilder PSIP, SI and mobile ESG generator delivers key usability and performance improvements, such as a simplified user interface and easy integration with a wide range of broadcast ecosystem elements (multiplexers, encoders, automation systems, etc.); available in a variety of configurations, including integrated servers, software intended for use on customer-supplied servers, Virtual Machine-compatible software and as a cloud-based managed service; supports ATSC PSIP, ATSC Mobile ESG, M-EAS and DVB SI all in one system.

Audio and loudness meter


Allows for real-time logging of all relevant loudness parameters, including high and low loudness levels, peak-level and corresponding peak channel, as well as integrated loudness; new logging software application provides instant documentation, visualization and evaluation of any source passing through the meter; session data may be exported as a PDF or CSV files; compact unit features StarFish surround-sound display, as well as support for ITU, EBU, ATSC and ARIB loudness measurement.

LCD monitor
TVLogic LVM-182W

18.5in monitor supports various formats, including 3G-SDI and professional features; highlighted by 1366 x 768 (16:9) resolution; also features matte finish panel, range error, focus assist and timecode display; contrast ratio is 1000:1; audio in consists of embedded audio/analog stereo (phone jack); analog stereo (phone jack)/internal speaker (stereo) make up the audio out.

Sennheiser HMD-26

Closed and supra-aural headsets are lightweight and designed for use in broadcast applications; all variants equipped with ActiveGard, which protects users from volume peaks; dynamic mic with hyper-cardioid characteristic satisfies with perfect broadcast sound up to 16kHz; gooseneck mic can be used either on left or right side; boom allows for individual adjustment; 600-ohm per system.

Cellular iNG transmitter
Vislink AirStream

Instantly streams from the studio playout unit (LGR or VMS) at the push of a button; lost or stalled data packets are no longer a problem with predictive forward error correction algorithms; has HD/SD-SDI or HDMI video input; encodes H.264 AVC high-profile 4.1 at 128Kb/s to 10Mb/s 4:2:0 (adaptive bit-rate encoding); weighs 9.5lbs without batteries.

Mobile router control apps
Utah Scientific router control apps

Mobile router control apps for the iPad and Android tablets connect directly to the system controller and automatically download router configuration, labels and status for quick operation wherever a Wi-Fi connection to the controller is available; panel layout, button assignments, button colors and button icons are user-configurable for creating virtual control panels to suit specific applications or locations.

Real-time monitor/recorder
Video Clarity RTM 3G

Real-time monitor/recorder provides the ability to analyze 1080p/50/59.94/60 progressive-scan video signals; with this enhanced capability, the system can provide long-term monitoring of live and pre-recorded 3Gb/s content to detect subtle long-term errors; major broadcasters, systems integrators and equipment manufacturers can use the system on active facilities carrying live traffic, allowing testing to be performed continuously.

Desktop-based file sharing
Aspera Drive

supports drag-and-drop high-speed transfer to and from remote shares and projects; users can browse projects and authorized shares for file content; background synchronization of faspex sending and receiving; multiple accounts supported in one drive.

Fibre Channel host bus adapters
ATTO Technology Celerity series

Capable of data rates up to 16Gb/s and transfer rates up to 6400MB/s; connects via PCIe 3.0 bus; latency-management features include Advanced Data Streaming (ADS) Technology; ships with benchmarking utility so that performance can be verified.

New media processing framework
Snell On Demand

Platform is a new media processing framework designed to provide on-demand access to the company’s image processing algorithms in file, virtualized broadcast and digital media environments; by taking advantage of advances in cloud computing and virtual machine technologies, the framework enables immensely scalable solutions; allows users to deploy processing solutions on a reliable, cost-effective IT infrastructure rather than employ dedicated hardware for discrete processing operations; first SNELL On Demand product is the Alchemist OD software-based frame-rate converter.

Videssence VIDNEL VN100

Adjustable beam Fresnel with 100W output at 3200K color temperature (5600K optional); flick-free dimming without color shift; color rendering at 98 CRI; passive cooling avoids noise and failure of internal fans; touch pad provides programming for DMX control and dimming.