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NVISION — Jay Kuca

(click thumbnail)Jay KucaQ.What kind of products or services does your company offer for broadcasters?

Routing switchers, router control systems, master control switchers and modular signal processing equipment

Q. What’s new that you will you show at the NAB Show and that TV broadcasters should look for there?

NVISION will have two major new product introductions at NAB 2008, as well as expanded product lines and product offerings:

  1. A new product line of high performance, large-matrix digital routing switchers, the NV8576 Routers.
  2. A new series of modularly expandable, field upgradeable master control switchers, the NV5100 Master Control Series.
  3. An expanded Synapse modular systems product line.
  4. New multi-viewer via a third-party vendor.

Q. How is your new product offering different from what’s available on the market?

New Routing and Master Control product introductions represent NVISION’s platform-driven approach to product development. Rather than designing a series of individual products over time, we prefer to look at the sum total of our customers’ needs and develop scaleable long-life platforms that will support a whole range of products to address those needs.

The new product line of digital routers will ultimately comprise three different frame sizes. At NAB 2008, we will be showing the new NV8576, which is the largest router in the family. This ultra high-density 576x1152 system is housed in a 17 inch deep, 32RU frame. Linear Expansion enables connecting two frames to build an 1152x1152 system. The NV8576 supports 3Gb/s signals and features NVISION’s patented N-on-1 redundant-crosspoint architecture.

The NV5100MC Series is a new family of Master Control products architected to address a broad range of applications, from simple branding to sophisticated production. Mixing and keying functions occur on a single core module. Optional DVE sub-modules are added for single or dual picture squeezeback. An optional audio expansion module provides built-in Dolby-E decoding. Another optional module provides an independently controlled preview channel, including keys and squeezeback — an industry first. All processing hardware supports both SD and HD operation.

New Synapse modular products include an eight Channel Audio card for compression and limiting embedded AES audio; an Up/Down/Cross/Standards converter; a Logo Inserter, a Text Inserter and an innovative, expandable Multi-Viewer. Synapse modules integrate well with other NVISION products, providing myriad possibilities for features and functions, at a price point for any budget.

Q. Where are you based, and how many employees do you have? Anything else we should know about your company?

Based in Grass Valley, California, NVISION’S facility houses engineering, marketing, sales, manufacturing and support staff. To ensure the highest possible quality and immediate inventory, we design and manufacture our own products. Our state- of-the-art manufacturing facility includes an automated surface-mount PCB assembly line. NVISION employs a worldwide network of sales representatives, distributors, dealers, system integrators and factory trained customer service engineers.