Nugen Audio Raises the Volume at CCW

NEW YORK—Nugen Audio is preparing its latest audio and loudness management tools for CCW 2015. Among the products the company intends to show are new upmixing technologies, Adobe Premiere panel support, and ProRes/.mov support.

One of the new technologies Nugen Audio will have on hand at the conference is a full Adobe Premiere integration of its LM-Correct 2 loudness quick-fix tool. The integration provides the LM-Correct 2 with a fully integrated Common Extensibility Platform panel thanks to the Adobe CEP, allowing users to manage loudness analysis and correction without needing to leave the Premiere editing environment.

Halo Upmix

Also new from Nugen is a ProRes extension option for the LMB processor, a batch loudness analysis and correction software. The extension allows LMB to automatically fix PCM audio within a ProRes or .mov container, leaving video and metadata untouched. The LMB processor can also now automate delivery of loudness-compliant audio in a range of ProRes and .mov workflows.

Nugen Audio’s new upmixing system, the Halo Upmix, is also set to be on display. The Halo is the first produced based on Nugen’s new processes for upmixing stereo audio to 5.1/7.1 surround. Available in Avid AAX, VST and AU formats, Halo automates the creation of a stereo-to-5.1/7.1 downmix-compatible upmix with center channel management and spatial density controls. The unit combines several technologies, including frequency- and time-domain energy distribution and neural network artificial intelligence, for various upmix goals.

Other demonstrations from Nugen Audio will include support for Leq(m) loudness measurement as an update for the VisLM-H 2 loudness meter, LM-Correct 2 loudness quick-fix tool, and LMB Processor. There will also be a demo of Site, a new floating license system for license management of the company’s line of audio upmixing and loudness tools.

Nugen will be located at booth 455 during CCW 2015, which takes place Nov. 11-12. For more information, visit