Qligent to Share Vision Updates at IBC 2019

AMSTERDAM—Part of the IBC 2019 showcase for cloud-based content monitoring and analysis provider Qligent will be the addition of an integrated content repurposing feature with the Vision QoS/QoE media quality assurance platform, known as Vision Repurpose.

The Vision Repurpose is designed to streamline the recording, trimming and transformation of off-air video into clips. The clips can be created with burned-in timecodes that verify compliance or that a clip ran as it was intended. Videos can be scheduled and recorded in multiple resolutions and formats, then an embedded HTML 5 media player allows for users to browse recordings for specific segments as well as mark in and out points. Clips can be exported directly to a nonlinear editing platform or moved to servers or cloud-based storage.

Users of the Vision Repurpose can customize whether they want certain tasks to be done manually or automated. They also have control over when and where repurposed video is released. In addition, users can configure a personal dashboard that lists the relevant recordings for a job, while others can apply filters to assist in searching for specific content.

While able to record manually, Vision Repurpose also offers 24/7 scheduling of automated recordings. Videos can be recorded locally, to a private cloud storage or have storage incorporated into a Vision platform with the ability to record in resolutions up to 4K Ultra HD and incorporate a user’s personalized graphics.

For the IBC 2019 conference, which takes place in Amsterdam from Sept. 13-17, Qligent will be located at booth 8.E47. Qligent will also have another booth, 14.C19, for its Qligent Analytics product line.