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NAB Show Product Review: Fiber, Cable & Connectors

Less than four years ago, a well-regarded expert on the subject of coaxial cable told me that creating affordable and practical 12G coax was not going to happen. The data rate was too high and coax would not support the high frequencies necessary to send 12G data down the thin pipe of flexible coax cable. He recommended fiber.

At NAB Show, it was not hard to find vendors selling coax cable (and the necessary connectors) rated to send 12G data down 100 meters of RG6-diameter coax cable. The impossible was done, and it renewed my faith in the skill of the engineers and technicians working in the broadcast industry.

featured its 4794R coax, which supports 12GHz bandwidth and enables a single-link configuration to transmit 4K. With a tri-shield (foil/braid/foil), 4794R’s inner foil is bonded to the core to simplify installation.

Canare 12G BNC Plug

CANARE rolled out a new line of coaxial cable and connectors that are specially optimized for performance at 12 Gbps. The company’s L-5.5 CUHD coax cable has enhanced attenuation characteristics that allow transport of 12G signals at distances up to 100m when used with the specified BNC connectors.

DAWNCO highlighted its low-loss DAWNflex.6QF cable to improve signal quality on satellite downlinks. DAWNflex.6QF coax passes signals to 3 GHz, and is flooded for direct burial, quad shielded for protection against signal ingress, has a 2.5-inch bending radius, and 0.61-inch overall diameter.

debuted the DLC 454 fiber transport module that terminates four bidirectional fiber assemblies and can combine the four to two bidirectional fiber trunks. The DLC 454 works with video up to 4K/60. The company also demonstrated IP- and fiber-based capabilities in its new, fully integrated InfinityLink IL6000, a 1RU, four-slot chassis with active routing and SNMP management system. The company also showcased its FiberLink 3500 Series, which transmits 4K/UHD video at up to 60 fps one way.

BARNFIND highlighted the BarnMini-07, a four-channel CWDM mux that transports 4K over different mediums. This compact mux fits into the BarnMini BTF-Mini-16 frame, and two BarnMini-07s can be cascaded to build an eight-channel CWDM mux.

Camplex CMX-3GSDI-LCF 3G-SDI over singlemode fiber transmission system

BLUEBELL OPTICOMM highlighted its BCX-760 Series 10G Ethernet point-to-point fiber link, a camera-back interface that provides signal transport between a camera and an outside broadcast truck or base station.

CAMPLEX spotlighted its CMX-3GSDI-LCF, a compact 3G-SDI over singlemode fiber transmission system for long-haul video extension up to 20km (12.4 miles). The product supports all standard resolutions and data rates up to 3 Gbps, (1080p60), and both ends feature looping connectors for local monitoring or recording.

GRASS VALLEY debuted the CopperHead 3050 system that provides a fiber link between a camera and ENG vehicle. The system simultaneously transports both digital (SDI or HD-SDI) and analog (NTSC or PAL) program video, plus audio, IFB and intercom signals between the camera and the base station.

Joseph Electronics Tote Caddie portable fiber-optic signal-acquisition system

JOSEPH ELECTRONICS introduced its Tote Caddie series of portable fiber-optic signal-acquisition systems for ENG and other OB applications. Built using rugged Pelican cases and offering a mix of modules to meet the user’s requirements, the Tote Caddie is a weather-resistant fiber solution for field crews working in real-world environments.

LINK ELECTRONICS featured the PFO-100T/R, a miniature and 3G/HD/SD-SDI fiber transmission system with built-in EQ and re-clocking features. It works with either single-mode or multimode fiber cable and supports SMPTE 424M/297M (1080p-2.97Gbps); SMPTE 292M/297M (HDTV-1.485Gbps); SMPTE 259M/297M (SDTV-270/360Mbps).

LYNXTECHNIK launched new yellowBrik interfaces for fiber transmission of 12G video. The compact modules transmit/receive 12G (4,096x2,160 @60 Hz), plus 6G and 3G signals if required, all with uncompressed video quality. All modules support a maximum distance of approximately 10 Km (6.2 miles) using LC single-mode fiber.

Multidyne LightBrix VB-3800 fiber transport series

MULTIDYNE rolled out its LightBrix VB-3800 fiber transport series, which offers several models designed for mounting to POV box cameras and robotic PTZ heads. Each model can transport a range of multichannel camera signals, including 4K quad-link and 12G, as well as optional power from the base unit to the transmitter and camera via SMPTE hybrid cable. The company also added support for 12G to its SilverBack camera-mounted transceivers and unveiled FiberSaver-12G optical remapper/multiplexers that enable as many as 36 signals of up to 12 Gbps each to be transported over just two fibers.

STUDIO TECHNOLOGIES highlighted its Model 400 and 410 SDI-over-fiber transport systems. The Model 400 consumes a full rack width, while the Model 410 uses a half-rack mount.

SWIT showed its Optical Fiber Camera System, which mounts on the back of a camera and supports up to 1080p/60 transmission. The system supports Sony and Panasonic remote protocols, and communicates with a base unit using Lemo or Neutrik cables.

showed its DIN 1.0/2.3 75-Ohm connector series for patch panels, which permits dense packing and makes them ideal solutions to applications where space is limited. The connector supports high data rates up to 6 Gbps.

BITTREE introduced the 12G+ Mini-WECO coaxial patchbay family, accented with bright green to differentiate it from other systems in a busy control room. The performance of the 12G+ patching system enables reliable handling of 4K over a single 12 Gbps link, and the components are compliant with SMPTE 292M, 424M, ST2081-1 and ST2082-1 standards.

CANARE unveiled new 12G connectors specifically designed for the company’s new 12G cables. Available in RG59, RG6 and RG11 sizes, Canare also has the installation tools to ensure that the connectors don’t compromise the 12G performance of the cable.

CLARK WIRE & CABLE introduced the DT12 37-pin connector for indoor and outdoor broadcast environments. The connector features all-metal backshells that resist crushing and corrosion.

LEMO unveiled the Anglissimo elbow plug that allows for strain-free routing of cables when connected to cameras or other field gear. Each connector can be orientated during its assembly into any of eight different cable exit angles, and the connector then remains securely positioned in that orientation.

NEUTRIK debuted opticalCON MTP24, a 24-channel fiber-optic connection system based on MTP data connectors. The chassis connector accepts a standard MTP breakout cable at the rear, facilitating adaptation to LC, SC or ST optical connectors.

SWITCHCRAFT debuted the Ultra VideoPatch, a family of 24 GHz video patching products and accessories that use mid-size Mini-WECO single jacks in a 2x32 1RU patchbay. The 75-Ohm system features low return-loss and can handle uncompressed 8K video.